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The Red Penis and Mondor’s Disease By John Dugan
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When a swollen, red penis is woefully tender to the touch, it could possibly the result of Mondor’s disease, a rare condition that can interfere with a man’s sex life.
The Great Red Penis – Fun Facts about Erectile Health By John Dugan
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A red penis isn’t always a bad thing. Most of the time, that red glow indicates good health and the presence of an appropriate flow of blood.
Want Better Sex? Do More Chores By John Dugan
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There’s never been a red-blooded male who has turned down the opportunity for better sex. But how many knew that helping out around the house moremight increase one’s sexual encounters?
Promise Me, Promise Me By Andrew Guilfoyle
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Wanda was not a Type Two prostitute. She had a few dominant characteristics - 'independence, guts, and when needed, a pure self-centred viciousness', and she would need these, particularly with... More > people such as Lou, 'looking for an available woman, a trivial lump of meat which could be sliced open and sent stinking into the earth to rot with the worms, where she belonged.' Maude was the complete antithesis of Wanda - introverted and alone, but she would similarly struggle, particularly with people such as Harry Hamilton, who 'viewed facts as dull and bothersome, but blatant fabrication, particularly if salacious and malicious, as the truest, nay, most sublime measure of journalistic excellence.' Events take both Wanda and Maude through the underbelly of society, revealing ugly realitities, sucking them down.< Less
a very cucked ABDL By shifka pepa
eBook (PDF): $20.10
a story about how a normal guy turns into a cuckolded abdl with hard to find themes like penis reduction surgery, daycare, cuckold workbook and more. excerpt : "needless to say, such a manual... More > labor gives me a big appetite, so during breaks I stop at a sandwich shop with a really hot waitress : 21yo tanned, arched feet, with big bolt like ankle bones, great hips, blond hair, green eyes and muscular thighs. I never hit on her, and unlike other customers I always pay cash on the spot, no tabs for me, so she is king to me in a motherly way even though I'm older. one time they ran out of food and the place was empty, but she had bought gerber for her niece, she jokingly asked if I wanted some, I daringly said yes, she then ended up feeding me the baby food while I was in a bib, oh I jacked so much that day when I got home. one time I saw her in the beach, with an ankle bracelet on her right leg she was eating a pear, tanning in the sun in a red bikini, so hot ! I decided"< Less
Young, Black & Hung! 3 Hot Stories of Ebony Studs on Heat... By Josh Reeves
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Over 18’s! Hot mature, African studs and younger lovers in red hot 3 short story Collection! Muscled up, ebony Daddies and studs – One handed reading guaranteed! FREE BONUS eBook -... More > Please leave positive feedback and as a ‘thank you’ for doing that there is a FREE, full length, uncensored erotic eBook waiting for you at;< Less
Man Taming By Robyn Slade, others
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Strong women tame men to serve them. A real treat for FemDom fans: The Award; Salesman’s reward for meeting targets; teased, tormented, left to suffer in silence after worshipping his lady... More > boss. Discipline Days; punishment for breaking the rules was equally straightforward, a trip to Mavis’s punishment room for cane, strap or birch. The Electronic Man-Tamer; Level 2 - you can't even touch your penis without great pain. Level 3 - the punishment level - device produces deep searing pain temporarily applied to immobilize. David And The Nurse; David lay across her lap as he was told, toes on the ground to the right of her and palms flat on the floor to the left, his young man’s pert bottom beautifully placed on her lap making it easy to smack both cheeks. Caught In The Web; I’ll have to admit she did a fine job, both my cheeks were a dark, almost a plum, red, and yet ... What My Wife Wanted; ‘Drop your trousers Thorpson.’ David did as he was told, his eyes lowered in shame.< Less
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