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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs By $2 Publishing House
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Discover How To Solve Your Dilemma In What You Thought To Be Your Dream Vacation And Easily Taking The First Step To Conquer The Bed Bugs Trauma You May Have At This Moment! It doesn't matter, if... More > you have never have any ideas on how to getting rid of bed bugs and how to banish it quickly in the shortest time possible, then this golden guides will show you everything steps you need to take against bed bugs banishing!< Less
Everything You Need to Know About Bed Bugs and It's Treatments By Christopher Jones
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The 2011 Bugs Without Borders Survey conducted by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and the University of Kentucky, has found that bed bug infestations have increased and are now being... More > found just about everywhere. The study, which surveyed U.S. pest management professionals, found that 99 percent of respondents encountered bed bug infestations in the past year. More than eight of out ten noted that bed bug infestations are increasing across the country. This eBook will not only help you to understand the bedbug but also show you how to erradicate bedbugs and dispel the myths associated with it.< Less
Getting Rid of Bedbugs - How To Get Rid of Bedbugs Without Needing An Exterminator By Luke Simon
eBook (PDF): $7.80
Bed bugs are small creatures that are hard to see and hard to notice. Yet, their presence is something that will cause you not to sleep well at night. Often, the thought of bed bugs can send chills... More > down our spines. In Getting Rid of Bedbugs - How To Get Rid of Bedbugs Without Needing An Exterminator, you would leave how to easily get rid of bedbugs without an exterminator. You would discover:- *Where Do You Find The Bedbugs *What Effect That Bedbugs Have On Human Beings *Common Bedbugs Habits *How To Know If You Have Bedbugs *Steps To Take If You Have Bedbugs *Preventing Bedbugs For Good This guide would be your ultimate saviour from bedbugs.< Less
The Essential Guide on How to Get Rid of Head Lice By Janice Nelson
eBook (ePub): $3.97
Contrary to what most people may believe, a head lice infestation isn't necessarily a sign of poor hygiene. Lice are tiny wingless insects that live on the scalp as their breeding ground, and survive... More > by feeding on blood drawn from the same. They are transferred from one person to another through close contact (head-to-head contact), sharing personal items, and through contaminated articles like bedding, furniture, clothes, etc. These parasites only live on humans, and cannot be passed to or caught from animals. Head lice infestation is more common in overcrowded living conditions and that is why most school going children are affected by it. This book covers several aspects of head lice such as: - What Are Head Lice? - The Life-Cycle Of The Head Lice Bug - How Do I Know If I/My Child/Children Have Head Lice? - How To Spot Them - HOME REMEDIES and so much more! Scroll up... and click on "Buy Now" to deliver almost instantly to your iPad or other reading device.< Less
Bedbug Victory: DIY Guide to Eliminating a Bedbug Infestation By Angeline Pacheco
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Eight simple steps to eliminating a bedbug infestation. This is a do it yourself, cost effective, treatment and prevention plan. This guide will tell you exactly what items you need and procedures... More > to follow. Also included is our family's true story of exactly how we eliminated bedbugs without losing our sanity or breaking our budget.< Less