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Mr. Harding Proposes : A Regency Romance By Catherine Dove
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This is a story about how two people can be such good friends that they almost miss out on love. Mr. Harding proposes to his childhood friend Georgiana Rowland, but she thinks he's joking to lift her... More > spirits. And they need lifting: she's helping to bring her younger sister into the ton; she's defying her mother's prohibition to keep her new friend, an ex-actress; and her beloved, staid Uncle Henry is about to cause a scandal. She depends on Mr. Harding to support her... and he must somehow convince her he loves her as more than just a friend. "Mr. Harding Proposes" is Book 1 of the Rowland Sisters trilogy.< Less
One Scottish Lass - A Regency Time Travel Romance By Lisa Shea
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Samhain. All Hallows' Eve. The most mystical night of the year. The time when the veil between the worlds became perilously thin. And with a full moon overhead, this awesome power reaches its... More > climactic height. Sorcha had no time for mystical nonsense - there were enough challenges in navigating the mine-field of her mother's vicious temper and the most important event of her young life. For, at long last, she had left Edinburgh to see the world. She and her mother were visiting the elegant city of Bath. Sorcha was wearing the finest dress she'd seen - and she was stepping into a life she'd only dreamt of. But when Johnny's eyes meet hers, and jealous rivals vow revenge, that delicate layer between what is and what once was rips. It shreds like the fragile thread of one's life. One Scottish Lass is the first novella in the regency time travel romance trilogy. The first two novellas end in cliffhangers, while the third provides a happy ending.< Less
Regency Cousins: Historical Fashion Paper Doll and Story By Kim Brecklein
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Full color paper doll book with two paper dolls, Eliza and Celia. The two young ladies are cousins on a mission to find fashion and romance under the guidance of a well-meaning aunt. The aunt is... More > using as her manual The Mirror of Graces, a real book on fashion, etiquette and deportment first published in 1811. The paper doll book weaves together beautiful, highly detailed fashions of the period with fascinating glimpses of real life Regency era (1811-1820) beauty tips and a romantic storyline. Two dolls, 14 costumes, 28 items, 23 pages including costume descriptions, story and insights to life in the early nineteenth century.< Less
Barbie & Danny's Wedding Hyatt Regency Maui Kaanapali, Maui, Hawaii July 4, 2010 By Volume I
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Barbie & Danny Wedding first three days of the vacation!
An Immodest Proposal By Kathryn Anthony
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It was supposed to have been a celebration of her upcoming nuptials--a ball to which all the lights of the ton had been invited. Instead, Sophia Lamott must smile, curtsey and pretend she... More > hasn’t just been jilted by her long-standing fiancé. When the relentless sympathy becomes unbearable, Sophie takes refuge in the privacy of the library and resolves to get good and drunk. But things get out of hand. Before she knows it, she’s being kissed by the most exciting man she has ever met. She must then face up to “the Summer Wildfires”--malicious gossips who would delight in dragging Sophie’s name through the muck--and convince them they only imagined the dark, mysterious stranger they saw disappearing into the shadows. And then, there is the morning after to contend with…< Less
Cecilia and the Rake By Catherine Dove
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In this Regency romance, Miss Cecilia Rowland has vowed never to fall for another rake. Viscount Ravenshill, a definite rake, has determined he will never find a woman he wishes to marry. Then... More > Cecilia's best friend falls in love with Ravenshill's best friend, and Cecilia and Ravenshill discover they can tolerate each other - and maybe more. But Fate takes a hand and endangers the loves of both girls.< Less
The Lazy Bachelor By Catherine Dove
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"The Lazy Bachelor" is Mr. Peregrine Tyndall, who has gone to the country for what he thinks will be a pleasant visit with his cousin, the earl of Shipton. He ends up going to a great deal... More > more effort than he is accustomed to, however. Much against his will, he is forced to try his hand at matchmaking. Then his sins catch up with him when his neglected wards show up at Shipton's home, the elder in a high fury and demanding that he do his duty. By the end of Mr. Tyndall's quiet country sojourn, his life will never be the same. "The Lazy Bachelor" is Book 2 of the Rowland Sisters Trilogy.< Less
Lettice Fairfax By J.K. Forster-Walmsley
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Lettice is a twenty year old Regency tearaway, with parents who are determined to see her safely married. She has other ideas, however, and poking her nose into a suspicious death raises far more... More > dangerous things to avoid than an altar.< Less
The Bargain Bride By Grace Mordecai
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This is a love story set in early 19th cent. London - very much in the style of the great Georgette Heyer. After spurning his attempt to make her his mistress our heroine is tricked into marriage by... More > the Marquis of Beverley. She does so to save her twin brother from fighting a duel with Beverley who is an accomplished shot. Beverley is ruthless in pursuit of his own ends and it is only when he almost loses his wife that the marquis becomes a more admirable character.< Less
Lettice Fairfax Rides Again By J.K. Forster-Walmsley
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In the aftermath of the Cato Street conspiracy, and amidst a change in the occupant of the throne, Lettice investigates the suspicious death of a boy. Her interference stirs up irritation in a number... More > of quarters; not least under the skin of a secretive spymaster.< Less