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Philosophy of Religion By John Caird
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Philosophy of Religion starts with the presupposition that religion and religious ideas can be taken out of the domain of feeling or practical experience and made objects of scientific reflection. It... More > implies that, whilst religion and philosophy have the same objects, the attitude of the human spirit towards these objects is in each case, different. In the one they are present to it in an immediate way as objects of devotion or spiritual enjoyment; they come before it at most only in the form of outward fact or of figurative representation. In the other, they become the objects of reflection or intellectual apprehension, and are finally elevated to the form of pure or speculative thought. Feeling, indeed, in all cases, involves a kind of knowledge; the objects of emotion, whether moral or aesthetic or religious must be grasped by the subject, of them with an implicit intelligence, apart from which, its relation to them would be no deeper than that of blind instinctor animal impulse.< Less
iTERS By broad Thinking
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Communication is key in information technology. Without it, systems do not work. But, iTERS is not about the machines and software; it is about another form of communication: between IT pros and... More > their clients, colleagues, and bosses. iTERS is a compilation of reference items, real world examples of polished, professional documents, and top-shelf IT templates that enable the IT professional, and any business professional involved in IT-related initiatives, to develop their own stellar IT documents. They provide an excellence guide for creating professional business documents that will get noticed, get read, and be understood. With almost 25 years of IT management experience and a relentless attention to concise content and high-end style, in iTERS, broad Thinking uniquely combines aesthetics with highly-relevant IT topics and subjects to provide an invaluable spark and model to create your own exceptional IT document.< Less
The Eye of My Mind By Patricia Anne Kirby Craddock
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THE EYE OF MY MIND is a collection of 33 poems, chiefly in free verse, and some related prose, inspired by the author’s self-assigned odyssey through the fascinating enigma that is Russia,... More > during and since the reigns of the Tsars: her violent revolutionary history counter-balanced by her vital aesthetic legacy in literature and art. This contradictory synthesis is the author’s enticing focus in this collection. Poems on historical figures— Peter the Great, Solzhenitsyn…; modern martyrs—Politkovskaya and Litvinenko…; poets—Pushkin to Brodsky…Akhmatova, Tsvetayeva, Pasternak…; artists—Repin et al...l’Hermitage…; the great battles: the Sieges of Leningrad and Stalingrad; and love poems! One contemporary American poet’s limited but passionate enthrallment with an ancient foreign land and her often troubled but resilient peoples, whose faithful Russian soul she, provincial and untraveled though she is to the art centers of the world, identifies with, strives to pay homage to, and so admires.< Less
PERSPECTIVES OF A TIGHTROPE WALKER (When WIll I Meet Elvis?), Poetry Volume I By Gayle Jeanine Haven
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The first of seven volumes of poetry written by Gayle Jeanine Haven, Perspectives of a Tightrope Walker invites the adult to investigate the intricacy of relationships, relish the humor found in... More > predicament and reflect upon a simple meandering along the sidewalk. The body of work is as relatable, inspiring and thought provoking as Ms. Haven's literature for children (Love Beyond Rainbows, Grandpa Has Cancer and Love Beyond Divorce). Enjoy the aesthetic and imaginative to the graceful and absurd: The Bird I Could Not See Sang In A Tree Built Army Tough Pledge of Allegiance, The Amen Version Foreign Policy, Cash In Church on Sunday The poetry collection includes: *What Refreshes the Spirit, Dance of Whispers, The Wisdom of Megan Sue, Vol II *Forbidden Commitments, Domestic Raceweek & the Dance with the Devil, Vol III *Quiet Testament, My Hope Is Built, In Honor of My Father, Vol IV *Strings of Context, Vol V *An Issue of Trust or Letting Go, The Lady Golfs, Vol VI *Sinew & Vein, Vol VII< Less
Notes from the Underground by Fyodor Dostoevsky and the Subgenre of "Antihero’s Confession" in Russian Literature of the Second Half of the 19th – 20th Century By Natalia Zhivolupova
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The monograph is devoted to the study of architectonics, poetics and artistic functioning of the special phenomenon in Russian literature indicated in the monograph as the subgenre of antihero's... More > confession. The first model, which became a productive model for the literary process of the second half of the 19th - 20th century became "Notes from Underground" by F. Dostoyevsky, the "genre shell" that has been reproduced over a hundred-odd years (the conventional time border of the studied texts is 1864 - 1979). The book reveals the nature of this phenomenon, determines aspects of the internal form of the subgenre (related to the specific features of otherness, body, perceiving consciousness), sets the background (artistic anthropology, a critical state of cultural awareness), the laws of poetics of the studied works. The author defines the aesthetic and semantic parameters of the subgenre emergence which provides insights into the mechanism of the subgenre formation.< Less

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