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Il mio album fotografico By REFLEX
Hardcover: $33.99
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Questo libro, non è altro che una rccolta di foto da me scattate che raffigurano:paesaggi, animali, persone, oggetti, antura e tante altre cose.Se siete amanti della fotografia e delle foto di... More > qualsiasi genere, visitate il mio photo book e se volete lasciate un commento, anche se le foto non vi piacciono.< Less
ReFlex By Kolin Smith
Paperback: $10.53
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This is a magazine I created to inspire and motivate one to create art to even impress themselves. I work to inspire so this magazine is filled with interesting philosophy with corresponding art.
The Reflex By Guillermo Riveros
Hardcover: $28.60
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Reflex By Hannibal Height
Paperback: $23.47
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The interpretation of urban space: a Architecture and landscape of European city.
a reflex, darkly By epi arias
Paperback: $14.99
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RXD is a book of original aphorisms for rebels, iconoclasts, and originators. The words that comprise "a reflex, darkly" are for Generation Zero, the leaders of the open Void and builders... More > of the Future Perfect.< Less
Reflexive Action By D. R. Evans
Paperback: $21.95
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Five years ago, one of the wealthiest businessmen in America was assassinated by a professional sniper who was never caught. Now, the dead man's brother has finally tracked down the killer. The... More > assassin, a man known only as Kelton, has retired and is happily married, living on the outskirts of London, his past buried and forgotten. But when a bomb explosion kills Kelton's wife and maims his daughter, the past comes flooding back, and now it is Kelton's turn to seek revenge -- with the help of the British government's super-secret intelligence agency, the Government Communications Headquarters, and its American counterpart, the National Security Agency.< Less
A Guide to Reflexive Therapy By Chris Mortimer
Paperback: $15.45
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Reflexive therapy addresses reflexive need using reflexive narrative developed in reflexive human science. Reflexive need refers to the disposition in the being-processes of human beings to question... More > about existence. And it refers to the need for effective self-relating in the self-regulation of being-processes, in one’s being a being-process. The two are interlinked. Reflexive human science generates reflexive narrative using knowledge of what we experience our being-process to be when we experience ourselves occurring. The guide to reflexive therapy guides the reader through reflexive human science and into its application in therapy.< Less
A Reflexive Foundation for Human Science By Chris Mortimer
Paperback: $15.28
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We cannot observe us being us in the external world. We can only be us. Physicalism suspended, a reflexive foundation for human science is a reproducible reconstruction of what we observe... More > reflexively, of what we experience ourselves to be when we experience ourselves occurring. The reflexive reconstruction generates the concept of unitary mechanism and the minimal and encompassing definitions of human being. It generates the clarified awareness of the significance in science of the concept of value and of the way the difference grounds make works. In self-application the reflexive reconstruction is a basis for being scientifically. It is a useful and stabilizing ground and therapy.< Less
Shaping Your Reflexes By Master Bruce Master Bruce
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The Golden Rooster Stance, a alert bird’s transitional move, offers the pictorial stimulus to connect with one’s instinct, and to a fast reflex. Reflex ability goes hand in hand with... More > one’s mental disciplines. To shorten reflex time, we have to train our instinct (mind power) and eyes-mind communication ability. Martial art reflex training is introduced and translated to the ‘trigger cues’ to improve a tennis player’s sense of urgency in reacting to the ball. If you have been playing tennis for more than a year and still feel unable to react the way you very much want to, then you must read this chapter. The benefit of a few bucks is greater than the $$$$ you have spent in the past. Read the PREVIEW!< Less
Lectures on the Reflexive Games Theory By Vladimir Lefebvre
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This book describes an innovative approach to reflexive game theory. The applications of this theory include predicting and influencing choices made by individual subjects belonging to groups that... More > have their own collective goals and interests. The correlation between a subject's individual interests and those of the group is informed by the anti-selfishness principle: a subject belonging to a group, in pursuing his or her own interests, may not cause harm to the interests of the group as a whole. This principle is as foundational to reflexive game theory as the principle of guaranteed results in classical game theory.< Less