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A Beautiful Resistance By Bronia Veitch
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Until 1989, Bronia had not known of anyone who had been hidden, like herself, as a child in Nazi occupied Europe.  The term Hidden Child was only coined when the first World Gathering of Hidden... More > Children was planned to take place in New York in 1991, inspired by a documentary 'As if it were Yesterday ' about Belgian Rescuers. Bronia attended this Gathering where she was one of 1,600 hidden children  whilst another 1,500 had been unable to attend. In this book, which she has written in homage to the Rescuers who saved her and thousands of others at the peril of their lives, Bronia tells of the exceptional Civilian Resistance rescues in Belgium. Ninety-four per cent of the 58,000+ Jews in Belgium at the invasion in May 1940 were not Belgian citizens but Eastern European immigrants in the 1920's and refugees from Germany in the late 1930's.  They were mainly working class and Yiddish or German speaking; yet over 34,000 survived, through the courage and loving kindness of their Rescuers.< Less
Bad Man's Corner - Cameraman in a Liberian War By Alistair Lyne
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362 Pages, 53 000 words, 240 clip frames, 20 maps / graphics / photographs, 13 short stories, 4 chapters. “You gonna die today white boy, Krahn are gonna eat out your heart”. Nothing like... More > encouragement from locals to keep a news Cameraman on his toes. I was stranded in no man’s land - that murky dead zone between sides in a war. After letting one army pull back in retreat, and while waiting for the other side to arrive, I was getting some lip from refugees. Living on the edge to get a TV news assignment done in the madness, mayhem, blood and bullets of a wild West African war zone. Making sense of Monrovia going haywire. Journalism at the extreme. Being in the eye of the storm is sometimes the safest place to be. A story by a frontline Cameraman risking all to chase down news for worldwide broadcast, and try stay alive and sane at the same time. It gives an on the ground insight into gathering combat footage. Facing danger daily in the street battles, gun fights & shifting front lines of a city at war.< Less
My Recipe for Cultural Interchange By Sarj
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In my 433 page book, I explain that all cultures can learn from each other and my goal is to help people on each side of this cultural interaction because I have experienced the complexities and... More > misunderstandings of cultural differences and sensitivities/insensitivities and I want to help bridge the gaps between cultures. I know that it is necessary for international students, parents, host families, migrants and refugees to prepare themselves well before they live in another culture because I remember what I had to experience when I moved from the East to live in the West many years ago. Let me share with you some of my experiences as a traveler and Homestay mother. Some of my stories are funny and some are sad, but they are all very relevant to the realities of this experience that we all call life. I have learnt that it is inevitable that people will change as a direct result of cultural interaction and exchange and that is why I have referred to this two-way experience as Cultural Interchange.< Less
My Family Practice Journey: A Prescription for Happiness By William Orsinger
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Dr. William H. Orsinger was a born naturalist, bonsai artist, gardener, photographer, writer, videographer, and lifelong traveler. He was also a doctor who made house calls. He began his medical... More > career in 1948 as a country doctor and medical officer for the District of Columbia Department of Corrections at Lorton, VA where he was responsible for the Workhouse and the Women’s Division. Later his career detoured to US Public Health Service where he examined Hungarian refugees medically evaluating those who wanted to make a new home in the US. Dr. Orsinger was a family physician in Arlington and a charter member of the American Academy of Family Practice and the Board of Directors of Northern Virginia Doctor's Hospital. From 1978 to his retirement he was a staff physician at the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, Virginia. Dr. Orsinger compiled the stories of his life as a physician in My Family Practice Journey, a unique look into a very long medical career before the institutionalization of medicine.< Less
like thieves in the night..the expulsion from egypt By Carolina Delburgo
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At dawn on November 29, 1956 the ship Achyllèos, escaping from Egypt, docks in the port of Brindisi. It transports Jewish refugees, mostly Italian, ripped from their homes. At a distance of... More > fifty years, the author relives that painful experience through the eyes of a ten year old child who is able to once again find solidarity, comprehension and peaceful cohabitation in Italy, which had been lost in Egypt. In fact, the rise of Nasser, gives way to Nationalist and Pan-Arab politics, which disturbs the equilibrium of the Middle East: the nationalization of the Suez Canal (July 1956), the closing of the Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea and the militarization of the Sinai (September- October), until October 29 when Israel blocks the Red Sea. France and England reoccupy the Canal, which Egypt blocks by sinking ships. Even though Nasser had reached his economic objectives, he expelled the Jewish community. Jews and Christians, expelled from Egypt, look for help and asylum in other lands.< Less
Time and Some Words: The New Anthology of Prog Rock Quotations 1969-1976 By Dave Thompson
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"Prog stood for progressive, but progression happened before the genre was coined. Progressive meant musicians could experiment, push themselves and their musicianship into new and fascinating... More > areas. They could stretch themselves and fly free and, for the most part, their followers soared with them" - Judy Dyble "Time And Some Words" is the ultimate Prog Rock bath-time book, a compendium of the words and wisdom of over 150 different artists representing the cream of British, American and European Prog Rock of 1969-1976, many of them culled from the author's own interviews. Featuring... King Crimson, Jethro Tull, ELP, Pink Floyd, Henry Cow, Eleventh House, Kraftwerk, Quiet Sun, Genesis, Steve Hillage, the Nice, Hawkwind, Yes, Renaissance, Procol Harum, Caravan, Peter Hammill, Patrick Moraz, Nektar, Refugee, Gentle Giant, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Kevin Ayers, Black Widow, the Moody Blues, Comus, Curved Air, Family, Medicine Head, the Strawbs, Matching Mole, Spooky Tooth, Brainticket, Gong... and many more!< Less
Paper Freedom or The God of the Bible was an important outlet for many African-Americans during slavery and segregation: Freedom itself was important to Americans because slavery and life are in contrast. By Krystien Imasda
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Let us say you have a time machine and can only take one book with you. If you were going back about five years, I would recommend you take my paper with you. Though copyrighted in 2015, some of my... More > text mirrors exactly what is taking place in the news today. An excerpt has been published by The Journal of African American Studies. This text is organized into 3 sections. Religion, Oppression and Freedom. Each section has 3 subsections respectively: Christianity, Islam, African Religions, Slavery, Economic Oppression, Casteism, Revolution, Exodus and Assimilation. The subsection called Slavery was the one submitted and accepted for publication. This text is very controversial. It studies issues like homosexuality, separation and internment of refugee children, the history of abolition and slave ownership, occupation of indigenous land, immigration, caste-based oppression and many other subjects. These concepts are held together by one overarching thesis, which is also the title of the paper< Less
Migration Letters - Vol. 16 No. 2 - April 2019 By Transnational Press London
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Contributors or Competitors? - Naohiko Omata; Universalist Rights and Particularist Duties- Per Bauhn; Promoting Health from Outside the State- José Muñoz and José Collazo;... More > Saturday Russian Schools and Parents’ Social Networking- Nina Ivashinenko; Everyday Discourses of Belonging of First-Generation Eritrean Refugees in South Africa- Amanuel Isak Tewolde; Bordering Practices across Europe- Burcu Koca; Property Rights in the Syrian Conflict- Deniz Sert; “Switzerland Doesn’t Want Me”- Cangià; Remittances and Labour Supply Revisited- Petreski; Repatriation of War Orphans in Bosnia- Akan Ellis; Citizenship-for-Sale Schemes- Privara; Multiple Belongings and Composite Identities- Vila Freyer; The Other Entrepreneurs- Lintner; An Overview of Rural to Urban Migration in China- Qi; A Life Course Approach to Immigrants’ Relocation-Lacroix and Zufferey; Civic Stratification Within Cross-Border Families-Wai-chun To; The EU and Human Rights as Institutional Facts- Linda Hyökki; Tracking Ignorance-Herda< Less
The Nameless Monster By Ed Russo
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On January 31, 2018, the residents of New Kensington go about their daily lives, spending time with their families, going to their jobs, going to school on time, police keeping people safe. Robert... More > Edwards a journalist with ready-made family looking for a good story for the Daily Dispatch. But all those good feelings about the future change in a hurry after a meteor crashes in a field. Now Robert and the few desperate survivors who join him suddenly find themselves in the pitch-black night of civilization’s darkest age, surrounded by mindless cult-like drones, It's almost like a mass delusion is gripping the town and perhaps beyond. Robert and his new friends begin to suspect something darker is going on when they begin to notice the change in behavior of those closest to them. There’s really no escaping this nightmare. For Robert, a dream points to a cave as he and his fellow refugees make their harrowing journey to. A promise of a safe haven, perhaps, or quite possibly the deadliest trap of all....< Less
Forced to Grow Up By Berta Gardon
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Fifteen-year-old Berta lives with her mother, her sister Grete and her cousins in Brussels in a five-room house full of Austrian refugees like herself. After she is caught in a raid and ordered to... More > report to the Gestapo with a blanket and food for deportation to a concentration camp, Berta decides to flee yet again. She obtains a false French passport and, with very little money, leaves alone to find safety in Free France. Dressed in summer clothes and wooden clogs, Berta travels on foot and hops trains living by her own wits and the generosity of people she meets. Berta leaves her childhood far behind as she crosses into France only to eventually push onward across the Alps to Switzerland. When the war ends, Berta’s flight from the Holocaust evolves into a story of immigration. Berta eventually settles in the United States and learns to adapt to a new and very different life. “Writing my story has cleansed my soul,” she writes at age 92 in the epilogue.< Less

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