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Recovering from Childhood Trauma By Dr. Michael J. Turner
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So many people all over the world suffers from trauma, but so few get the opportunity to work through that to recover from the pain and suffering endured as a child. Some of us have a real... More > unpleasant recollection of our childhood, due to emotional or physical abuse, mostly by parents, other members of the family, or friends of the family. In some instances, the trauma experienced as a child was so intense, that it is almost completely blocked from the conscious memory. Abuse can take place in so many forms and ways, but the result is always the same, leaving the victim traumatized, and if not treated, scarred for life. This book is dedicated to those who suffered from abuse as a child. It will help analyze the events that led to the abuse, the abuse itself, and how to recover from abuse.< Less
Memory Care By Jason Jack
eBook (PDF): $1.99
When memories fail us, we're a shell of our former selves. For Mrs. McMorton, her memories are life shattering! Her husband's sudden reappearance opens up old wounds she is not willing to re-live,... More > but her faithful memory will not let her forget. Sometimes, our very own memories are too painful to escape yet too life altering to ever recover from . . . Enjoy Memory Care, one of many EPIC stories from The Jason Jack's short story collection, READ MY SHORTS! Volume 1. Visit for more information! (Memory Care is included in the short story collection, Read My Shorts! volume 1)< Less
A Guide To Memory Increase By Donna G Binotti
eBook (ePub): $18.00
Let Author Rocco Oppedisano guide you on the road to an increase in memory by not only recovering memory that you may have lost; but also by boosting the one that you now have!
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Zeke and Lily - Making a Memory By Zorro Daddy
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Zeke and Lily have bonded their hearts. Their common interest in infantilism has grown into a love for each other. As they head off on a Bahamas vacation, that love deepens. But trouble is on the... More > horizon. Lily, still letting go of her troubled past, has a secret she deliberately kept from Zeke. Her fear that he will no longer love her increases and she begins to get sick over the decision to tell him the truth. Zeke has a question to ask Lily. It is a question that is weighing on his heart. As they enjoy their time in the Caribbean, they both struggle within to overcome their fears. But something happens while in the Bahamas that delays their chance to get the truth out, and they may not recover. Do Zeke and Lily come home together or did their fantasy love just die in the Bahamas? The answer lies within these 356 pages. THIS SUBJECT MATTER IS OF AN ADULT-NATURE AND NOT INTENDED FOR ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18.< Less
To Tell the Truth: False Memory and 12 Step Programs By C. A. Sheckels
eBook (ePub): $10.00
Twenty years ago, experts had begun to believe the fad of repressed/recovered memory was fading. It still exists in 12-Step programs.
To Tell the Truth: False Memory & 12-Step Programs By C. A. Sheckels
Paperback: $10.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Twenty years ago, experts had begun to believe the fad of repressed/recovered memory was fading. It still exists in 12-Step programs
Memories of War 001: Shigeko Sasamori By Yohei Hayakawa
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Yohei Hayakawa leads a project titled "Memories of War", which leaves voices of the people who survived World War II. Almost 70 years after the war, the number of people who survived the... More > war is decreasing every year. That is why Hayakawa has decided to leave their ‘voices’. He is not supporting any specific organization, and he is not agitating any thoughts. On August 6th, 1945, Shigeko Sasamori was only 13 when she experienced the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. She saw a sliver airplane glittering in the blue sky. Suddenly, something white fell. She was deeply injured with a big burn scar on her body, but recovered somehow after her parents sacrificed themselves taking care of her. Then 10 years after the atomic bomb incident, she went to the US to have surgery for Keloid, and later an American journalist Mr. Norman adopted her. ‘These are the thoughts of God.’ Praying for the peace for Japan, she talked about her experience in Hiroshima.< Less
Delta Memories: Early Life Of A Sharecropper's Son By Joe Harper
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Delta Memories follows the life of Joe T. Harper, as he stands in the shadow of a terminal illness;this delightful book revisits Joe's remarkable life and his "can do" attitude. Born in a... More > rural, poor, black family, Joe overcomes the many obstacles that he faced - poverty, alcohol abuse, and domestic violence of the 1960s era. He, the son of a Mississippi sharecropper, was able to attend college thanks to a generous benefactor. This is a remarkable story of grinding poverty, perseverance, and redemption. Written in a graphically visual style, Joe keeps the reader right beside him and provides a bird’s eye view as he describes his mothers' tragedy; watches his brother recover from hernia surgery; and endures the family's status which is viewed an object of humor. Come, travel with Joe back in the pages of time as he relives the early years of life in the Mississippi Delta.< Less
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