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Rigged By Kyle Garner
Hardcover: $19.99
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This is a book written by a student in middle school. It was made purely for the purpose of entertaining almost any audience
Rigging the Economy By Equation Meridian
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Towards the end of the last century, when Wall Street accidentally stumbled upon the hidden power of mathematical finance, the nature of the investment banking business changed. In elite financial... More > circles, what came to be known as Casino Capitalism began to consume Wall Street. Bankers had accidentally discovered thatthe gaming industry in Las Vegas and the equity fund investment industry had a lot in common !< Less
Rig X By Joshua Enos
Paperback: $9.72
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A small volume of poetry written at the end of 2011; a companion piece to The Beast in The Heavens.
Paperback: $14.97
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RIG diary is for all RIG students. It is our custom made school jotter filled with scripture and inspirational quotes from the schools founder Tomi Arayomi. Benefit from a timetable that helps you... More > read the Bible in a year and much more.< Less
Land That Oil Rig Job By V. T.
eBook (ePub): $3.99
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Want to have an exciting and high paying job? Why not try Offshore Oil Rig job? Many people dream of landing this job. The pay is way above industry average, and there are lots of vacation off days.... More > However, it's not easy to get this job as many people are fighting for it. This ebook compiles tons of tips you'll want to learn about getting this perfect job. It contains descriptions of different job roles in oil rig, the pay as well as how to pass that tough interview. Read through this ebook, make notes and start applying for your dream job. Get this ebook right now!< Less
Custom Rigs 2011 By Bruce W. Smith
Calendar: $29.95
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Custom Rigs magazine's annual "Hot Trucks" calendar features 12 of the best custom semis on the road photographed by the editors; limited edition; limited quantity
Introduction to Rigging: Aerial Fabrics By Steven Santos
Hardcover: $125.00
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This is the second book in the "Introduction to Rigging" series of textbooks. This book is designed to be used as the primary text for a college level class on rigging aerial fabrics,... More > single point slings and multi-point slings. Each chapter includes learning objectives, in-class essay topics, chapter tests and research projects designed to make teaching classes based on this text straight forward for any rigging instructor.< Less
Beginner Character Rigging By TJ Galda
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In this book you will learn all of the basics required to rig any character in Maya. The book covers everything from joints to wires, from the connection editor to pruning small weights. With over... More > 30 example files, 200 images, and countless step by step tutorials, you will be shown exactly how to rig a foot and leg, a hand, and much more. The thing that separates this book from the competition is answering the question of "Why?". The book covers exactly what is a gimbal lock and how do you avoid it? What axis should you use as your primary one? How do I add an influence object to fix a rig already in progress and why would I use a joint in some cases? Knowing why things are done the way they are will allow you to innovate and create new rigs. Knowing why will allow you to troubleshoot someone else's rig, and progress far beyond being a beginner. This book will help the beginner build a solid foundation and is a great addition for any character rigger using Maya. Proceeds donated to charity.< Less
the millionaire rig veda By timothy james brearton
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The Millionaire Max Andalus is dead, and he's left behind a fortune to a mysterious homeless man called Rig Veda. In this twisting, thrilling novella, it's up to Max's friends - the retired... More > probation officer Melvin Cooper and the firecracker Ginny Staithe - to figure out why. Collier County, Florida teems with the homeless. Who is Rig Veda, and why has the late Max Andalus chosen him for an heir? As Melvin and Ginny get to know Rig, they soon find out that there are others interested in the homeless man, too. Soon, Rig Veda is kidnapped, and it's up to the aging Melvin, with his eight year-old daughter in tow, to get him back. The chase takes Melvin all the way to the Adirondack Mountains, to a house Max Andalus used to own, and draws to a conclusion that Melvin would have never expected, where he has to make a choice that will forever change his life.< Less
RIG: A Novel of Terror By Bryan Alaspa
eBook (PDF): $1.10
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Rig 42 is the largest and most advanced oil rig the world has ever known. Just after the rig goes on-line, terrifying and eerie radio signals are received, followed by silence. The rig has hit... More > something, and whatever it is has completely wiped out the crew. The company is desperate to find out what’s happened. A team of mercenaries and oil rig experts is dispatched to determine what the danger is and if it can be eliminated. They find that the rig hit something that had been buried for centuries…something older than evil itself…something that leaves only the unbearable screams of the tortured behind…something that hungers. Rig is a story of terror. It is a terror that can take any shape. It is a terror that will destroy a man’s body and tear apart his soul.< Less