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Rhetoric By Aristotle
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In Rhetoric, the Greek philosopher Aristotle offers both theory and instruction upon the power of eloquent speech, particularly its uses in political oratory delivered to an audience. Composed amid... More > the popular Greek culture, in which aspiring and reigning politicians would perfect the oratorical arts to influence voting and their subjects, Rhetoric is a summation of an art whose poignancy and power could change the face of an entire society. Mindful of the distinctions to be made between speech with an emotional argument, and speech espousing a rational argument, Aristotle examines both while making further subdivisions. Together with the qualities essential in the actual speech, the philosopher also mentions the knowledge which all speakers aspiring to public office should hold ahead of giving speeches. This edition of the Rhetoric utilizes the classic translation by John Henry Freese, a Cambridge academic who authored numerous translations of, and essays concerning, classical antiquity.< Less
Rhetoric By Aristotle
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The Rhetoric was developed by Aristotle during two periods when he was seconded to Plato in the Academy, and when he was running his own school, the Lyceum. Aristotle is generally credited with... More > developing the basics of the system of rhetoric that influenced the development of rhetorical theory from ancient through modern times. One of the most important contributions of Aristotle's approach was that he identified rhetoric as one of the three key elements along with logic and dialectic of philosophy. According to Aristotle, logic is concerned with reasoning to reach scientific certainty. Dialectic is a tool for philosophical debate; it is a means for skilled audiences to test probable knowledge in order to learn. Rhetoric is a tool for practical debate; it is a means for persuading a general audience using probable knowledge to resolve practical issues. Dialectic and rhetoric create a partnership for a system of persuasion based on knowledge instead of upon manipulation and omission.< Less
Rhetoric By Matthew Kreuter
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The art of writing effectively comes from being able to accurately articulate emotions and feelings being transpired. The only way to truly voice ones word is to be clear and true to oneself; open,... More > raw, and honest.< Less
Rhetoric By W. Rhys Roberts
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Highly Recommended! Aristotle was a student of Plato and a teacher of Alexander the Great. His writings include philosophy, logic, rhetoric, government, biology and zoology
Rhetoric By Aristotle
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Like the other works of Aristotle that have survived from antiquity, the Rhetoric seems not to have been intended for publication, being instead a collection of his students' notes in response to his... More > lectures. The treatise shows the development of Aristotle's thought through two different periods while he was in Athens, and illustrates Aristotle's expansion of the study of rhetoric beyond Plato's early criticism of it in the Gorgias (ca. 386 BC) as immoral, dangerous, and unworthy of serious study.< Less
Rhetoric By Aristotle
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This classic was translated by W. Rhys Roberts
Rhetoric By Aristotle
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This classic was translated by W. Rhys Roberts
Rhetoric By Wayne A. Souza
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This is my fifth book of poetry that I've decided to publish so that they might be enjoyed by others
Livre de l’enfance de Notre-Seigneur Jésus-Christ By Jacques Rhétoré
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From the pen of Father Jacques Rhétoré (1841–1921) – the brilliant master of didactic Sureth (Eastern Assyrian) verse – an irrisistible retelling of the much beloved... More > apocryphal stories and legends about the childhood life and miracles of the Lord Jesus Christ. In his introduction, the then Chaldean Catholic Patriarch of Babylon, Yousef VI Emmanuel II Thomas (†1947), praises Rhetoré’s work as characterized by a wonderfully artistic and highly enjoyable style and even calls him a worthy modern successor of the great Mar Afrem (†373). The characteristically precise and profound language of Rhétoré, paired with his masterful verse and philosophical depth in the retelling of the Infancy Gospels, offers a literarily very satisfiying and at the same time highly spiritually nourishing reading experience, as pointed out by the Patriarch. Note that this book is in the Eastern Assyrian language.< Less
Grammaire de la Langue Soureth ou Chaldéen Vulgaire By Jacques Rhétoré
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Grammaire de la Langue Soureth ou Chaldéen Vulgaire is the first grammar of the modern Aramaic dialects spoken in the Nineveh plains by the Christians belonging principally to the Chaldean... More > Catholic Church. The author, Fr. Jacques Rhétoré (1841-1921) was a French Dominican who served as a missionary in the area for over twenty years. An appendix provides short samples of writing in the spoken language.< Less

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