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Profiler Family Ties By Sheila Mobley
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Marie Owens is Empathic. She uses her gift to catch serial killers. She does so at great risk to her mind and body. Every stab, cut, or gunshot wound dealt to each victim, she will experience... More > physically and mentally. Her unusual connection to the latest killer will push Marie in directions she never imagined. Will she be able to stop the threat before more people loose their lives. With time running out, Marie will stop at nothing and use everything she has learned to stop the killer. Someone she loves will be depending on it.< Less
Meeting Ananda Bodhi -Heavenly Enlightenment By Susan Mary Risk
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Meeting Ananda Bodhi -Heavenly Enlightenment By Susan Mary Risk
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My work, which is about the early days of a non-sectarian Buddhist leader,describes a personal journey, but seeks (because of the open ended-ness of Ananda Bodhis' teaching) to inspire the reader to... More > explore religion with an open mind. I have re-issued the book with repairs to existing links, since eight of them needed updating. My work also now includes a surprise; I have created and posted a video about esoteric healing. This work will help you to understand a basic sense of faith within the miracle of healing. Even if you are far from a stricken individual, you can, with faith and imagination, still save their lives. Re: Official Copyright Listing, or profile: Click 'view author spotlight' to visit myself and Lulus' store.< Less
Significance of Lipid Profile Assay As Diagnostic and Prognostic Tool By Arun Kumar
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Lipid profile as such sounds so simple but the simple measurement of lipid profile in subjects gives massive information about the progression of diseases and still many things about lipids yet to be... More > unveiled. Daily new concepts are coined based on the ongoing researches. This book encompasses the diagnostic and prognostic importance of lipid profile assay. Here the author establishes the importance of lipid assay and it covers some of the research based on lipids in Normolipidemic AMI patients, AIDS patients and also multicenter studies. It was once believed that if one is Normolipidemic than the risk of AMI is lowered but the trends of Hyperlipidemia always associated with AMI have changed. In this book the author shares his experience working with Normolipidemic AMI patients. The research is based on stratification of risk factors in these patients, where the author approaches to elucidate the various risk factors associated with Normolipidemic AMI patients.< Less
Implementing Information Governance: Risk Assessment, Strategic Planning & Key Principles By Robert F. Smallwood, E-Records Institute
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This new Management Guide is an essential resource for today's Information Governance (IG) managers, records managers, CIOs, and others involved in IG planning and implementation. It defines and... More > covers the critical analyses of risk assessment and risk mitigation that must go into IG strategic planning. It lays out the planning process step-by-step, using key principles and Best Practices. This critical resource also includes the most complete glossary of IG-related terms. If you are an IG professional, or studying for the IGP exam, this is a 'must have' educational guide. Check out the Table of Contents and see for yourself.< Less
Norvell Group and Associates Manufacturers Review on Company Profile of Artesyn Embedded Technologies By Mark Tindell
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Artesyn Embedded Technologies is a global leader in the design and manufacture of highly reliable power conversion and embedded computing solutions for a wide range of industries including... More > communications, computing, health care, military, aerospace and industrial automation. For more than 40 years, customers have trusted Artesyn to help them accelerate time-to-market and reduce risk with cost-effective advanced network computing and power conversion solutions.< Less
Active Debt Management By Homework Help Classof1
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Some large companies with well-organized treasury departments are willing to use the company’s debt-raising capability to improve profits. This can be called active debt management. A key... More > feature of this approach is a willingness to borrow and a continual search for opportunities to borrow cheaply. The low-cost funds then can be redeployed to improve profits, with little or no additional risk.< Less
Powerful Questions For Advisors By Hugh Massie
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This book provides a framework to design meeting agendas for firstly, engaging the client in your services and secondly, in facilitating the client through a discussion on their Financial DNA... More > Profiles and planning needs. Specific questions have been provided in this book to address key behavioral themes. By addressing these core areas with powerful questions you will have a richer and more passionate discussion, and make the client feel more understood. Hopefully, one of these questions may even trigger an “aha moment” which becomes life changing for the client and you will be remembered forever. It is not compulsory to use the Financial DNA profiles with clients, however advisors are encouraged to participate in our training programs. This will help you learn how to interpret the profiles and improve your facilitation skills. To receive more information about our training programs please contact us at < Less
Devin Consultants Financial Management on Determining What Kind of Investor You Are (Part 2) By Terue Tawara
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A Professional’s suggestions on How to invest for your character How does an investor balance his or her portfolio with the risks? Richard Flax, chief investment officer at Moneyfarm,... More > suggests: ‘We will adjust the contents of the portfolio according to the investor profile. That essentially requires adjusting the values of higher risk assets (such as, equities and commodities) and lower risk assets (including, government bonds and cash). The risk exposure in an asset changes according to how a client responds to risk, allowing a target level suitable for every profile. Any investment approach must look forward and backward, considering various risk metrics, such as volatility and drawdown, and creating portfolios founded on projected gains and past risk parameters.< Less
Early Warning By Peter Bartels
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Barry Geller is getting deeper into violence and kinky sex -except he’s a detective and family man. Things worsen when a secret FBI file (Early Warning) that profiles men carrying a... More > “Murder Gene” is stolen. When men on the list begin dying, Barry must risk everything to solve a mystery that somehow involves… himself.< Less