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The Secret in the Basement By Nick Smith
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From the ordinary to the extraordinary, a discovery in the basement of a new house Richard’s family moves to changes his life forever. Frequent dreams featuring six mysterious, lit symbols on... More > a stone wall in a dark corridor have him baffled. One day, the secret is revealed and Richard finds himself with a tough new task of restoring peace while fighting hordes of monsters. Being the friendliest high school kid in town, he is easy to get along with and makes plenty of friends, but he must cope with several bullies, family life, and a new-found fear. What will become of Richard and what do the symbols and his dreams mean? This story is written as if one were playing a role-playing game, choosing "new game" from the title screen and using a script-like format. Everything enjoyed in RPGs is included, from damage popups and elaborate mechanics behind stats and equipment to deep character development and exploration, including gathering information in towns and side quests.< Less
My Sweet Haunt By Josie Malone
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Cobwebs, eerie sounds and creaky floorboards greet Cat O’Leary McTavish and her twin daughters when they move to their new home, a dilapidated dude ranch near Baker City in the Cascade... More > foothills of Washington State. Her plan to restore the destination resort to its former glory hits a snag when she learns she has the ‘O’Leary Gift’ and can talk to the dead man who still resides in her house. Former Army Ranger, Rob Williams always planned to run the family guest ranch after completing his military service. Instead, he “bought the farm with his life” when he died in Vietnam, but being dead doesn’t mean he’s going anywhere. Encountering someone who “sees” and “hears” him is a welcome change. Cat’s determination leads her into danger, when they discover an adversary wants to turn the one-time dude ranch into a gravel pit. Will a woman with a dream and a man who’s had his dreams cut short, manage to save a ranch and each other when the biggest surprise of all is love?< Less
Andrew and the 3-String Cigar Box Guitar By Wes Kelley
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Ten-year-old Andrew Barca and his momma, Alana, are trying to get out of the shelter they’ve been calling home for the last 6 months and into a small apartment - their Rainbow In The Sky. When... More > an unforeseen tragedy threatens their chances and hoping he can restore his momma's faith in herself and the world, Andrew decides to write her song using a 3-string guitar he's built from an old cigar box, the only three chords he knows, and advice from a wise piano tuner. Andrew's story is a modern-day Tom Sawyeresque adventure that explores loss, grief, dreams, honesty, responsibility, loyalty, forgiveness, the merits of hard work, and the importance of keeping one’s promise. Filled with a cast of colorful characters including Nettie the scavenger, Rambling Thomas, Big Nate Thatcher, Socrates the piano tuner and the notorious McClusky Brothers, “Andrew and the 3-String Cigar Box Guitar” teaches the valuable lesson that good things can happen when you have enough faith, dedication, and love.< Less
Kingdom's Quest By Cezary Piotrowski
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Aron is no one special, just a simple farmhand who obdurately wish to become an adventurer. He spent twenty-five years on a farm with his uncle and cousin, doing the same tedious chores. Thanks to... More > his clever wits, he escapes this monotonous life and starts his epic adventure as a treasure hunter.Heading to Pentelia, the capital city of the Land in which the story is set, the protagonist falls foul of a small gang and its ringleader Warend. The elfgirl Melea saves him; she turns out to be his soul mate and confidante. Together they plan an expedition to fulfil their dreams about fame, glory and the treasures. They set off to the capital city where preparations are taking place for the wedding of Princess Sara, daughter of King Horen.The wedding ceremony is brutally interrupted when the King is murdered. A prophecy is heard after these events that drives all the following action: someone must find the four elements that are hidden in various parts of the Land before peace and order can be restored.< Less
Healing Ukraine - A Study of Political Corruption, Human Rights Violations and Violence against Civil Society in Ukraine By Dr. Mark O'Doherty
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A Ukrainian anti-corruption activist and political advisor, Kateryna Handziuk was attacked with sulphuric acid in July 2018, and died from her injuries on 4 November 2018. Five suspects have been... More > arrested, including a former police officer believed to have led the assault. But it does not appear any of those arrested ordered the attack... The killing of Kateryna Handzyuk is only the tip of the iceberg in a series of more than fifty-five attacks against civil society activists in Ukraine since 2017; for which only a handful of actual perpetrators have been arrested and none of the people who ordered the attacks have been identified. Critical, but also deeply sensitive and humane, this book explores social scientific and ethical approaches, so that fundamental human rights can be restored in Ukraine. Social challenges – such as abuse of power and political corruption – are also explored in this work, as corruption still highlights one of Ukraine's main problems; Ukraine being the most corrupt country in Europe.< Less
Viagra: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects Information and where to buy generic viagra, cialis (sildenafil) and other best drugs cheap and safely online By Anthony Allen
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The most important question on most people’s mind is how to combat sexual health impotence popularly known as erectile dysfunction effectively and swiftly. This book is a guide that will show... More > you how to combat the popular ailment affecting 65% of men in the society, you will also be shown on how to prevent risk buying counterfeit Viagra drugs online so that you won’t get ripped of your hard earned money. Viagra is the maximum well-known treatment for men with erectile dysfunction, which has helped to restore broken homes and brought happiness into relationships, it has treated more than 30 million men around the world. The widespread use of the drug is because it has successfully treated 65-75% of impotent men and men with serious impotence. This book will likewise show you in details how to check online companies/pharmacy that sells Viagra genuinely so that you can be sure you are getting what you want.< Less
The Legacy of Sebastian Kurz and the ÖVP Party – A Dictatorial Party facilitating Xenophobia, Islamophobia and Violation of Human Rights in the Republic of Austria By Dr. Mark O'Doherty
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Having emerged from the ashes of the Third Reich, the ÖVP party was established in 1945, after Nazi-Austria was liberated by the Allied Powers. Being stuck in time – and never having truly... More > embraced the spirit and culture of the Allied Powers – the ÖVP party entered government in 2017 with the far-right FPÖ party; which was originally established by Anton Reinthaller, a former Nazi functionary and SS officer. According to the author, the ÖVP and FPÖ party are jointly responsible for facilitating Xenophobia, Islamophobia and hate speech in Austria; also in view of links between the 2019 Christchurch mosque shootings and the far-right Identitarian Movement in Austria – FPÖ leader Mr. Strache having previously shared videos by the Austrian branch of the Identitarian Movement on his Facebook page, and in 2016 appeared to praise the group as "young activists from a non-leftwing civil society"... Hence this book explores both social scientific and ethical approaches, so that human decency can be restored in Austria.< Less
Silky Smooth Hair By Jodie By Jodie Crockett
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Silky Smooth Hair by Jodie is the best read of 2019. This brilliant read gives you the blueprint and special sauce to achieving shiny and manageable hair. Jodie has tested and improved these... More > incredible methods of achieving healthy hair through pure and natural hair treatments. Now, she is sharing these coveted secrets with you. “Since reading Silky Smooth Hair by Jodie, I've been able to increase volume, shine and length. I haven't seen my hair this healthy since my late teens! - Susan Carter This book is great for those who want to learn Jodie’s Secret’s to: • Restoring your hair from damage. • Maintaining Protective Styles • Applying proper washing and conditioning techniques for healthy hair. • Identifying the different hair types and hair porosity. • Safely engaging in hair medicine and vitamins for healthy hair growth. • Applying techniques for Jodie’s Famous Silk Press • Appling techniques and Jodie’s Secrets to Wig Making • Accessing and Engaging a top Hair Vendor – World Reknown< Less
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Restaurierungsbericht Nummer 1: Flötenuhr, ca. 1800 By C.F.C. Greinacher
Paperback: $18.30
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Detaillierte Dokumentation der Restaurierung einer Französischen Flötenuhr von ca. 1800. Reichhaltig mit Farbbildern illustriert.Restoration report number 1: Flute Clock, ca. 1800. Detailed... More > documentation of the restoration of a French organ clock from about 1800. Illustrated with many color photos. The text is in German. If somebody would like to get an English translation of the text, I could provide it on request by email (text only).< Less

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