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Asia By Queen RockeT
Paperback: $21.50
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A book that unfolds my life and mystery's that make you read more and more of my books
Free Internet Video Hosting Resource Directory By Rocket Helstrom, Michael Koenigs
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Reviews, tips and how-tos for more than 30 free Internet video hosting services. Learn where to host your video for free, where to post it for the best traffic results and what to watch out for where... More > your content rights are concerned.< Less
Internet Infomercials 101: How to Use Web Video to Turn Your Web Site Into an Internet Marketing Sales Machine By Michael A. Koenigs, Robert "Rocket" Helstrom
eBook (PDF): $19.97
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"What's Stopping You From Embracing the Most Powerful Convergence of Direct Marketing Technologies Ever And Leveraging It Right Now—Today!—to Explode Your Online... More > Results?" What If You Knew How to Turn 33% More of Your Web Visitors Into Buyers Simply By Watching A Few Brief Video Presentations? What If It Only Took Two Hours This Morning or Afternoon to Get Armed With the One Weapon That Could Catapault Your Business to the Top of Its Category? What If All This Skill & New Found Knowledge Cost You Less Than $100? And What If This IS The Next Big Thing And Instead Of Sitting On the Sidelines You Get In The Game, Move Down The Field Repeatedly and Score? Then get ready to learn about the most powerful internet sales and marketing system available, Internet Infomercials. This is a starter guide that will walk you through the basics, even if you aren't a techie.< Less
Rocket Cat By Andy Remic
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ROCKET CAT by Andy Remic Tiger Puk the ginger Tomcat meets his new true love, the gorgeous kitten Libby Twinkleye. But when evil Redcap Goblin Katcats – Sooty Tailbite, Fang Whiskertwist and... More > the terrifying killer, Claw Pawtangle – steal her away for their master, Chimera of Niffle Heim, Tiger must make a choice… To lie in the sun purring and washing his fur, or… to dismantle a sports car and build a rocket pack? Tiger breaks out the spanners, and in a feline version of The A-Team, learns meccy hanics, builds his own enny gin, fills the tank with petty rol – and bravely roars off into the night sky! However, the Redcap Goblin Katcats learn of Tiger’s rescue mission, and on their goblin wings head out to meet him… with their terrible, vast army from the evil world of Niffle Heim! Will Tiger Puk ever see his Heartsong Libby Twinkleye ever again? Read Rocket Cat to find out…< Less
Rocket Lake By Thomas Terlizzi
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In 1953, a small lakesiide community is shocked by the brutal murder of a young mother. Local police initially believe the crime to be a case of domestic violence by the husband. The case, however,... More > goes cold for nearly a year until the arrival of a stranger, come to take custody of seven-year old Johnny "D", who witnessed his mother's murder. New evidence prompts three unlikely allies to work to solve the case: a wise-cracking policeman, a frail, Holocaust survivor, and a former German rocket scientist. Was the murder tied to Nazi war crimes related to the construction of Hitler's V-2 rocket program? Blackmail and a government coverup are part of this tale that bears witness to the postwar space race between the U.S. and Russia to get a spacecraft to orbit. Meanwhile, young Johnny must adjust to a new home and guardian, while continuing to be an adventuous, inquisitive boy in a cultural era fascinated with evolving aerospace technology.< Less
The Rocket Book By Peter Newell
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In this "two-for" book, a air of works by Peter Newell are presented to delight children and parents. In the title story, a bad boy finds a fireworks skyrocket and sets it off in the... More > basement of an apartment building. Told in the form of a clever poem, you follow the rocket as it makes it way up and out. The bonus story, The Slant Book, is also told as a poem but with a real difference. The original book was unique in that it truly was published on the slant! It is believed that this volume is the first time these two works have appeared together since they were printed in 1912 and 1910.< Less
Rocket Bob By Harris Tobias
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Three rousing adventure stories starring Rocket Bob, whose mission is to save the Earth from danger. Operating from his base inside the moon, Rocket Bob combines his own pluck and skill with the... More > inventive genius of Professor Zumbat to save the Earth from mutant bees, fire ants and other assorted perils. Good, safe comic book fun for all ages.< Less
Oskar Rocket By Thomas Baldwin
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Oskar Rocket, a boy with a special gift, wins the hearts of his classmates.
The Space Rocket By Marlize Schmidt
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This is the adventure of Rodney and his dog Spot. Rodney decides to build his own space ship, because he wants to go to space. Will Rodney and Spot make it to space? Find out what happens...
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The year is 1957. The Cold War. An undeclared Space Race. The United States and the Soviet Union are locked in a battle to see which country will be the first to place a satellite into orbit. ... More > The stakes are high. International prestige, national pride, and the control of a host of emerging technologies are on the line. But when Dr. Wernher Von Braun realizes that his rocket - the Redstone/Jupiter C - will not be powerful enough to reach orbit, he seeks out the help of a young woman in California who may hold the key to putting America back in the Space Race. Born on a small farm in Ray, North Dakota, and recruited as a wartime chemist for the U.S. Government after only one year of college, Mary Sherman suddenly finds herself at the center of a political and technological maelstrom. This new stage play, ROCKET GIRL, is the heretofore untold story of a young woman's crucial contribution to the heroic behind-the-scenes efforts to regain America's rightful place in the coming Age of Space.< Less