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Life, Death and Life, Again By Miles Maloney
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This is the story about what has happened in my life. I decided to write this, to let others out there know that they are not alone. There is Help, and there is Hope. I talk about what lead to my... More > family falling apart, and shortly there after so did my life. I go into detail about what lead to my Death in 1992, and my recovery afterwards without the proper help. I was fortunate and given a second chance by the "All Mighty" above. In my book I also discuss my Federal case that I went thru, 7 years later. This happened during my 15 years in the aviation industry. Aviation is something that I have loved all my life, but this too was what started my fall from grace the second time. In my life after death, I talk about some of the side affects that some of us have experienced after that. It opens up your mind & your eyes to things that ordinary people don't see. It has taken me a long time to be able to discuss what I have been thru, and I hope reading about it, may help others out there, too.< Less
China-ASEAN Relations: Perspectives, Prospects And Implications For U.S. Interests By Jing-dong Yuan & Strategic Studies Institute
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Relations between China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have undergone significant changes over the past 15 years. ASEAN’s concerns over Beijing’s drive for... More > military modernization and its assertive posture in territorial disputes over the South China Sea of the early 1990s are replaced with growing economic ties and shared geo-political interests for building regional security through multilateral processes. Since the 1997 Asian financial crisis, Beijing has expanded its influence as a major political force in the region and a locomotive for economic recovery and future opportunity. What explains China’s successful diplomatic offensive and what implications do closer China-ASEAN ties have for the United States? In this monograph, Dr. Jing-dong Yuan of the Monterey Institute of International Studies seeks to answer these questions by tracing the evolution of China-ASEAN relations since the early 1990s and examining some of the key factors that have contributed to...< Less
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PCN 520 GRAND CANYON ALL WEEK ASSIGNMENTS Just Click on Below Link to Download This Course: URL= Contact... More > US HELP@TUTORIALSEXPERTS.US PCN 520 Grand Canyon All Week Assignments PCN 520 Grand Canyon Week 2 Assignment Latest July 2016 Throughout this course, you will be designing a Counseling Group from start to finish. The assignment will be broken into three parts. Due at different intervals in the course. You will choose from the following group types (If you are in the addiction counseling program, select an addiction group): 1. Children of divorce. 2. Children of addicts. 3. Adult Survivors of abuse (could be sexual or physical). 4. Treatment for adults who are addicts. 5. Grief recovery. 6. Teens struggling with gender dysphoria (sexual identity). 7. Teen support group (parents who are addicts).< Less
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JUS 520 GRAND CANYON WEEK 4 COMPLETE WORK Just Click on Below Link To Download This Course: URL= Contact... More > US HELP@TUTORIALSEXPERTS.US JUS 520 Grand Canyon Week 4 Complete Work JUS520 JUS 520 Grand Canyon Week 4 Discussion 1 Given the unique nature and quality of life on a Native American tribal reservation, justify why restorative justice can work in a tribal community. Do the lack of cohesion and the presence, in varying degrees, of chaos prevent restorative justice from working effectively? Does the short term versus the long term impact success? Why or why not. JUS 520 Grand Canyon Week 4 Discussion 2 Can a focus on peacemaking and spiritual/emotional recovery such as that used by the Navajo Nation, work in the nontribal environment? Why or why not? JUS 520 Grand Canyon Week 4 Assignment Native American and Mennonite Approaches Write an essay (1,250−1,500 words)< Less
Devry HIM 435 Week 1 Quiz Latest By jon kelly
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Just Click on Below Link To Download This Course: Devry HIM 435 Week 1 Quiz Latest Devry HIM 435 Week 1 Quiz 1. 1.Question... More > : (TCO 1) What impact did the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 have on the adoption and use of health information technology and electronic health records in the United States? Question 2. Question : (TCO 1) The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 provided comprehensive healthcare reform intended to improve healthcare access, contain healthcare costs, and improve healthcare delivery in the United States. In June of 2012, the Supreme Court upheld virtually all of the provisions of ACA in a case that questioned its constitutionality. Identify the major provisions of ACA. Question 3. Question : (TCO 1) Define the functional components of HIM roles as described by the AHIMA professional core model.< Less
再び生きるダイライブ By Ron Irwin
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Ron takes a wild ride from a horrific childhood through combat in S. E. Asia and powerful mid life and then drops dead. After a miraculous recovery he finally find true love.
冰凌 By 朋朋 刘
Paperback: $18.85
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Asuka and Severin are are the closest of friends. They have been together since they were fifteen, when they became ice skating partners. Now older, they aim to take the world by storm, hoping to... More > enter the Winter Olypmics, but will the darkness that Asuka hid from her partner end their relationship and dream or will she prevail and strive towards a brighter future?< Less
BESSERE TAGE - Schritt-für-Schritt zu psychischer und mentaler Gesundheit By Craig Lewis & Craig Lewis
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This book helps those aspiring toward recovery and wellness and also those in recovery, because it addresses and challenges the individual — in very real, basic and honest ways - to make... More > significant cognitive adjustments in how they live their lives. The beauty of this curriculum is that people like to do it and don’t consider it a chore, a demand, or a requirement, because every page subtly encourages the individual to think in realistic and forward-moving ways. This allows them to feel good about doing the work. This book is for any person who struggles with their mental health and who wants to live a happier life as well as for any person who wants to improve their quality of life, how they deal with stress, obstacles, difficulties and other people and live a happier, healthy and much more stable life. I based this book on my personal life and recovery, and every page has been used successfully in peer group settings.< Less
Manuale di Sicurezza Aziendale By Giulio Carducci & Alberto Berretti
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Manuale completo di progettazione e verifica dei sistemi di protezione dei beni materiali e immateriali per le aziende e le organizzazioni. Il libro tratta inizialmente degli aspetti normativi,... More > legali e di certificazione inerenti la sicurezza dell'azienda, quindi percorre l'intero percorso progettuale proponendo una metodologia ormai "classica" per la definizione del perimetro d'intervento, l'analisi dei rischi, l'individuazione delle contromisure necessarie. Due capitoli specifici trattano delle diverse contromisure fisiche e logiche. Gli aspetti della crittografia e della firma digitale sono trattate estesamente. Una specifica sezione riguarda il complesso aspetto della gestione dell'emergenza tramite la realizzazione di piani di Disaster Recovery. Il libro si conclude con un'analisi della pervasività della teleinformatica nella società contemporanea e con uno sguardo ai rischi e alle sfide del prossimo futuro. Ideale come strumento di consultazione per esperti e come testo didattico.< Less
Mejores Dias - Un Libro de Trabajo Para la Recuperación de Salud Mental By Craig Lewis
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Este libro de trabajo de mejores Dias ayuda a aquellos que aspiran a la recuperacion y al bienestar, porque se dirige y reta al individuo, en maneras muy reales, basicas y honestas, a hacer ajustes... More > significativos en su forma de vivir. La maravilla de este curriculum es que a la gente le gusta hacerlo, y no lo toman como una tarea ,una obligacion o un requerimiento. Porque cada pagina sutilmente ayuda al individuo a pensar en formas realistas y de mejoras.Esto permite hacerlos sentir bien sobre hacer su trabajo. Este libro de trabajo de Mejores Dias es para cualquiera que lucha contra el trauma, la adiccion,la salud mental y la vida diaria, y que quiere mejorar su calidad de vida, como manejar el estres,los obstaculos, las dificultades y a otras personas. Hay mejores maneras para tener Mejores Dias. Yo me base para este libro en mi vida personal y recuperacion, y cada pagina ha sido usada exitosamente en sesiones de grupos.< Less

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