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Elocution Simplified With An Appendix on Lisping, Stammering, Stuttering, and other defects of speech. By Walter K. Fobes
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: George Melville Baker (1832–1890) was a playwright and... More > publisher in Boston, Massachusetts, in the 19th century. He worked for Lee & Shepard publishers, then opened his own imprint. "George M. Baker & Co." issued works by authors such as Henry M. Baker, F.E. Chase, and Herbert Pelham Curtis. Baker's company ceased in 1885, succeeded by his brother's "Walter H. Baker & Co." George Baker also performed with comedian Henry C. Barnabee, appearing in "lyceum entertainments" in New England. He belonged to the Mercantile Library Association. He married Emily Bowles in 1858; children included novelist Emilie Loring, playwright Rachel Baker Gale, and screenwriter Robert Melville Baker. Excerpt from:< Less
Beautiful Dogs By Robert Scully
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Beautiful Dogs. A picture book for children from 2 years of age. There are 4 pictures about every dog two adult and two young.
The Star Goddess By Robert McDougall
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High above the orbit of Selenthia Prime, a star ship de-cloaks and sputters into life. The ship is detected by an observatory within the pre-space civilization below. No one knows where the ship came... More > from or what it was doing there. Only that it had been there in orbit for over 500,000 years. Pulled from her assignment on a planet in a distant Galaxy, Commander Aelana of the Stellan Galactic Worlds is assigned to investigate. Undetected, she must prevent the Selenthians from accessing the highly sophisticated technology left behind from an ancient interstellar war. She must do this before the owners of the ship can return to find the young civilization and reclaim the planet. Along the way she meets with a former mental patient seeking redemption. A child who has the secret that could trigger a galactic war. A rogue group of alien interlopers and the planetary guardians whose grand design forever opens the gateway to the stars.< Less
Metaphysical in Mississippi By Robert cheatham
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This is the floating debris, jettisoned and sunk, flotsam and jetsam of a six-year period of sequestration. It forms an interregnum, or better yet, a fainting away, a syncope, a pause, or swoon,... More > during which time half-digested bits and pieces of thought and reflection make brief appearances only to fade back into the void, often tongue-tied and stuttering, relapsing from academic to demotic to speaking in tongues. One must see to read through the stammering notes on loss and exile to the notes on the uncanny substrate, the simultaneous forces of compression and distention where ‘high’ thought and its necessary (and banal) shadow of the ‘ordinary’ co-exist in this dropped-out space of the ‘hut mind,’ a perennial possibility (but certainly for most, not a necessity, perhaps even a hindrance).< Less
MindFlights Issue 3 By Wade Ogletree et al.
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Issue 3 (Summer 2008) – In this issue: "Window Blind" by Wade Ogletree, "Exile, Self-selected" by Daniel Ausema, "The Bone Setter" by Suzette Saxton,... More > "Discovered" by R. J. Walker Miller, "Coca Leaf and Hydrocarbons" by Michael A. Heald, "Refuge" by PS Cottier, "CLS" by Lawrence Barker, "The Changeling" by Robert Borski, "Grubs" by S. A. Miller, "Patmos" by John Kuhn, "The Vegetarian Dragon: A Tale of Spiggle" by Elyn W. Marsh, "Mistress of the Black Between" by Gail Sosinsky Wickman, and "Vermilion Rain" by Robert Borski. Cover: “Golden Hippocampus” by Michelle J.A. McIntyre.< Less
Chroma Issue 4 By Shaun Levin
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Issue 4 (Cinema) of the queer literary and arts journal Chroma. *** Stories and poems about Dracula, Lukas Ridgeston, Pride and Prejudice, Marlene Dietrich, growing up in 1970s Liverpool, things to... More > do with Afro Barbie, sex in a porn cinema, and the inevitable shower scene. Essays about Black and Asian filmmakers in Britain, the brief career of an Israeli filmmaker, and the confessions of a badass femme. *** EDITED BY Shaun Levin and Saradha Soobrayen *** CONTRIBUTORS: Inge Blackman, Diana Cockrill, Nir Cohen, John Dixon, Gaz, Radcliff Gregory, Paul Hartnett, Marc Holland, Michael Hyde, VG Lee, John McCullough, Aoife Mannix, Char March, Jay Merill, Maria Mojo, Sharon Morris, Uriel Orlow, Drew Payne, Sarah Pucill, Tim Robertson, David Rothwell, Sarah Salway, Robert Seatter, Sina Shamsavari, Suraya Sidhu Singh, Mima Simic, Andra Simons, Cherry Smyth, Del LaGrace Volcano, Shaun de Waal, Robin Whitmore, River Wolton *** COVER BY Del LaGrace Volcano< Less
Killer Files: Abduction & Murder in South Carolina By Sims.99 Centsebooks
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5/31/1985, Sharon Shari Faye Smith (17, diabetic) who would graduate from HS went swimming in Lexington SC. Robert Smith was the local pastor. Other family & friends are Hilda (wife) sister Dawn... More > & Richard. Shari car was found at the home by her dad she was nowhere to be found. A thorough investigation was done. Including the Columbia FBI. The bureau received an anonymous phone call. 6/14/1985 Debra May Helmick was abducted, same M/O. Joe Shepherd parents Ellis & Sharon Shepherd lived at Lake Murray. 2 miles away her body was found. Larry Gene Bell was their house setter. 6/26/1985 he was taken into custody. 10/4/1996 he was sentenced to the electric chair. A sleepy southern town becomes a place of unimaginable horror as young girls begin disappearing. A cunning serial killer is on the loose, tormenting a family while evading capture. Until investigators could find a way to stop him, he would continue his hunt for more victims.< Less