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Retribution and Up In Smoke (Falcon's Bend Series) By Karen Wiesner & Chris Spindler
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Collector's Edition! All new cases of Falcon’s Bend Detectives Pete Shasta and Danny Vincent with Amber Carfi. "Retribution": The subdivision FBPD investigators Pete Shasta and... More > Danny Vincent live in becomes home to a very hot young mama…and their wives Lisa and Melody aren’t too happy about all the men in the neighborhood moonlighting as Peeping Toms. But it isn’t until the beautiful young woman disappears, leaving her two young children alone, that Lisa realizes crime is firmly afoot. "Up In Smoke": Lieutenant Pete Shasta is struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for his perfect wife. His agonizing is interrupted when FBPD Dispatch receives a call from the neighbor of a local Christmas tree farm—which has just burned to the ground. Owner Mitchell Ferrara is officially out of business for the holiday season. But was the fire an accident…or the means to cover up evidence of a crime?< Less
Los Soñadores: Return and Retribution - Books One and Two By G. Stephen Renfrey
eBook (ePub): $5.98
Jesse Benatar is a young man at odds with the worlds on both sides of his skin. Haunted by images of violence, gifts from his father, he rides a fine line between deliverance and... More > self-destruction. His family, ravaged by his father’s PTSD and death in Afghanistan, relocates to his mother’s hometown in Northern California. Once there, things quickly go strange for Jesse. The town, at a crossroads between the past and an uncertain future, is divided over a secretive Spanish colony inhabited by Los Soñadores—The Dreamers. Jesse is pulled into the rift by his attraction to a young La Soñadora. She begins to haunt his dreams, and when Jesse recognizes a parallel between the dreams and reality, the distinction between the two worlds blurs. As he falls deeper into the mystifying world of light and shadow, he unearths a family secret and learns that some creatures urban Gothic tales are real, only they’re not like those of pop culture—they can be much worse.< Less
The Book of Retribution (Книга Возмездия) By Andrey Dolskiy
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Strange incidents that occurred inside Kaaba in Mecca, “Dungeon of Solomon” in Iran, over the Temple mount in Israel, in the night sky of Norway & over mausoleum in Moscow at the end... More > of 2012 were only a prelude to the even more bizarre events worldwide, troubled by the rumors about the imminent end of the world. A horrible death comes to the rich and famous, but not quite honest on hand, many of which received unusual warnings. Deadly touch, voice and ancient language of this mysterious power inspire mystical fear and something long forgotten. Загадочные происшествия происходят по всему миру и становятся лишь прологом к ещё более странным событиям в конце 2012 года. Ужасная смерть приходит к богатым и знаменитым, но не совсем честным на руку, многие из которых получали необычные предупреждения. Смертельное прикосновение, странный голос и древний язык этой таинственной силы вселяют мистический страх и нечто давно забытое...< Less
One Wife's Solution (Jenny and John Series) Book 3: Perpetual Retribution By Chas Scott
eBook (ePub): $5.02
The continuing story of a married couple’s switch, from a normal vanilla relationship, to one of Female Domination and male submission. The power exchange is virtually com-plete now and John is... More > responding to humiliating orders and instructions more or less without question. He becomes a cuckold but doesn’t know it yet, however, Jenny will soon be telling him all about it. His relationship with his mother-in-law has changed forever after Jenny left him with her for the weekend, naked and muzzled, whilst she spent the weekend getting laid by a well endowed stud. John’s role as sissy the maid is strengthened during the following week with a new maids uniform and he is then introduced to a new Mistress as sissy the slutty maid – no other than Zoe, his little sister. Both Zoe and his mother-in law have retribution in mind when they get to ‘play’ with him.< Less
Confrontation III, Retribution, The Star Voyager Series - Vol. 20 By John B. Bolton
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In this 19th volume of the series, CADM JT Buckton thought he had his hands full in volumes 18 and 19, but he finds out in this volume he really hasn't seen anything yet. He warned everyone in a... More > staff meeting it was the Polnons that are the root cause of all the problems and was proven right. Fleet Command sends him with a powerful task force to Sibernia to destroy infrastructure on the Polnon Empire's home world. With the help of the Marine Raiders (formerly Marine Force Recon) who are to destroy the air/space defense batteries on the surface, before he uses the DSEs to blast the Polnons back into the Dark Ages. However no Polnon warships can't be located. Then the Ponlonians find themselves trying to fend off a Polnon fleet. In the meantime the Polnons send another fleet to Earth to attack Earth and predominantly Fleet Command Hdqrs. FLTADM Smoltevski and COMGEN Carlson are trying to keep the defenses together and personnel ready for whatever the Polnons are planning. Major surprises await!< Less
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I did not want to interrupt the originality of the plot, laid in the very beginning of the trilogy with Jason Born. The return of the excellent actor duo Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon, combined with... More > the plot from the movie "Shooter", as well as the transformation of one of the heroes of the trilogy Kristiana de Soul into a special agent retrained under the "Treadstone" program, a CIA and NSA officer, Edward Snowden, will add a special piquancy in the continuation of the spy thriller about the adventures of Jason Bourne. The loss of relatives in the crash of the Malaysian Boeing 777 over the territory of Ukraine prompted him, out of a sense of revenge and the search for justice, to complete retaliation despite all obstacles. Finally, Jason Bourne will get to the truth and find the answer, for so long tormented his question, having met his own mother...< Less
Padric By Jean Carver
eBook (PDF): $2.50
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This is a story of Padric, a tinker traveling the countryside selling his wares in late nineteenth century Appalachia. A harmless appearing old man, he is sought out by restless spirits seeking... More > revenge. His task is to determine if wrong was done and punish the ones responsible.< Less
Padric By Jean Carver
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This is a story of Padric, a tinker traveling the countryside selling his wares in late nineteenth century Appalachia. A harmless appearing old man, he is sought out by restless spirits seeking... More > revenge. His task is to determine if wrong was done and punish the ones responsible.< Less
The Messenger of Death By Costache S.A
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Just a short tale of retribution that I wanted to share with you guys. It is said that vengeance is a dish best served cold the character of this poem agrees
I The People By Stewart Goodwin
Paperback: $15.00
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One woman's battle against a local government to correct a wrong. Read about the 56 month battle and the retribution she endured in the face of what appeared to be insurmountable adversity.

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