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Crossing the Line By Bill Cain
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Merriam Press Military Monograph 127. Second Edition (2012). One Soldier’s Journey to Iraq and Back Again. The author's account of his participation in Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Desert... More > Calm, as a member of the 42nd Field Artillery Brigade, 1990-91. 57 photos (mostly from private sources and most are in color; in the printed book they are B&W but are in color in the PDF), 2 maps specially commissioned for this book.< Less
Blacklist Protocol By Alex Clifford
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Coast Guard Commander Jared Stanton finally gets the call he’s been dreading for years - a British gasoline tanker has been attacked by a speedboat firing anti-tank rockets and the ship, along... More > with its eleven million gallons of explosive cargo, is burning inside San Pedro Harbor. When Homeland Security receives a report from Israeli Intelligence indicating a large shipment of weapons has been split into smaller parcels and shipped into the port, Stanton knows the present crisis is only the tip of the iceberg. Stanton and Sea Marshal Rita Velasco hit the docks of San Pedro Harbor looking for the weapons and uncover a harbor pilot with ties to the Irish Republican Army, a smuggling ring run by longshoreman, and numerous glaring weaknesses in current harbor security. When Rita Velasco is taken hostage by the conspirators, Stanton follows her trail across the border into Mexico where he must take the law into his own hands to save her and end the threat to our nation’s ports.< Less
Saddam’s Generals: Perspectives of the Iran-Iraq War By National Intelligence Council et al.
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This study was inspired by post–World War II efforts of U.S. Army historians and intelligence officers to gather and preserve insights and perspectives of the German General Staff. This is the... More > second volume in a series of studies, sponsored by the National Intelligence Council, designed to cast light on issues involving Saddam’s Iraq by interviewing former Iraqi officials. The first volume, Saddam’s War: An Iraqi Military Perspective of the Iran- Iraq War, contained interviews with Lieutenant General Ra’ad Hamdani, a former Iraqi Republican Guard Corps commander. This second volume includes an additional interview with Hamdani, along with four additional senior officers who discuss issues including Iraqi naval operations, airpower, military intelligence, and capability development.< Less
Saddam's War: An Iraqi Military Perspective of the Iran-Iraq War: An Iraqi Mililtary Perspective of the Iran-Iraq War (McNair Papers 70) By National Defense University et al.
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How did the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime look from the Iraqi perspective? That question triggered the Iraqi Perspective Project (IPP), sponsored by the U.S. Joint Forces Command and the... More > National Intelligence Council. The effort was named “Project 1946,” inspired by the methodology used by U.S. Army historians and intelligence officers working with former members of the German General Staff to develop an understanding of World War II from the German perspective. This McNair Paper covers a broad spectrum of Middle Eastern military history through the eyes of Iraqi Lieutenant General Ra’ad Hamdani, who held various command positions inn the 980-1988 war and, and during Operation Iraqi Freedom, commanded the II Republican Guard Corps. Interviewed in depth by Kevin Woods and Williamson Murray, General Hamdani shared his knowledge on a wide range of subjects, with emphasis on his experiences in Iraq’s long war against Iran.< Less