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Forever Mine By Lisa Faith Bragg
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Everyone who knows April knows that she has talked about Luke Daniels, her “dream man,” since she was twelve years old. Now her dream has become her reality, and she is living her... More > dreams. A relationship with Luke isn’t the fairy tale that most dream of, but it is the prefect fairy tale in April’s eyes. When Luke met April, he felt an instinct connection to her that could not be denied. He knew right away that April wasn’t like the normal girls he dated. Luke finds himself wanting to protect her, and realizes he cares for her much deeper than he ever thought possible. However, will Luke allow himself to fall in love with April? Will he be able to tell April what he fears most in life? “Forever Mine” was written as a dedication to Richie Sambora, and is the sequel to “One Light Burning,” published in 2011 by “Forever Mine” may appeal to readers who are interested in romance, and believe that love really does conquer all.< Less
What A Catch By Devina Douglas
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When Alyssa Reid captures the affections of New York Highlander third baseman Scott Miller the inordinate amount of attention she garners from the media is the least of her concerns. Scott's ex-wife... More > declares war, his kids abhor their father's new flame, and Alyssa's flirtatious relationship with Scott's best friend raises more than a few eyebrows. Despite Scott being the catch of a lifetime, the incessant drama and innumerable lonely nights make Alyssa wonder if she also sold her soul to the devil when she sold her L.A. beach bungalow for a miniature Manhattan walk-up and a chance at happily ever after. Just when she thinks she's learned how to balance it all, one weekend changes everything. Not only does the girl who can spin any story learn Scott is very close to an ex, she discovers Scott's friends are all equally as adept at spinning the truth when it comes time to cover for one of their own. Perhaps it's time to admit what everyone has been telling her for months: she is out of her league.< Less
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Abandoned at Christmas-Time By William J. Smith
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Rebecca Filmore is a hard-working,single mother who must juggle trying to pay the rent,and raise a young,five-year-old daughter,named Caroline,in the year 2012,that she had during a night of hard... More > love-making with a fellow college co-ed named Thomas McGlover,who ends up abandoning their relationship.Rebecca is then left with a dilemma, as Christmas approaches,and she gets so behind on her rent that her landlord threatens to throw her and her daughter out in the street,and she ends up deciding to abandon Caroline into the care of a middle-aged police detective named Paul Dablonski,who also has to decide whether to leave this poor,innocent,frightened,little girl in the care of Child Protective Services,who will put her into "the system",during the holidays,or will he take her in as he tries to find her mother?< Less
Amazing Gracie By Michael Haibach
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Grace Dodson Haibach is the refined, sophisticated matriarch of the Haibach family who has kept the truth about her past a tightly-guarded secret for nearly a century. Her grandson, author Michael... More > Haibach, stumbles upon the truth, setting in motion revelations about his family’s past that Grace had hoped would never surface. Amazing Gracie is the true story of a family destroyed, and the lengths a young girl goes to survive unimaginable horrors to turn tragedy into triumph. Strength, determination, and an unlikely friendship propel Gracie from a past filled with betrayal, horrific abuse, and loss, into a future filled with love, happiness, and family. Gracie Dodson Haibach truly is Amazing Gracie. In the telling of my grandmother's story, I reveal a woman far more complex than I ever could have imagined. A woman, much to my surprise, I barely knew, despite what I had believed to be the closest relationship in my life.< Less
Let Him Play The Music Again By Himani Vashishta
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How would you react if your ex-lover shocks your entire world just by walking back into your life and now you are already married? What if you come to know that your breakup was just because of some... More > misunderstanding? What if your married life is going like hell, whereas your ex-lover seems you so promising. The question is, would you run away, fight back for love or would you silently accept life as it is? Priya, a simple middle class girl secretly loves Vicky, the most wanted guy of her college, but Vicky is far too infatuated with the glamorous Nikita. So, what happens eventually? Does Vicky realize Priya’s dream of a romantic relationship with him? It’s music, their common interest which finally brings them close and a slight misunderstanding which forced them to grow apart. The story switches between time lines and goes back and forth, and readers are exposed to their happy past and their life together, along with their gloomy present. This book is a love story at its heart.< Less
The Elevator By J. L. Jones
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Romance/Romantic/Erotica The sun is beaming through the windows of Vee aka Velvet Rose’s home. She loves to wake up in the morning to her opened blinds to let the sunshine in because it gives... More > her hope and joy in seeing how the world awaits her. Velvet is feeling good because she has her man, Damion, on her mind. She is high off life and shouts out to her beautiful sun-filled home that she is in love. The sun is radiating through her soul, and her heart is pounding like a beating drum. She has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Damion Love, for about a year now, and she feels he is the one. Velvet is a country girl who was raised in the south. She was born upstate, but her parents decided the south was better for their family. Velvet’s mother, Patricia, is still alive along with her father, Victor Rose. Her family used to live in New Jersey, but right as she started kindergarten, her family moved to Tampa, Fl, where they lived a second away from College Hills Projects...< Less
Teaching Assistant - Tutorial 2 By Keltik Excalibur
eBook (PDF): $13.52
Tutorial for: 1-Briefly outline the social and emotional development of children from birth to age sixteen and influence that might affect development. 2-How might adults within a school setting... More > encourage pupils to recognize and express their own emotions? What are the possible signs and possible causes of emotional distress? 3-Describe how you might approach building a positive working relationship with an eight year old girl that had special educational needs. 4-When working within a group of pupils, anticipate what problems might occur amongst them discuss how you might tackle situations. 5-A teaching assistant may be expected to deal with a range of accidents and ailments. Explain how you would deal with: Sickness, Cuts, Bruises, Signs of distress. 6-List signs and symptoms of as common childhood illness as you can think of. 7-How might the teaching assistant help to meet the requirements of the school health, hygiene and medical policies and procedures?< Less
Memoirs Of My Existence By Lauren Nicolaus
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Jakob Reiderman has vowed to kill himself. After discovering he has a rare form of dementia that is progressively killing off his memory cells, Jakob is convinced ending his life is the best... More > solution-that is, until he meets Ellie, a quirky yet deeply young girl who makes him question everything. Their first awkward encounter on the subway only fuels their curiousity about each other and leads to them spending more time together. Eventually Jakob and Ellie develop a seemingly unbreakable bond. But, their relationship isn't without trial. They both share a similiar dark past and are constantly fighting off their demons. Whether it's a diagnosed disease or a constant fear of the unknown, they both have their share to endure. However, despite all their tribulation and frequent denial, the two need each other. This necessary dependence is something Jakob and Ellie must learn to accept before it's too late.< Less
Just A Baby By Faundell Black
eBook (PDF): $2.50
Rahsaan Pearl's main ambition in life is just to be happy, and he's convinced that there isn't a woman alive that he can be truly happy with...until he moves from New York to North Carolina. There... More > he finds the woman of his teenage fantasies...and the girl of his dreams. Sophistocated, eloquent and bitter about relationships, Alicia Hayes is reluctant to hook up with a younger man. But loneliness will get to anyone after being around long enough. When Rahsaan and Alicia become lovers, it's a dream come true. But nowhere in his dreams did he imagine he would fall in love with Erica King. Erica never thought she would fall in love with a man 10 years older, either. But Rahsaan is everything she thinks a man ought to be. Her mother, Karen, thinks Erica is still just a baby and doesn't know what she wants. She also knows Rahsaan is everything she doesn't want for her daughter, due to her own secrets. But how long will she be able to keep her baby from growing up?< Less

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