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Red By Emely Rodríguez
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Red is a children's book about a grumpy monster named Red that is always mad at everything but he doesn't know why.
Monster in the Woods By Jason Jack
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ONCE UPON A TIME . . . Prince Dashing isn't taking "fairy tale peacetime" too kindly. Having killed all the threats to his people, the villagers no longer have a use for a battle hardened... More > warrior, and the Princess treats him as little more than a house husband. Driven to the brinks of insanity by his tedious, pedestrian life, Prince Dashing does the only thing he can think of to reclaim the adoration he so rightfully deserves--he kills!< Less
The Red Pen By Briana Lynn
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This is book is about a girl named Emma, who finds a red pen which belongs to a monster named Eva!
The Purest Red By Nathan McElveen
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In the bustling city of London, Esther attempts to propel herself into a life of luxury, and escape her life of misery in the slums of the city. As she takes life-changing steps deeper into the... More > secrecy of her true identity, many around her attempt to piece together the mystery of her fatal melancholy, in this story of love, disquiet, and death. Esther evokes the desperation of living in poverty with haunting danger, and a surprising sensitivity. This historical novel of mystery, secrecy, and perception mythologizes the hopelessness of a young adult, and her disregard for the law. Attempting to hide her biggest secret, Esther often finds herself torn between the blurred moral division of light and darkness. It isn’t until Esther discovers the true meaning of her life that she is able to take steps towards the repentance of what she has become. In The Purest Red, Esther is forced to learn through personal experiences that even when truth is hidden, monsters often find a way of getting out.< Less
Hector and the Monster from Mars By Chris Brown
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Hector is in the garden one night looking up at the moon and stars. He thinks back to his school days and lessons about the Solar System and the Red Planet, Mars. Then a strange thing happens which... More > puts Planet Earth in severe danger...Can Hector save the planet???< Less
Heu Heu or the Monster By Henry Rider Haggard
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Another adventure story of Allan Quatermain in the former undiscovered Africa… At the end of the 19th century African hunter Allan Quatermain and his clever and brave helpmate Hans are set on... More > a mission by the wizard Zikali, as already mentioned in other adventures with Allan Quatermain. The two companions are set out to bring some of the leaves of the Tree of Illusions. This special tree only grows in the garden of priests of a mythic moribund people who worship a semi-gorilla-like god by sacrificing humans to him. By the attempt to fulfill their mission they step into the mystery of this ape-like god: Heu Heu, a twelve-foot-tall gigantic semi-gorilla-monster, red-bearded with claws at hands and feet... Henry Rider Haggard (1856-1926) was one of the most significant writers of classical adventure novels. He is known as the founder of the Lost World literary genre. His tales are situated in the lighter end of Victorian literature and are often settled in the former undiscovered Africa.< Less
The Wiggly, Jiggly, Purple Gelatin Monster By Teresa Platt
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The Wiggly, Jiggly, Purple Gelatin Monster The Wiggly, Jiggly, Purple Gelatin Monster was accidentally created in JP Ryan's kitchen and makes a mess when it gets loose. But how do you do battle... More > with a Wiggly, Jiggly, Purple Gelatin Monster? Read this book and find out! Read this book and learn how a young boy and a bright red helicopter save the day!< Less
Barbarians of the Red Planet By Rogue Planet Press
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On a dying world where the ruins of ancient civilisations moulder, where Earthmen seek out sinister mysteries guarded jealously by nomad tribes, where both sword and blaster are wielded by... More > inhabitants of stone-walled cities on the banks of canals as old as time… Welcome to the first anthology produced by Rogue Planet Press, an imprint of Horrified Press. Rogue Planet Press is dedicated to publishing anthologies and novels in the twin genres of fantasy and science fiction. We bring to the reader the cream of the newest talents in the realms of space opera and sword and sorcery, steampunk and cyberpunk and heroic fantasy. And our first anthology is BARBARIANS OF THE RED PLANET, a collection of sword and planet stories by some of the best new writers in sci-fi. Including stories by Gary Budgen, ES Wynn, Gregory KH Bryant and many more!< Less
The Red Badge of Courage By Stephen Crane
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Stephen Crane (November 1, 1871 – June 5, 1900) was an American novelist, short story writer, poet and journalist. Prolific throughout his short life, he wrote notable works in the Realist... More > tradition as well as early examples of American Naturalism and Impressionism. The Red Badge of Courage is a war novel taking place during the American Civil War, the story is about a young private of the Union Army, Henry Fleming, who flees from the field of battle. Overcome with shame, he longs for a wound—a "red badge of courage"—to counteract his cowardice. When his regiment once again faces the enemy, Henry acts as standard-bearer.< Less
Red Box Fantasy: Big Book of Baddies By Paige Oliver
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The Big Book of Baddies is the first book of monsters for the Red Box Fantasy roleplaying game. Inside you will find over 300 monsters. In fact this book contains all the monsters you will ever... More > need for countless game sessions of Red Box Fantasy (this book will also work with many other fantasy games with little modification). Learn about old favorites like rust monsters and goblins, or challenge brand new monsters like the fearsome Mage Worm, the beautiful but deadly Vampiric Sylph or the mysterious Tiger of Happiness. Gone are the legions of good aligned monsters, or the unimaginable hoards of worthless undersea creatures, this book is filled with actual opponents that can actually be used. The good aligned monsters are few and far between, and even unicorns are valid enemies now.< Less