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The Secret World of Numbers 2nd edition By Adri de Groot
Paperback: $24.00
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The math learning crisis facing us today is due to the fact that we don't truly know much about the very ingredients of math, namely the very numbers themselves. Enter into a hitherto secret maze... More > of phenomena with numbers happening all at the same time: palindrome mirrors, perfect plus & minus as well as odd & even balances, hidden multiple multiplication and/or division tables, invisible and visible manifestations. Learn about the perfect number 7, the roles and significance of numbers like 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 12/24, 19, and 81. Discover that prime numbers are not random, but follow a very distinct and predictable pattern. This is number theory 101, and is guaranteed to fire up both your left and right brain halves. This is material not currently taught in any school.< Less
Touched By the Nails (Watch and Wait): A Karmic Journey Revealed By Marilynn Hughes
eBook (ePub): $2.99
TOUCHED BY THE NAILS (WATCH AND WAIT) A KARMIC JOURNEY REVELEAED (OUT-OF-BODY TRAVEL): Finally, a road map for those of us (which means all of us) who remain stationed to this mortal realm we call... More > Earth because of unidentified, unrecognized or improperly handled karmic liaisons. How do you determine which path in your life is merely a karmic one . . . or one of a higher eternal nature. What do you do when powerful feelings emerge within you and you don't know how to properly respond. What if what you believe you want at some point of your earthly journey, aren't what you believe God probably wants for you Yet, what if you still continue to struggle with the powerful emotions that both karmic and eternal programs can create and sustain. 'Touched by the Nails' is an allegorical (but true) tale expanding on the last four moments of Christ's death on the cross.< Less

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The Way It Was The Way It Was By Alvin Fuhrman
Hardcover: $31.49
Vein Book Vein Book By Eric Dohner
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