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Poverty's One Root Cause By Edward Slater
Paperback: $14.50
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There is one (and only one) root cause of poverty, and this investigation attempts to unfold factors and pressures felt by low income Americans with an eye toward defining and solving the problem.... More > Personal stories illustrate principles underlying prevention of poverty. Having read and understood the root cause, you will have the strategic tools to start a 30 day emergence from the bonds of poverty. If you're an ombudsman assisting Americans to rise out of poverty, this book is an action-oriented primer on stewardship. For sociology students focusing on "principle-based critical thinking" and "effective, peaceful disagreement", this book offers substantive materials for classroom activities. A companion teacher's guide is available.< Less
"The Root Cause and the Cure" By kore jonah
eBook (PDF): $8.99
this book is pointer of the root cause of vices, habits, problems and challenges that derail our move to prosperity in excellent personality and successful individual. it is within oneself or from... More > the next person or the environment we live in. this book talks about universal vices like: NEGATIVE ATTITUDE, LAZINESS, PROCRASTINATION,BAD COMPANION, PESSIMISM, FEAR, BLAME and QUOTES that can assist to enrich the reader and inspire people for guide book you can read through to increase the hardness yo have to temptations and woo into wrong friendship and habits< Less
" The root cause and the cure By kore jonah
eBook (PDF): $8.99
this book is a powerful message conveying self help and inspirational that contains explicit message for igniting and enlightening the reader. it opens the understanding of the reader and trigger for... More > a jump start out of scars to stars. it explains vividly the root cause and the cure of the human vices, habits,weaknesses,problems and deviations from the pathway to glory and success. it also carries great quotes by the author and real life stories of the author and other notable personalities on this earth who managed to win in different adversities that surrounded their transition into super stars and proclaimed successful.finally it gives solutions to the derailing vices for a long lasting cure and smile< Less
The Hidden Root Causes of the Holocaust By Colonel John T. Somerville USMC (Ret.)
Paperback: $14.99
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Today, many churches are silent when Israel and the Jews are attacked vocally or physically. Many congregations don’t know a thing about Israel being related to God’s Word. That is how... More > pernicious Replacement Theology has been and what it has become. This book clarifies how Replacement Theology, Anti-Semitism, and the Holocaust are horribly and intricately linked to each other. We must realize that the demonic forces which caused the Holocaust are still alive and at work. Are we going to learn and address the hard lessons of the past? Will the church remain silent and cowardly again? In order not to be impacted and overwhelmed by Replacement Theology, we must understand where it came from, recognize its disguises and take a vocal, personal and unwavering stand against it.< Less
Facing Urban Terrorism: Root Causes With Boko Haram By Kelly NGYAH
eBook (ePub): $7.99
Understood that World Wars I & II, and the other major natural disasters around the globe made frightening human death tolls, the phenomenon of terrorism finally surfaces and soaks the world anew... More > in dread and increased need for security measures over populations everywhere. While major terrorist networks such as Al Qaeda and Taliban continue to impose terror across the globe, West and Central Africa falls into the hands of another terrorist sect called Boko Haram which though smaller, has succeeded in sending across a strong message to world leaders that, ‘size is not the issue’ but it’s how negligence on their part may make a tiny pin pierce deep in the skin and probably crumble the whole system. This study principally reflects to some root causes of terrorism instituted within certain United Nations Resolutions through transnational and organized crimes. It also emphasizes on societal psycho-behaviourial patterns towards rehabilitating youths in responsible urban communities.< Less
Poverty's One Root Cause Teacher's Guide By Edward Slater
Paperback: $15.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
This guide accompanies the controversial text "Poverty's One Root Cause", and suggests topics for discussion, debate, and persuasive essays. Lessons in "principle-based critical... More > thinking" and "effective, peaceful disagreement" are encouraged. A full and unabridged text of "Poverty's One Root Cause" is included following the teacher's guide section.< Less
The Real Root Causes of Youth Violence in the United States By Stephen Reed,EMT,CNA,CMA,Paralegal/Legal Assistant
Hardcover: $38.49
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An insight into some of the possible root causes of youth violence here in the United States. Violence is learned and can be unlearned. Violence is a complex problem that requires a comprehensive and... More > multifaceted response.< Less
"The root cause of all joy is in the sky." By - from "Inferno" by Dante Alighieri
Hardcover: $56.99
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This book is a collection of photographs with a few written entries intended to be given to my partner at the end of a 90 day period of taking space.
Fugitive Causes By Ulf Goebel
Paperback: $24.00
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Assembled here for the first time is a selection of "fugitive causes" pursued by the author through some thirty years of life. We hear many voices, but in and through them all speaks the... More > voice of the immigrant haunted by his origins who keeps a precarious peace with his mother tongue. Born in Germany in 1935, he grew up in the war and its aftermath. In poems, short stories, essays, and translations, he pursues his themes to their roots in the years under Hitler. He shows us the boy in the Jungvolk and the man whose academic career did not survive the sixties. He shows us the ordinary Nazis emerging from the ruins in defeat, incapable of remorse, denying their former beliefs and espousing the lie of never having known, never taken part in any of the evil done in their name, the lie of having been the true victims of that evil, miraculously saved by a merciful God. He shows us what he can only imagine of those who suffered at their hands, invoking faith and hope to render what sorrow holds out as promise.< Less
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Problem solving and problem avoidance is the responsibility of everyone gasping for air in close proximity to you, from the CEO, to the floor sweeper, to family and friends. My system is a cultural... More > change that directly affects your environment and allows you to recognize how you can better solve your own less-than-perfect situation quickly, efficiently creating a problem solving to a problem avoidance culture. The ideal problem solving solution is avoiding the problem all together. Recognizing the variability in your world will also transform you into a problem avoidance person. That cultural change transforms you from an average problem solver to a problem avoidance expert. That magical voice in your head allows you to turn disasters into palm trees and sunrises. A common sense cultural transformation. Pietro Savo< Less

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