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Story and Rhyme By Mary Ann McPhedran
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A collection of stories and poetry for children, from age five to ten year old.
Rhyming Children's Stories By Pattimari & Peter Cacciolfi
Paperback: $20.80
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This book will take your children through mysterious valleys & climb high mountains where you will meet creatures of every size and description. Kind and loving for all things great and small is... More > the primary theme. Infuse your mind with delightful pictures of characters real and imagined as your children bounce from one adventure to the next in a rhyming sort of way. In this book are Genies, Magicial Princesses, Flying Unicorns, Turtles who will offer rides here and there and many other creatures that will keep your children and you entertained in a positive way.< Less
Kids short stories and rhymes By Tim Collings
Paperback: $6.69
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Kids Short Stories and Rhymes, Is a compilation of creative ideas turned into short stories and rhymes, most of the ideas come from everyday events and thoughts that occur. With all these thoughts... More > and happenings I then piece them together like a jigsaw puzzle creating individual stories. Most of my stories come from real life and the characters are created from people and animals I meet and see. Certain interesting incidents trigger these ideas and end up in some kind of story form for you the reader to hopefully enjoy.< Less
Rhyming Children Stories By Pattimari & Peter Sheets Cacciolfi
Paperback: $11.80
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This rhyming children's book will take your you off on one adventure after another. There is value in the book along with funny light fluffy stories for all ages.
Two Sisters, One Boyfriend! and How to Deal with Your Own Boyfriend By Cindy and Sheila Rhyme
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This is the must have book for every girl. Featured on UK national televisions, magazines and radios the book is based on the true story of the sisters Cindy and Sheila and follows their journey from... More > childhood to adulthood. Their worlds collided when it is discovered that they had been dating the same man-love rat Mike without knowing it. Jump inside the crazy, shocking story who captured the attention of national medias and learn more about the sisters story with Mike! The book is full of suggestions for all the teens facing their love problems but it also has chapters dedicated to the most common love problems for adult women. An indispensable read for all the girls of every age and background to have a better love story and believe in happy - ever - after with true life stories that prove you that actually love can win over all. Including a special chapter dedicated to sisters, this book will let you come inside the story of Sheila and Cindy and explore your own. As friends do.< Less
Animal Rhyme By Sophia Jevone
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A wonderful book for all the family to enjoy. A selection of beautiful rhyming stories from the popular Animal Rhyme Series by Sophia Jevone. Including Suzi Snake, Toby Tiger and other wonderful... More > characters.< Less
The Mushroom's Rhyme By Jessica Doyle
eBook (PDF): $3.00
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This was my day spent with Leah eating mushrooms on Wreck Beach. While laying in an ashtray our feet got quite messy but it did not matter ‘cause we were together. This story is a fully... More > illustrated journey you can zoom into and out of at your leisure. The magnifying tool is your friend when reading this PDF. I make use of metaphor. Beware ;)< Less
Wicked Rhymes By Chris Gooderham
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Three well-known fairy tales retold in rhyme, with some extremely wicked twists. Including: The Fisherman and His Wife The Three Little Pigs The Gingerbread Man
The Scaffold Rhymes By Marcella Kearns
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Autumn has come to Thicktwist Forest and the town of Tawny Hill, and all of the residents—human and otherwise—have a promise to keep to her. From a young witch navigating Halloween rush... More > hour to the town librarian appraising costumes, from a marsh critter venturing too far into town to four friends trooping into the forest at dusk, this collection of verse and illustration celebrates the season’s delights and dangers. For kids and adults who love October.< Less
Snapshots In Rhyme By Alfred Hibbert
Paperback: $7.67
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A collection of poems and two very short stories written as I wandered through mid life.