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Rommel in Romania By Dan Dimancescu
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The famed General Erwin Rommel served as a First Lieutenant in the élite Württemberg Regiment during World War I. His war experiences in Romania during 1916-1917 are recounted from his... More > detailed memoirs, unpublished original archival material and other sources.< Less
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‘May I have this dance, Hilde’ asked Field Marshal Rommel, opening the Grande Ball held in his honour. Did this dance save the life of Hilde’s Polish friends? Hilde had come a long... More > way since her dream of becoming a singer was shattered when her father made arrangements for her to work as a housekeeper in Berlin at the tender age of fourteen. Hilde’s life is thrown into turmoil in Berlin during the late 1920’s early 1930’s. Having Polish friends meant it was becoming increasingly unsafe for her to stay there and she finds a new life in the Harz mountains. In Goslar, Hilde meets her husband, Karl, a young officer in the German Army. When he joins the 7th Panzer Brigade led by General Erwin Rommel at the beginning of World War II, Hilde is left to bring up their children in war-torn Germany. Hilde’s story is based on facts and is told here by her youngest daughter, Elisabeth.< Less
World War 2: Rommel By Ronald Ledwell
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Rommel: When Hitler sent Rommel to Libya to command the Africa Korps, his purpose was to help the Italians contain and “hold the line” defensively, but Hitler underestimated... More > Rommel’s ability and his resourcefulness. Outwitting his British opponents at every turn he pushed them back to the Egyptian border, but in the process he stretched his long and tenuous supply lines, which went all the way back across the Mediterranean Sea to the Italian mainland. With the Mediterranean Sea controlled by the British Navy it was a forgone conclusion that Rommel’s forces would wither for lack of supplies and be defeated at the battle of El Alamein.< Less
The Desolate Path By Kevin Rommel
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When Alexi Romev is sent to test out a new combat armor he finds an un expected problem. After an accident sends him and others to an alternate reality, the way home is no longer the same. In a world... More > where everything seems the same but is drastically different, their only thought is to return home.< Less
The Desolate Path By Kevin Rommel
Paperback: $14.99
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When an accident sends Alexi Romev into an alternate reality his real journey begins. With the help of others from his own reality that suffered the same fate he starts out with the one goal of... More > getting home. But with the world changed drastically, yet still somewhat familiar, staying on the path home will end up a being a real challenge.< Less
Real Eyesight Improvement By Rommel Lazo
eBook (ePub): $5.56
Discover how to improve your eyesight naturally and reduce your need for glasses or contact lenses. This ebook will show you how you can improve your distant vision and reduce myopia. It includes the... More > most effective eye exercises of modern times. Additionally it contains exercises designed to improve distant vision from ancient cultures such as the Shaolin monks, the Ninjas, the Tibetans, and more. All the recommendations and exercises in this ebook are about improving your distant vision, and reducing myopia. Discover the secrets of improving your eyesight naturally and throw your glasses away.< Less
The Esoteric Codex: Sorcery I By Albert Rommel
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The Esoteric Codex: Sorcery I collects curated articles regarding magic and sorcery.
Rommel’ protiv Stalina By Oleg Rybachenko
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ОЛЕГ РЫБАЧЕНКО РОММЕЛЬ ПРОТИВ... More > СТАЛИНА Продолжается упорное сражение между антисоветской коалицией и Красной Армией. Орды и ощетинившиеся сталью армады десятков государств и колоний под общим командованием фельдмаршала-фюрера Роммеля - наступают по всем направлениям. Но выход из почти безнадежной ситуации всегда найдется!< Less
Fel’dmarshal-fyurer Rommel’ By Oleg Rybachenko
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ОЛЕГ... More > РЫБАЧЕНКО ФЕЛЬДМАРШАЛ-ФЮРЕР РОММЕЛЬ После устранения Гитлера, новым фюрером Германии становиться гениальный фельдмаршал Роммель, которого охотно поддерживают страны Запада в войне с СССР. Похоже, героям ДНР придется надрать уши и Вермахту с Пентагоном.< Less
Der stille Schrei nach Hilfe By Rommel Dr. JADAAN
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Ärzte und Pfleger in deutschen Krankenhäuser sind anstatt ein Team große Feinde: Warum?

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