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Judges Guild's Bob & Bill, A Cautionary Tale By Bill Owen
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Published by Game Design, in the same Decatur IL building Judges Guild started at in 1976! Detailing Judges Guild & his time with Bob Bledsaw, a History by Judges Guild co-founder, Bill Owen.... More > Main items -- Background of Bill Owen as an early wargamer in the 1960's and early 1970's -- Meeting Bob Bledsaw, our D&D campaign days -- The false start with the forgotten roleplaying game system that was "out of this world" -- Personal pictures and scans of one-of-a-kind play aids -- Our wild ride on the Judges Guild tiger particularly my part from 1976-1978 -- Difficulties, goofs and cautions for other gamer/entrepreneurs -- My time with Bob after JG & our favorite games -- Bringing it up to date. Details: 36 pages, 16,842 words, 34 black & white photos or scans, 86 full color or duotone photos or scans from 1965-2008 many never seen before publicly, some from Bob Bledaw Jr. and the JG archive. First hardback edition July 2009. 8.25x10.75".< Less
Twenty-Four Game Poems By Marc Majcher
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This is a small volume of game poems that were written in the first half of 2010, edited and compiled into handy booklet format for your carrying around and playing enjoyment. The games don't require... More > anything that you wouldn't normally have at hand - pens and paper, coins or tokens, a regular deck of playing cards, or normal six-sided dice. The topics run from goofy ("Buster") to thoughtful ("The Leaves Will Bury") to horrible ("The Sign of the Great Old Elder God From Beyond") to heartbreaking ("Goofball"). A "game poem", or "role-playing poem" is a little game that you can pick up and play in fifteen minutes or so. There's no preparation time, nothing to get between you and immediate fun. Game poems usually address some specific mood or emotion, or focus on one particular theme. First and foremost, a game poem is just there to be taken in and experienced with a friend or group of friends for a few moments, and hopefully, something small and wonderful will happen in the process.< Less
In Harm's Way: Aces In Spades By Clash Bowley
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In Harm's Way: Aces In Spades is a roleplaying game about being a fighter pilot during the Great War. Aces In Spades is designed to emulate the feel of the historical aviation adventures of many... More > films and novels rather than the actual history. Play British, American, German, or French characters, and Army, Marine or Naval characters. Troupe Play: Players play three characters, a Pilot Officer, a Staff Officer, and a Ground Crewman. Add to your chance of success due to your reputation. Accumulate Notice and add your Interest to advance in rank. In order to get Notice, you must burn with zeal and throw yourself headlong in harm's way. There can be only one Leader. Is it going to be you, or the guy sitting next to you? You can take wounds for your aircraft, rather than losing something more vital in your fragile fabric-covered aeroplane. New Dogfighting system with 16 important aeroplanes of the Great War on individual Dogfighting Sheets. < Less
Ewen's Tables Collection By Ewen Cluney
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The “d66” table is an amazing invention that lets you generate one of 36 possible results using a pair of ordinary six-sided dice. It has been a key part of many different RPGs, and now... More > Ewen Cluney (who has the dubious distinction of being the translator of Maid: The Role-Playing Game) has amassed a collection of tables for use in all manner of RPGs and other creative endeavors. Originally released as a series of inexpensive PDFs, the Ewen’s Tables Collection puts all 36 installments of Ewen’s Tables (so far) between two cover, plus bonus tables, and a special Random Table Table that lets you make a d666 roll to get any one of the 170 tables in the book. Did I mention there are ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY TABLES? Whether you need to pick a name your D&D character (Draco Montoya?), a secret society to join (the Enlightened Lodge of the Enlightened?), or a move for your wrestler (Electric Chain Moonsault!), we’ve got you covered.< Less
Myriad RPG System By Ashok Desai
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Ever wanted to write your own RPG but not known how to start? Myriad is a rules-light modular role-playing system that can be adapted to any genre and setting. Myriad is not an RPG in its own right,... More > moreover it is a toolbox with which to construct the game of your dreams. Inside you will find a complete simple system that, in its purest form, can be picked up and played in a matter of minutes and a whole host of tips and tricks to help you twist it to your own evil schemes. You will also find a veritable cornucopia of optional rules, resources and modules to slot in as you require them. Just select the ingredients you like and discard the ones you don’t. Best of all, you can use Myriad in your own projects free of charge! An extended print edition with even more great material is also available HERE. If you read and enjoy Myriad, please consider supporting Sane Studios by buying the extended edition.< Less
Greed and Glory: A Guide to the Brigand and Gladiator By Lloyd Brown III
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It's all about tactics... Whether used to ambush a caravan or drop your foe's corpse in the arena sand, tactics applied in unique ways yields results undreamed and unthought of - until now! Here's... More > some of what you get: two variant classes - the brigand and the gladiator; 30 new feats, including Blind Side Attack, Hold at Bay, No Hesitation, and many more; 29 specialized pieces of weapons, armor, and equipment; two new prestige classes, the ludori and raptor, along with four detailed personalities, the arena caster, bandit king, fence, and outlawed mage; 24 new magic items and special abilities; eight new organizations for brigands and gladiators; 10 gladiatorial career paths and nine special attacks; Details on role-playing and motivations, including how the brigand and gladiator deal with geography, the law and the military, classes and races, and other challenges; Information for GMs about NPC brigands and gladiators, to make them great allies (or enemies)< Less
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Villain Design Handbook By Brian Jelke et al.
Paperback: $21.66
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This is the ultimate guide to designing the perfect scoundrel PC or villain NPC, and a must have for any player or Game Master. It is loaded with new material including: a step-by-step guide to... More > villain design, 7 new prestige classes, 24 new villainous feats, revised rules for anti-feats, 81 new evil spells, vicious new combat options and finally new monsters and undead templates, detailing the rituals for creating all kinds of intelligent undead. Additionally, this tome includes information on: breaking stereotypes; detailing the villain's motivations, obsessions, goals and schemes; and choosing the villain's alignment (and why good-aligned villains are not only possible, but plausible). Detailed emotional archetypes, suggestions for villains and experience, supernatural villains, familiars and many different types of villainous organizations (including assassins' guilds, black marketers, raiders and more) give the evil PC, or the Game Master, a wide variety of new ideas and role-playing insight.< Less
Assaulton the Southern Horn 5e By Johua De Santo
eBook (PDF): $3.50
For the Fifth Edition of the World's Finest Fantasy Roleplaying Game! In the swamp lands of southern Usarm a horn, glowing and bright has erupted from the fetid earth. The town of Backbend has... More > become lost within the swamps it once boarded and its people have vanished. Tyor, Sage of the Mage Academy in Coralius, and his young apprentice Cami have been sent to investigate and discover the nature of the swamp’s encroachment and that of the glowing Southern Horn. What Tyor finds is a town overrun with Dark Elves and strange beings. Cami is taken in the night and Tyor desperate and alone sends a plea over psychic webs. Come to Backbend, breach the horn and discover its secrets and the plans of the Dark Elves … and most of all save the apprentice he regards as a daughter! An Adventure for 4 to 6 characters of the 4th through 6th level and suitable for one to two nights of play. "Assault on the Southern Horn" featuring new monsters, magic items and a new Elvish sub-race and background!< Less
101 New Skill Uses By Steve Rusell
Paperback: $10.99
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Email with your LULU order number and we will send you a download link so you can get your free pdf copy of this product. Got skills? 101 New Skill Uses gives you –... More > yes, you guessed it – 101 New Skill Uses, that will help you roll the dice on a new way of doing things. From leaping charges into battle, to intricate seductions that leave you with a willing informant, to skill uses that suppress cursed magic items, along with a way to get magic items to activate faster, and using the heal skill to harm, 101 New Skill Uses brings a host of new options and risks to your character’s actions. Wholly compatible with the Pathfinder RolePlaying Game, 101 New Skill Uses is designed so that almost every new use has a penalty for failure, with DCs that scale based on the opponent or subject you attempt to use it against; avoiding fixed DCs when possible, and/or DCs based on intentional attempts at an amazing success with a skill.< Less

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