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The Teachings By Revealed Truths
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An invitation from Mother Earth and Father Sky.
Reveal By Suzie Depreli
eBook (PDF): $1.00
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A short collection of emotion poetry divided into three categories: 'Taking the Stage,' dealing with the issues and fears relating to live performance; 'Seasons of Love,' a selection of poems... More > dedicated to the ups and downs of relationships; and 'On the Inside,' revealing a little more about the poet's background and obstacles encountered whilst compiling this collection. A refreshing outlook on life, love and emotions that everyone can relate to.< Less
Revealed By Prophet J Wright
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You want to know the truth. "You Can't Handel The Truth." All things shall be revealed.
Reveal By Jillian Beck
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In Reveal, Abigail Waters is determined to solve the mystery of Britt Larson. Things get a little more complicated when she discovers her best friend Cornelia Astrif is tied up in this also.
Revealed By Ava Leigh Stewart
Paperback: $39.99
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Ava Leigh Stewart's "Revealed" is a collection of poems and illustrations that explore the human experience. It takes the reader on a poetic and artistic journey discovering universal... More > truths in life. Raw emotions flow and evolve to allow a unique energy to strike each reader. Each artistic composition has been designed as a reflection of the words. With every turn of the page, discover more of the soul, forge across new dimensions, and perhaps feel your own experience.< Less
Revealed By Francesco Mellina
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The photographs of Francesco Mellina reveal a whole lot more than your average music-mag, black and white band shots. Francesco took in the atmosphere of the times; the sights, the sounds and that... More > pungent, perfumed aroma of the late seventies, early eighties music scene are evoked by his pictures, taken as he stood amongst the audiences of small venues with his ever-present camera . He is an observer of human nature, photographing the onlookers, the spectators, the congregation, the house, the crowd, as well as the act on stage. The clothes, the costume, the hair, the make-up, the little flourishes that made people stand out in a crowd, all fodder for Francesco’s lens.< Less
Revealed By Charlotte Comley
Paperback: $6.79
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Charlotte Comley is a freelance writer who lives in Hampshire with her husband, two daughters and West Highland Terrier. This collection of poetry was written during the ‘therapy years.’... More > Most of Charlotte’s poetry starts in the form of a sketch. A memory recorded by an image, which she then weaves into a poem.< Less
REVEALERS By Roberto La Paglia
eBook (PDF): $7.76
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Sono ex agenti segreti, ex agenti del Pentagono, ex militari, tutte persone che asseriscono di essere stati presenti in alcuni dei casi più misteriosi e determinanti della storia ufologica;... More > rivelano particolari a volte così incredibili da far sorgere ragionevoli dubbi sulla loro autenticità, sono i Revealers. Questo “fenomeno” ha caratterizzato l’ufologia da molto tempo, soprattutto a partire dal 2000, periodo dal quale è iniziata quella che potrebbe definirsi una “ufologia rivelatoria”, con un numero elevato di protagonisti quali il colonnello Philip Corso, Bob Lazar, Michael Wolf, John Lear, solo per citarne alcuni. Tutto ebbe inizio nell’estate del 1984, quando il medico Paul Bennewitz venne citato dal giornalista Tom Adams in un articolo apparso nella rivista “Stigmata” a proposito del problema della mutilazione di animali. Sulla scia di Bennewitz si pose John Lear (1988), quindi Bill Cooper e i misteriosi Condor e Falcon.< Less
The Numbers Revealed By Dr. Robert Robinson
Paperback: $13.97
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Throughout Scripture, numbers are used in order to reveal the hidden things of God. Proverbs 25:2 reads “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a... More > matter.” So through numbers God will release those things that are concealed.< Less
Reveal the Present By Robert Fitzpatrick
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Eleven years after they were orphaned, Jona and Sira Shalahan are visited by a stranger that tells them that their mother is still alive and has been kept prisoner by their corrupt government. Follow... More > Jona and Sira Shalahan on the first part of their journey as they travel across the world to uncover the government's secret and free their mother in Reveal the Present, by Robert Fitzpatrick.< Less