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ReAge Your Personal Health, A wellness guide for older adults By Hebrew SeniorLife
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As more and more of us celebrate our 65th birthdays, it is increasingly important to maintain good health so that we live our best lives as we age. This guide is designed to empower you to do just... More > that – to set and reach your personal goals for wellness. Hebrew SeniorLife, affiliated with Harvard Medical School, has launched a movement that we call ReAge— redefining the experience of aging. We believe that with the right resources, services and support, older adults can continue to dream, think and do at any stage of life. Optimizing health and a sense of well-being is fundamental to realizing this vision. With this guide, we have taken their wealth of knowledge and put it into practical recommendations that are easily used in everyday life. From exercise and nutrition to how to get a good night’s sleep, these tips are designed to benefit you, as well as your friends and families.< Less
Metamorphosis 15-19 By Keshara Narme
eBook (PDF): $3.86
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With the new Katherine Wellington about to deliver her husband to the Dolan Mansion and Aaron Jacobs beginning to doubt his masculinity, a new guest arrives to remind Lady Dolan of her past and of... More > her position within Cresswell’s. Changes are once again afoot in the village of Dolan! Read on to discover more of the fully illustrated continuous story of Metamorphosis!< Less
House By Keshara Narme
eBook (PDF): $3.00
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The Drew family aided by their religious organisations funds have bought an abandoned house on some land on the outskirts of the city in a bid to extend their faith and welcome new followers with... More > open arms, however the house they had brought had been abandoned for 50 odd years for a reason... The house had been built on a sacred native Indian burial site, which in the long distant past had been home to the Wytachi tribe, who in their darkest hours were forced to summon what they believe would save them from the Pilgrims that now forced their way into their once peaceful lives... The tribe may have been wiped form existence, but their legacy and the summoned entity remained and for anyone who was not of native blood who trespassed on their soil would soon feel the wrath of their forefathers treachery! CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL< Less
House 2 By Keshara Narme
eBook (PDF): $3.13
Mary Louise Chambers had been given the task by her superior to find out why no one had not heard from Roger or Gertrude Drew for almost 3 months, especially considering that the land and the... More > property they purchased had been done so with her organisations funds. A task that Mary was only too pleased to undertake and investigate to the fullest, as her ambitious nature also saw it as an opportunity to increase her standings within the sect, for Mary was an ambitious woman who lived what she believed to be the perfect life. That was of course until she stepped foot within the House… CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL< Less
Metamorphosis 20-28 By Keshara Narme
eBook (PDF): $4.86
With the Wellington’s now under her Ladyship’s control the beginning of the end of the Masterton’s rule over the village is about to unfold and while Beverley Jacobs waits patiently... More > to see if she will have a new daughter, the shenanigans of the village transformee’s whips up into a frenzy of sordid and unaccustomed behaviour. With one more instalment to follow, will anybody be safe from the vendetta that has been unleashed on the quiet village of Dolan and its inhabitants?< Less
Cherry Pie Chronicles 'Neighborhood' By Keshara Narme
eBook (PDF): $2.35
When a bored demon latches onto a soul that is ripe for picking, it will stop at nothing to get what it wants... For Harold Baxter his life had been one of hard work, unscrupulous deals and being in... More > control and now that he had retired he was about to enjoy the fruits his life had laboured, but his one unachieved aim and deepest desire was about to be offered to him, in the shape of a deal that will throw the life he had forged into turmoil... Could he really turn down the chance of having a Trophy Wife? ....... CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL< Less
Cherry Pie Chronicles 'Trophy Wife' By Keshara Narme
eBook (PDF): $2.35
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Harold Baxter's retirement is not going according to plan... But with the help of a Demon, his once loving wife Maisey has left him and is in the progress of stripping him off everything including... More > his luxurious pension... However, the unscrupulous Demon had tricked Harold into selling him his soul and part of that deal was for Harold to win back his beloved wife Maisey and give him the one thing he had always desired - A Trophy Wife - Surely with 3 attempts to get the woman of his dreams he would easily succeed, wouldn't he? WARNING VERY ADULT MATERIAL WITHIN< Less
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Uma nave do planeta Urano cai na Terra por acidente há 500 mil anos.Depois da queda, a nave é invadida por homens de Cromagnon, os homens-macaco, e um dos quatro tripulantes reage ao... More > ataque.A partir daí, o Capitão Vitzo fica magneticamente preso à Roda Cármica da Terra, sem nunca mais poder voltar para o seu planeta natal. Este é o relato que você vai conhecer neste intrigante livro que reúne conhecimento, aventura e a visão de um ser de outro planeta sobre as leis que comandam o planeta Terra... Conexão Urano e a Roda Cármica preenche uma grande lacuna deixada pela chamada ufologia esotérica sobre esses seres, que o escritor extradimensional e sensitivo Fábio Del Santoro nos apresenta corajosamente com grande riqueza de detalhes.< Less
Job By Le Biblia
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Le libro de Job es le historia de un bon homine, qui suffre disastro total – ille perde tote su infantes e benes e es affligite per un maladia repugnante. Tunc in tres series de dialogos poetic... More > le autor monstra como le amicos de Job e Job mesme reage a iste calamitates. Al fin, Deo mesme, cuje faceres con le homines ha essite un parte prominente in le discursos, pare a Job. Le amicos de Job explica su suffrentias in terminos religiose e traditional - Deo recompensa le bon e puni le mal, dunque Job ha debite peccar, le qual Job non accepta a causa del rectitude de su vita. Ille nunquam perde su fide ma ille vole esser justificate ante Deo e reganiar su honor como un bon homine. Deo non responde al questiones de Job ma Ille responde a su fide, a causa del qual Deo restaura su condition anterior con mesmo plus grande prosperitate que antea. - Simon William Buckhalter (1904-1985), professor de Irlanda, ha traducite in interlingua e fornite le traduction con notas textual. F.P. Gopsill ha finite le traduction.< Less