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International Economics Letters, Vol 3, No 1 & 2, April & October 2014 By USP & TPL
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Editorial: Attitudes to migrants in the Czech Republic Inna Čábelková - Competition and exchange rate pass-through Marko Korhonen & Lauri Vilmi - Knowledge creation... More > & sharing as essential determinants of SMEs innovation Petra Koudelková & Petra Svobodová - University and the city: An economic perspective Wadim Strielkowski - Contrasting the Levels of Poverty against the Burden of Poverty: An Indian Case Udaya S. Mishra & Deepak Singhania - Oil price shocks and the US economy: What makes the latest oil price episode different? Maria Dolores Gadea & Ana Gomez-Loscos - On the Relative Size of Direct and Indirect Tax Evasion Gerasimos T. Soldatos - On China’s Exchange rate Regime: is Euro outside? Marco Mele - Cultural values in international migration and remittances Inna Čábelková - Over-urbanization and air pollution: a cross-country analysis Raufan Salahodajev< Less
Cultural By Inna Cábelková
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The economic and political outcomes of similar ideas if applied in different countries may substantially differ. In this study we would like to show the importance of cultural values in explaining... More > these differences. We describe the cultural dimensions model originally proposed by Geert Hosftede and mention ways how cultural models are employed in explaining economic and social differences in existing literature. We than continue with the example of prisoner’s dilemma where we show, that Nash equilibria substantially depend on the values of the players and may produce different outcomes in different cultural settings. To support this idea even further we use cultural dimensions of Geert Hofstede to explain the variations of tax revenues, gender based income inequality migration and remittances across countries. We show that cultural values play an important role and therefore should be taken into account in policy making.< Less
The Western Union Effect: Filipino Global Workers as Agents of Change By Rey Rosales
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Nearly 10 million Filipino workers are scattered across the globe working in various professions ranging from domestic helpers, to engineers, teachers, and doctors. Collectively, this diaspora of... More > workers send about $13 billion dollars of remittances and rising to the Philippines every year, accounting for about 15% of GDP (gross domestic product). Companies such as Western Union and other banks have made it much more affordable and easy to send money to people at a fast speed. Western Union has a presence in most of the towns all throughout the islands, thereby helping transform the way of living of the millions who receive cash from abroad. This research paper examines the economic, social, and cultural impact of the overseas Filipino workers (known in the Philippines as OFWs) to the country and to the families they left behind. The paper discusses ways to leverage the power of these foreign workers to influence government and to effect a positive social change.< Less

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