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The Wolf and the Lamb By Rosy Cole
eBook (ePub): $4.95
When Mary Cole, a butcher's daughter, caught the eye of Lord Berkeley, it was as flint to tinder. A forsworn bachelor, he was taken aback that she refused to be his mistress.Within weeks he'd brought... More > her family to bankruptcy. When, still, she eluded him, he plotted to abduct her. Aided by his corrupt chaplain, Hupsman, the Earl duped his 'shepherdess' with fake nuptials.Tumbling to the truth, Mary became passionately committed to gaining her eldest son's birthright. With an astonishing grasp of pastoral economy, she repaired the Berkeley fortunes while a succession of children compounded her plight.The scandalous activities of Mary's estranged sisters had to be curtailed at the highest level before a legal knot was eventually tied.Upon Hupsman's death, the Earl and Countess conspired to 'find' the registry of the 'first marriage'. The upshot was a sensational trial in the House of Lords whose repercussions were to shake the foundations of the Berkeley dynasty for ever and imperil Mary's life.< Less
Saved from the Sea , or, the loss of the Viper and the adventures of her By William Kingston
eBook (ePub): $4.99
great novel every one will enjoy A passage "Never throw away a piece of string, a screw, or a nail, or neglect an opportunity, when it offers, of gaining knowledge or learning how to do a... More > thing," my father used to say; and as I respected him, I followed his advice,-and have, through life, on many occasions had reason to be thankful that I did so. In the town near which we resided lived a tailor, Andrew Spurling by name. He was a remarkable man, though a mere botcher at his trade; for he could never manage to make his customers' clothes fit their bodies. For fat men he invariably made tight coats, and for thin people loose ones. Few, therefore, except those who were indifferent on that point, went a second time to him for new ones. He repaired clothes, however, to perfection, and never refused to attempt renovating the most threadbare or tattered of garments. He had evidently mistaken his vocation; or rather, his friends had committed a great error when they made him a tailor.< Less
Treasure of Sanssouci Park By Sergei Miro
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As World War II approaches, Kare Hoffmann, a cinematography student, feels its effects immediately. When his father is arrested after speaking out against the Nazi regime, Kare escapes Germany and... More > seeks sanctuary among family. He lands in Great Britain only to discover that his Jewish mother, left behind in Germany, was sent to a concentration camp. He embarks on a career in film, only to be selected for a mission by a British intelligence agency. Upon completing his spy training, Kare obtains a position at UFA Film Studios in Germany, where he sends secret reports of German propaganda to Britain. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Monika, a beautiful Aryan woman. But disaster strikes when Kare’s Jewish background is revealed to the Gestapo; he is sent to multiple concentration camps, where his loyalty to his family, Monika, and his country is tested. Can he fulfill his mission for Britain, save his parents, repair his relationship with Monika, as well as survive the Gestapo brutality?< Less
The Pilgrim's Progress By John Bunyan
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Another quality eBook from Chapel Library. THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS traces the journey of Christian from his first conviction of sin, through his conversion, trials, suffering, and victorious... More > joy, and ultimately across the River of Death to the Celestial City. Next to the Bible, the book that I value most is Pilgrim’s Progress. I believe I have read it through at least a hundred times…Prick him anywhere, and you will find that his blood is “bibline,” the very essence of the Bible flows from him. – Charles H. Spurgeon (1834-1892) JOHN BUNYAN (1628-1688) was born of a poor family near Bed-ford, England. He repaired pots and pans before being called to preach the Gospel full time. He was imprisoned in 1660 for re-fusing to compromise with the practices of the Church of Eng-land. While in jail for 12 years, he penned The Pilgrim’s Progress, which has been in continuous print since then and is the second best selling book of all time after the Holy Bible.< Less
Managing Osteoarthritis By Nagueyn Nagueyn
eBook (ePub): $24.99
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Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, affecting millions of people worldwide. It occurs when the protective cartilage on the ends of your bones wears down over time.Inside this eBook... More > you will gain a better understanding of the way that a simple diet can change the function of your body. You will learn how the Paleo diet can be used to improve your bones and joint tissue. You will be given a meal plan for 14 days and for 28 days, which, when used, will systematically improve your pain, repair damaged or depleted joint tissue, and improve your lifestyle. In the 14-day meal plan, you are given specific meals and recipes that will improve your condition. After 14 days you will start feeling better than ever. In the 28 day meal plan, you will find even more recipes. Once your joints are given the nutrients they need, your bones and tissues will be restored, and your pain will be normalized. You just need to keep your diet simple on a regular basis!< Less
eBook (ePub): $14.99
There are lot of things to know more about fasting. As we age, we hear so much about fasting that we don’t know which are real and which are not. But there are many reasons to consider... More > fasting as a benefit to one's health. The body is one amazing thing as rids itself of the toxins that have built up in our fat stores throughout the years. It also heals itself, repairs all the damaged organs during a fast. Let us not forget however that the effectiveness of the fasting we do still depends on ourselves. How we look at fasting and why we fast will still play a major role in determining the success of the fasting we just did. All in all, the reason we fast may be about weight reduction, health improvement, or healing of the body. Regardless of the reason, fasting should be not be scary and what’s important is that we enjoy and relax ourselves as we fast. It should be a meaningful experience for us. So, better pick up that pen and plan away to healthy, new you!< Less
MacFender and his Tools By David Brockhurst
eBook (PDF): $5.00
The tools were behaving badly—worse than they had in a long time. MacFender was on a job, repairing and painting a hot tub. Sidney Scraper would not keep himself straight and kept digging into... More > the wood. Sandy Block would not hold his paper steadily, so it kept slipping and tearing. The rest of the tools gradually woke up and started to climb out of the Tool Boxes. MacFender told them to be careful as they began to wander about, exploring the new job site. “Don’t get lost and don’t get into any trouble,” he said. As usual there were a few mumbles and some cheeky backchat. Bartholomew the Brush came and sat in his usual spot on MacFender’s shoulder, to see what was going on. There was a cry for help, it was Mr. Fuller the chisel. He’d gotten his foot stuck in a hole in the floor boards as he’d done a thousand times before, so MacFender went and pulled him out. He stuck Mr. Fuller in his top pocket to keep him out of trouble.< Less
The Native Returns By Robin Horton
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Alan is a highflying young city rat whose ambition to live his life among the rich and famous, and in his fast paced world he expects results at the click of a mouse. However, when a car accident... More > leaves him stranded deep in the Dorset countryside Alan is forced to experience a very different lifestyle, and in doing so his perception of what really matters changes forever. Through a series of adventures and misadventures Alan discovers that true friends are of much greater worth to him than money, and he learns that the real winners in life aren’t always the ones that come first in the race. The story begins when, while travelling home from a sailing holiday, Alan crashes his brand new expensive Italian sports car into Farmer Tail’s apple orchard – and into the lives of the villagers of Tadstone. The farmer, a middle-aged grey squirrel, takes the devastated rat in and helps him arrange for his car to be repaired.< Less
Homer the Helicopter Grand Canyon Adventures By Julie W. Buscher
eBook (PDF): $3.50
Homer, an emerald-eyed, little 'copter is "born" in the factory , and given to the wise Elsa to raise. But the mischievous Homer disobeys his mother. Elsa enrolls him in flight school,... More > where instructor Hank teaches Homer the correct way to fly. Homer earns his wings, and becomes a touring helicopter at the Grand Canyon,taking children on rollicking, cliff-hanging rides! Homer's nemesis, Baldazar, the eagle, viciously attacks the copter. Homer is jealous of Baldazar's skills, and takes his controls away from Hank, following the eagle into the Canyon's bottom. Homer and Hank suffer a horrifying crash in the raging river! Instructor Jennie ultimately meets the wrecked 'copter and has him repaired.--Danger, pitfalls, excitement and heartfelt love abound throughout this delightful, entertaning and educational chapter book for 5-10 ages; with 72 pages, over 20 color illustrations. **Useful as a handup book to read to young children to increase their vocabulary and understanding of the English language.< Less
Benny J. and the Broken Bicycle Gang By LIZ TRIGG
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Benny J is prepared for the ultimate sucky summer. His parents have just divorced and he's sure he'll never see his father again since his father doesn't seem that interested in visiting him. The... More > worst thing is Benny J and his mom and older sister had to move so his mom could get a job. It gets worse! Even though he's 11 and doesn't need a babysitter, his sister, Jemma is in charge of him, and boy, is she bossy! She's 13 and thinks she rules the world. Could it get worse for Benny J? YES! He is also stuck sharing a room with Jemma until they can afford to move to a bigger place. Benny J decides his only way out is to earn enough money so he can run away from home to live with his father. He gets a job at a bicycle repair shop and, with good used parts, builds his own bike. With the help of his 2 new friends, he just might win the bike competition and that would give him enough money for a bus ticket to his father's.< Less

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