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ANEW By Cemore
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It's almost a sequel, but not really, well almost, but not even close. Is it just more of the same babbling? Could it have anything to do with anything? Or is it exactly what you've been waiting... More > for. Maybe it's a self-help book, but not one of these mansy-pansy pieces of crap that tells you its all going to be all right because you're a bright shiny star that always been perfect and blah, blah, blah,... WTF!?!?!?! (to steal a little internet jargon) No, rather this will kick you hard in your posterior and scream at you. What it will scream, no one is really all that sure, but it will scream at you all the same. Enjoy. Thank you, please drive thru.< Less
First Stirrings By David Weedmark
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A collection of poetry by Canadian author David Weedmark, nominated for the 2004 Governor General's Award. Make no mistake: the place where poetry is born is what drives the universe. Unlike any... More > other art form, any other means of expression, it is poetry that can remind us to be awake to the present moment and can nudge us out of our sleep-walking daily lives. - from the author's preface "David Weedmark was introduced to me as a legendary man with mystical qualities. As I've come to know him, I have learned that his mystique is actually in his ability to demystify. His collection of writings in First Stirrings is a beacon to what is right in front of us - a new perspective for many, but delightfully accessible even to those who may not typically reach for a book of poetry. Everything about this book - its conception, contents and publication - represents a new approach to possibility." - Abby Hampton, Publisher, World in Motion Productions Inc.< Less
The "People Power" Education Superbook: Book 37. Activist Guide (Why Care About Anything Beyond Yourself? What Really Matters Anyway) By Tony Kelbrat
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The reason some people give a damn about life beyond their little comfort zone is because they can't help it. They were born that way. They have a sense of inner accountability that drives them to... More > give a damn and do something about it. I believe God told me that I must use whatever power there is inside of me to try to help the desperate, poor people of the world get some of that money that governments routinely spend on their own selfish interests. Voltaire, the French Enlightenment Era philosopher, said, "Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do." Be accountable for what you feel is good and right. If you're not, your life is a tragedy despite what delusions you live under. Some people come to the conclusion that they must fight for goodness, justice and a clean planet based on experience.< Less
Reminiscences of a Hard Hat By Roger W. Sheridan
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This book contains the reminiscences of a remarkable man in remarkable times, who has faced challenges most of us never dream of. Roger W. Sheridan has worked around the globe, building the... More > infrastructure of development, and has been an unforgettable figure in the lives of the people who have worked with him or for him or who have known him as a friend or mentor, who would doubtless all agree with the foreword: that he is "an honorable man, and trustworthy leader, and a true friend." In the short anecdotes contained here, we are provided a glimpse of a man who has gone through life taking on each challenge with a sense of humor, a drive to get the job done—and to get it done right—and unbending personal integrity.< Less
Tactical Nuclear Weapons and NATO (Enlarged Edition) By Tom Nichols et al.
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The role and future of tactical nuclear weapons in Europe are subjects that sometimes surprise even experts in international security, primarily because it is so often disconcerting to remember that... More > these weapons still exist. Many years ago, an American journalist wryly noted that the future of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was “a subject that drives the dagger of boredom deep, deep into the heart”— a dismissive quip which would have remained true right up until the moment World War III broke out. The same goes for tactical nuclear weapons: compared to the momentous issues that the East and West have tackled since the end of the Cold War, the scattering of hundreds (or in the Russian case, thousands) of battlefield weapons throughout Europe seems to be almost an afterthought, a detail left behind that should be easy to tidy up.< Less
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The Bible Code Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed By Pamela Lillian Valemont
Hardcover: $65.50
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The mystery surrounding what happened to Diana and Dodi in the Alma Tunnel in France on August 31, 1997, as looked at through the assistance of Bible Code Matrices. The Bible is opened to us in a way... More > never thought and never before possible, since the timely invention of the computer and it can help us to solve some of life's biggest mysteries. We can ask questions, ask the computer to do a search, and get answers. Was any member of the royal family involved? Was Tomlinson ex-SIS agent, absolutely right when he said Andanson was an SIS agent, driving the white Fiat Uno, trained to tip the Mercedes into a pillar in the Alma Tunnel? Was there also an agent on a fast motorbike with a strobe light, who would not only shine the light into the eyes of Henri Paul, the driver, but also use sophisticated technical equipment to simultaneously knock out the car's electrics and inflate the airbags so that a crash in the narrow confines of the tunnel at high speed was inevitable?< Less
Ring of Life: Path to Knowing By Aida Farhang Ghahremani
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Have you ever wondered, “why me?” Ever wished your life circumstances were different? All of us experience facets of life when we are forced to seek beyond what we know. Life is our... More > true teacher and provides ample opportunities for us to rise above where we are and see the real purpose behind the life scenes. But, it is only when we choose to genuinely look into the Mirror of Life that we begin to develop the right vision to perceive the deep meaning behind what we go through in life. Ring of Life: Path to Knowing is a collection of inspired writings which helps us develop the desire and necessary vision to look into the Mirror of Life. When we look at the images in this mirror, our new insight will guide us to a deeper understanding for the meaning of life and the purpose driving it.< Less
Are Creative People Different? Yes, and This is Why By The Time Traveler
Paperback: $10.98
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A Series of Short Stories and Research about people who are creative, Painters, Writers, Inventors, Entrepreneur, Statesmen around the World, or just about anyone who Creates Things with their... More > Minds. This is Writings and Research about; how they are able to do things, while others cannot. Why they might seem different to others. Where their inspiration comes from. Why important things to others are not important to them. Why they have the attitude of, they know, they know, they are right. Maybe this will open the readers understanding about someone they know, a Writer, Painter, Actor, Musician, or someone who is just really Creative. The stories might help some who is creative to understand why they do things or how they do them. Maybe, just maybe. The reader will be introduced to a new way of looking at the world around them and the World they are in. Why writers do things, what the forces is that drives them, to do the things they do.< Less
The Greatest Lie Ever Told By M Krishna
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This book is a Barrister’s legalistic scrutiny of the Bible to court standards and his bold, no-nonsense verdict. It is a shocking exposure of institutional lies that have endangered peace,... More > liberty and lives for nearly 2,000 years. Peddled as the Word of God on the back of a fictitious, tribal God these stupendous lies prevent intellectual maturity and limit a society’s thinking to primitive legends. It enables the reader to see the corrosive force of mythical religions and their propensity to plunge the world into a succession of deadly confrontations – all driven by depravity and immoral, primitive tales that glorify violence and tear families apart. This book succinctly brings to light the corruptive influence of Christianity on politicians, which drives them to undertake military missions to undermine human rights and democratic freedom of those of other faiths to choose their own way of life and government.< Less

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My Wars My Wars By Richard Bushong
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Vein Book Vein Book By Eric Dohner
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