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Meditative Mehndi: Relax By Christine Smith
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A celebration of hand-drawn mehndi designs each lovingly chosen for your coloring pleasure. This book is designed to be compact enough to put in your bag or purse so you can color on the go! No... More > more bulky coloring books that have to be left behind just when you need them. Whether you're an adult or child, this book is for you!< Less
Retired, Rich & Relaxed By Rohit Shah et al.
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Retired & Happy I am a Senior Citizen and live happily with my wife. I worked hard throughout and built my wealth. We never bought expensive luxuries. We always spent less than what I earned. I... More > started small but saved consistently. I built my house, we brought up our children and got them good education. I am now independent, healthy and we are enjoying this Golden phase of our life. I am lucky to have decent savings but I wonder how I grow my money? I love Fixed Deposits. Sometimes I buy Gold for my wife. We of course have a 2nd home which is on rent and this supports us in our retirement income. People at my age are often cheated so I am afraid to try anything new. But will my corpus survive till we both live? I keep hearing about Inflation being my enemy and compounding principle being my friend. But I don’t know how to beat inflation and how to leverage compounding principle. I would like to make a will of my estate but how do I get started. I need help!< Less
The Busy Soul's Guide To Relaxation Therapy By Linda Kleida Romera
eBook (PDF): $9.08
Have you ever wanted to learn and teach Meditation and Relaxation Therapy classes? -If YES, then this is the book for you! Learn techniques and tips on Meditation and Relaxation therapy -To use for... More > your Self and your family/friends. The first print has since sold out and due to high interest, Linda now offers a new version of this book. 106 pages packed with wonderful practical advice, step by step instructions and techniques. Develop your Self with motivation, journal work and goal setting. Have fun learning with your partner, children and friends to promote healing and good health... And so much more! This book can be used with Linda's workshops or as a handy book for personal use. Please email Linda at for more information on her website and workshops. Enjoy!< Less
September's Children By Jefff Tillinghast
eBook (PDF): $1.99
A world with no adults may seem like a great place to live, but would it be so if all the adults were infected and you as a teen had to fight for yourself? This book dives into the idea of teens... More > attempting to survive on their own in a world that is unkind and unforgiving. And with teens, there is of course going to be romance. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the fun.< Less
Meditation Activities for Children By Dale Sidebottom
eBook (PDF): $1.86
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Meditations relieve pressure and tension so students can perform at their peak. We have found that by reading a meditation to the students once a week, it gives the students the chance to dream, and... More > use their imagination. It is also a great way for the class to relax and focus again after playtime. These were designed by my mother who used to read these to me as a child.< Less
How Children Saved The World By Natacha Adjovi at
eBook (ePub): $12.21
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This book is an adaptation of several old fairy tales. This story has been created especially for people who want to break free from the limitations of this world. It is a book for anyone who is... More > tired of the day-to-day job, the financial and social crises. The message of the book is that TRUE FREEDOM is the result of using Creativity and Imagination to design a beautiful world where Peace, Love and Harmony are the main ingredients. This book is an inspiration to help you to realize that releasing your inner child is the way to design the life you deserve and to develop a loving heart and a peaceful soul. Please read it and share it with people around you. Thank you.< Less
The Little Book of Healing for Children By Xanthe Pearson
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This book is for parents of children aged 3 to 12. It's aim is to be a fun and nurturing tool to bring about calmness, peace, and self-esteem for the whole family. It hopes to inspire children to... More > incorporate alternative health tools in their life and to appreciate the ability to give and receive unconditional love. The book is split into three easy to read sections: “Tools for health and happiness,” “Things to make and do,” and “Did you know that?”< Less
Breathing Activities and Exercises for Children By Dale Sidebottom
eBook (PDF): $2.78
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This eBook contains fourteen breathing activities designed to help relax students before or after a test, or if they have just come in from outside and are in need of refocusing before starting their... More > next learning activity. The breathing activities have been designed to help improve students’ focus, concentration and reduce anxiety. This eBook will create a calm and relaxed learning environment where students can achieve outstanding results.< Less
Stretching Movements to Activate Children's Minds By Dale Sidebottom
eBook (PDF): $2.62
This eBook contains 32 stretching and movement activities to help activate and engage children. Stretches that the students can do to relieve stress and relax before, after or during work. If... More > students are restless or feeling stressed about upcoming tests, or need to calm down to focus on work, take them through some of these stretches to get them focused and engaged in the upcoming tasks.< Less
eBook (PDF): $10.74
Here are ideas to think about, move/dance in, and HAVE FUN doing. This is a book that is good for whatever type of dance you like or do, and it’s even for those who don’t like any... More > particular technique too! It lists ideas, games, and exercises. I don’t write about a specific technique. This book asks you to start your engine and to relax, all at the same time. It gives you ways to make that happen too!< Less