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Regulation By Lord Loveday Ememe
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This book, regulation, examines the current use or application of this sacred concept, regulation. The current political systems of government in the world are undermining this sacred concept using... More > it treacherously for organized barbarisms, for the devaluation of life.< Less
regulate By G Funk
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No description supplied
Regulators By S. Jaweed
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When Kiley goes to visit her boyfriend in his holiday resort, a series of mysterious events begin, that lead to a surprising climax.
Regulators By Samina Jaweed
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.....I remember the summer Kiley first came to visit as one of those summers, that seem to call for some change, a revolution. It was hot. Humid. Static. Like always..... But despite the warm... More > temperatures, despite the mellow Caribbean music in the radio, the chirping of exotic birds and crickets, it turned out it would not be a peaceful summer, after all.< Less
Regulators By Samina Jaweed
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Kiley visits her boyfriend Ted on his island, but soon after she arrives, strange things start happening.
Regulating Capitalism By David Ost et al.
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A collection of essays by students of Hobart & William Smith Colleges, for the Political Science seminar "Regulating Capitalism," with Prof. David Ost, Spring 2014.
Musketry Regulations By Stephen Redgwell
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A large format 8.5 x 11 reprint of Musketry Regulations. The originally issued 4x5 inch book is almost 100 years old and not easy to find or read because of the small type. It answers a lot of... More > questions that puzzle many collectors and shooters. Do you want to learn how the British and Commonwealth armies trained and used the Lee Enfield rifle? This is the book you need!! The Lee Enfield vastly improved infantry firepower and changed battlefield tactics. It was the first magazine fed, rapid fire rifle. It altered how wars were fought. All marks of Lee Enfield are covered - No1 Mk III, CLLE, MLE, MLM, Webley Pistol and 22 Trainers. CHAPTER I - 1. General Instructions...CHAPTER II - ARMS AND AMMUNITION, DESCRIPTION & CARE OF ARMS...CHAPTER III - THE THEORY OF RIFLE FIRE AND ITS PRACTICAL APPLICATION...CHAPTER IV - MUSKETRY EXERCISES, AIMING & FIRING INSTRUCTIONS The Lee Enfield helped shape Canadian history!< Less
Regard & Regulation By Nacie Joy Mackey
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The marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Darcy continues in the follow-up to "A Woman Worthy". Old Friends and new foes appear to add further conflict to the lives of literature's favorite couple.
Cases & Materials on Macroprudential Regulation By Jide Oniwinde
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This work is a compilation of materials and excerpts from various experts that points to the financial crisis and the causes, definition of what Macroprudential regulation is, the task of Macro... More > prudential regulation and how it is structured in various countries and the tools available for macro prudential regulation.< Less
Bankruptcy Regulations 1996 (Cth) By CourtRules
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Bankruptcy Regulations 1996 (Cth) - Version 1 December 2010

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