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REVERSE MENTALITY, REVERSED! is my new book that discusses and tries to correct the most strategic and sensitive part of human character and nature: The mind. This book in no small way reveals the... More > great thinking defects that has so subconsciously infected our mindsets for ages, Leaving the reader in amazements how reversed our thoughts and opinions has been even in our perfect education and upbringings. It however does not contradicts religious standards, as it so excellently upholds religious and Christian virtues while trying to level it to our everyday application and use. REVERSE MENTALITY, REVERSED! is a radical attempt to effect global change by changing the way we think, yet It directly targets to improve and develop the character, motivation and ideology of the average individual, for a much more peaceful, freer and prosperous world - OAT DALLY< Less
Another Reversing By A Nguyen
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Reverse Diabetes By Sophia Hudson
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Reverse Diabetes - Step-By-Step Beginners Guide To Reverse Your Diabetes Forever the Natural Way! (BONUS INCLUDED) This book provides information related to Diabetes in a simple and easy manner.... More > Learn all the types and symptoms to help yourself understand more about Diabetes and how you can deal with it. This book contains highly essential information about foods to eat ultimately resulting in helping you to keep your Diabetes at bay. This book will help you learn exercises that are research proven success in treating diabetes. Here is a preview of what you'll learn: Understand Types of Diabetes and Symptoms Foods to Eat and Avoid in Diabetes Exercises to Control Diabetes Natural Supplements to Treat Diabetes Tips to Relieve the Stress of Diabetes Management< Less
Wrinkle Reverse By Best Publications
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Are You Looking For The Best Solution To Those Stubborn Lines & Wrinkles?...Do You Wish You Could Turn Back The Clock By 5 or Even 10 Years?. Natural Wrinkle Revesal Let me show you the many... More > natural ways to cheat the aging process. Find out how to look and feel so much younger using simple natural ingredients and components that actually achieve great results. Take a look at all the valuable, eye-opening information that's in store for you: How & Why Your Skin Ages How To Treat Oily Skin How To Treat Combination Skin Which Skin Type do You Have Caring For Your Skin from the Inside Chemical Skin Peels The Low Down on Facelifts and Other Procedures Find Out About Free Radicals & How They Damage Skin Cells Skin Care With Vitamin C How To Treat Dry Skin Ways to Protect Your Skin Is Dermabrasion The Right Choice for Your Skin How Nutrition Effects Your Complexion ...< Less
Reverse Haibun By Sheila E. Murphy
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formal but contemporary, this poem-sequence is based on an interpretation of a Japanese form. the context is ancient Asian, these are pure 21st century.
Reverse Haibun By Sheila E. Murphy
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formal but contemporary, this poem-sequence is based on an interpretation of a Japanese form. the context is ancient Asian, these are pure 21st century.
Diary In Reverse By Audreyanna Garrett
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Through this collage I captured love; love's pain, love's joys, love's excitments and more, and made it plain; made it comprehensible, made it relateable...after all truth is plain...And so is love. ... More > I captured the simplicity of it all. Real situations for real people. I hope you enjoy it.< Less
Reverse Psychology By Katherine Michael & David Rizzo
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A catalog documenting the Thunder-Sky, Inc. exhibit, "Reverse Psychology: Katherine Michael a& David Rizzo."
Reverse Honeymoon By Matthew Blake
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This is a mini book that attempts to redefine dating relationships so that they last, and our marriages and relationships increase with love not decrease. Lets reverse the trend of getting board... More > with each other.< Less
REDRUM REVERSED By elina mangochi
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The word REDRUM in reverse order is MURDER. Heads of departments are humans like us and they can only function with support from their subjects. In this book, the example was a preacher who had good... More > intentions but was overcome because he lacked prayers from his weak church members. The main character was so overcome he ended up impregnanting two married women in his parish. Read and discover how important it is to pray and suport your leaders whether it be church etc< Less

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Referral Mastery Referral Mastery By Joe Stumpf
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