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Let Us Do Evil By David L. Ruggeri
Paperback: $15.99
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The MTV generation meets "The Lord Of The Flies" when a group of friends come to the aid of one of their number and discover the power of vengeful retaliation under the guidance of a... More > psychotic bully. Jeremiah looks up to 16-year-old "Beans", a natural leader and master manipulator, who points out to his younger friends that they are all at the mercy of a system which releases rapists and criminals from jail to prey again. Society doesn't protect its children. Beans reminds them that adults have all the power. The group begins a series of "vigilances" to avenge their society's wrongs. Their covert actions continue to spiral beyond harmless mischief. Although hesitant at times, Jeremiah and his new-found love, Timothea, feel compelled to follow Beans' dictum that "the punishment should fit the crime" as their merciless retributions escalate from innocuous pranks to violence and mayhem.< Less
Extreme Vengeance 2 By Alec Anaconda
Paperback: $12.75
Prints in 3-5 business days
Imagine a vengeance so extreme that suicide seems the only escape; then remove that option. Make that vengeance all the sweeter, by not letting his prey know that she is the target. Think of a life... More > so isolated that this woman welcomes the appearance of an adversary. How far can you bend a woman’s reality, before she breaks? Exactly how much time and money will people invest to extract retribution? The answers, in this novel, are a very long way, many years and a fortune! Extreme Vengeance 2 continues where the original Extreme Vengeance left off, with Christine, its main heroine, feeling exceptionally happy with life. This story corrects that inappropriate situation, and then some. This is a psychological thriller, but the sexual action is prolonged, unusual and intense. It is mostly male domination of a female, plus some hot lesbian female domination of Christine.< Less
The Assassin Reassessed By Les Arnott
Paperback: $16.87
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The Assassin Reassessed denotes the welcome return of Les Arnott after a lengthy delay since his brilliant first novel - The Unassuming Assassin. Once again we are treated to a real page-turner as... More > Les follows the further fortunes of the hapless Mel Roberts. He writes in an entirely new genre which touches on Christianity, morality, retribution and vigilantism. If this were not enough, he incorporates violence, mystery, politics and romance so that there really is something in there for every reader. Add to this the kind of social comment which laments a society plunging into decay and you will begin to grasp his world view formed when he was Sheffield Chairman of Magistrates. When Les writes, he does so from a broad depth of knowledge and experience. There are not enough novelists today who use either Sheffield or Lincolnshire as their backcloth. Les, a political writer, teacher and former parliamentary candidate, helps put that right!< Less
A Tale of Two Cities By Charles Dickens
eBook (ePub): $3.99
(1 Ratings)
The classic opening line "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." is familiar to most everyone, but not everyone has braved Dickens' masterpiece A Tale of Two Cities. If you... More > haven't read it: the first part of the novel, while gorgeously written, has a slow-paced development of both plot and characters. But for the patient modern reader who gets to the second part there is the big payoff, which is a gorgeous climax with loads of riots and beheadings and such. The Two Cities involved are Paris and London in the period leading up to, and during, the French Revolution - and featured are the French peasantry, who struggle under the brutal authority of the aristocracy. Dickens creates a rich tapestry of protagonists, primarily Charles Darnay, a French former-aristocrat who falls victim to the retribution of the revolutionaries despite being a good guy, and Sydney Carton, a drunk British lawyer who's in love with Darnay's wife, Lucie Manette.< Less
Twin Rivers By John D. Nesbitt
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Clay Westbrook, a cowhand on a Wyoming ranch in the 1890s, runs into trouble when he sticks up for a Mexican sheepherder. Tony Campos is being bullied by a rancher named Sutton, who tells Clay he has... More > just bought himself a good bunch of trouble. Clay maintains his friendship with the Mexicans, much to the dislike of Sutton and others, and he develops a romantic interest in Tony’s niece, Guadalupe. Before long, Clay finds himself without a job and is harassed by Sutton and his men, who burn down his homesteader’s shack and sabotage his outfitting camp. Clay then discovers that Sutton has designs on Clay’s homestead and plans to cut a ditch project across the land. Is it up to Clay to thwart the plan and stop the retribution at the same time that he pursues his courtship of the lovely Guadalupe?< Less
Test of a Man By JD Hanley
eBook (PDF): $4.99
What happens when your money can't save you or the ones you love? Jason Smith and Andre Taylor have been best friends from birth. They grew up to be basketball phenoms who have wowed the NBA in... More > their rookie season. It seems they have everything they have always wanted. Until both lose people close to them in unexpected ways. Jason seeks comfort of an old friend while Andre pursues the path of retribution that brings danger too close to home. Will their friendship survive? Will they lose everything they hold dear? Test of a Man takes you on a non stop ride full of laughter and tears as two young men find themselves and what it takes to be a man.< Less
The Morrow Family of Newgate Street, 1945 By Molly Cutpurse
Paperback: $11.93
Prints in 3-5 business days
In Molly’s seventh novel of the saga, at the beginning of 1945, Maud and Richard knew it was only a matter of time before Hitler and his Nazi party was destroyed. The British, Americans, and... More > the Russians along with twenty other countries were now converging with destructive force on Berlin. But such positive news meant little to the civilians of London who were dealing day by day with shortages of food, clothing and fuel as well as coping with business, reappearing scoundrels and life-changing accidents. Old enemies are subject to retributive justice; corrupt men are arrested for indecency. There are deaths, births and before the last and final day, addressing and accepting the final powerful weapons of the Third Reich, the dreaded vengeance rockets that decimated cities. However, just because the war concluded, and amid the triumphant joy of victory, family life was never going to be the same again for, The Morrow family of Newgate Street.< Less
Myths of a Merciful God By Cynthia Ceilan
Hardcover: $33.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
A heartbreaking tale that never loses sight of hope, or our remarkable ability to access and claim our own resilience. Poignant and riveting, Myths of a Merciful God takes us on the unforgettable... More > journey of one woman's quest to overcome unimaginable loss. At the heart of the story is a profoundly difficult question: How does one come back from a tragedy as unspeakable as the death of a child? Through the literal and figurative journey upon which Sarah embarks in the aftermath of this loss, and the people she encounters along the way, Myths of a Merciful God explores the concepts of divine retribution and intervention versus the gaping silence of an indifferent universe, moral turpitude versus the virtue of well-kept secrets, and whether religion - or its absence - helps, hinders, or makes no difference in one's ability to find a way back toward wholeness.< Less
The Books of the Avenger of Blood By Joab Zeruiah & Adah Abrams
Paperback: $8.48
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
The first in a series of books surrounding the Avengers of God, 'The Books of Go'el Ha-Dam' is a rousing blend of fact and fiction about a little known character in Biblical history, called 'The... More > Avenger of Blood'. It explains how the Avenger of Blood came into existence, and is broken down into chapters and verses, much like books of the Bible. The stories are filled with a variety of emotions, including romance, love, vengeance and death. The readers are carried through the years as God's Avengers seek justice and retribution for those who have lost loved ones to murder. Well written and fast-paced, this tale will appeal to anyone with an interest in Biblical lore and history. The unique format in which this story has been written is sure to attract attention and enthrall readers of all ages, from young adult-to-adult markets. -Denise M. Clark< Less
Dance of Eagles By JS Holloway
eBook (PDF): $5.75
(2 Ratings)
An explosive adventure-thriller set in 14th-century Africa, and in the 1970's bush war of Rhodesia-Zimbabwe. Powerful characters who shaped their worlds: Tcana, daughter of a cattleherd, wife of a... More > prince, high priestess of a new religion that will rip apart the ancient city of Tsimbaboue. American TV journalist Rebecca Rawlings, caught up centuries later in the remnants of Tcana's faith and a violent war of attrition. Peter Kennedy, commander of the famed Selous Scouts. His friend and right-hand man, Kuru. And Kuru's brother, Mandhla, trained as a top flight freedom fighter by the Russians. In this gripping tale of love and retribution, Mandhla stalks the woman he sees as the key to his revenge, just as surely as Peter and Kuru stalk the man known only to them by his nom-de-guerre: the Mamba.< Less

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