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Roses Are Red... By Alyssa Toohey
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Two young men travel to every part of the world in search of one ruby, a ruby worth more than the ransom for a Princess. The heart shaped jewel is a treasure young Lucifer Callahan's father died... More > trying to find. When young Lynnette Tobey is about to meet her future husband at the port, she sees two young men in search of something. When they offer for her to join, she jumps at the chance for a true adventure. But when she finds that the jewel they seek is actually one she wears, what will she do? Tell them, and end her adventure before it even started? Or will she keep her secret to save her beloved Lucifer? This book takes you to the made-up world of Silenzia, where time stops at the Victorian age, when Britain is in control of the colonies. These 1700's lead you to ancient palaces, hotel rooms and secret romances in the secret, mysterious, Silenzia...< Less
The Golden Rose By Stacey White
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Bella is a 15 year old girl who recently oved to a new home, and as she is strolling through the garden, a mysterious glow catches her eye. Little does she know,this glow will change her life in ways... More > she could not possibly imagine. This is just the first chapter, I you like it, you can buy the full book, starting at 3.43< Less
The Crystal Rose By L.D. Crews
eBook (ePub): $1.50
For billions of years, the gods have been battling for domination of the universe. Now a weapon has been found that could turn the tide: The God Sword. A weapon capable of killing a god. Thought to... More > have been lost in the great void of space, the most powerful weapon in the universe has been found on Earth. Unfortunately for the gods, only a human can wield it. Now a lone god has set out on a mission to create the perfect human; human with the ability to use the sword and will be loyal to his cause. To do so he must protect its mother from dark forces, jealous friends and the truth.< Less
To Touch a Rose By Audrey Pitts
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Seven year old Carrie Elizabeth Johnson was excited to attend the birthday party for the daughter of one of the most influential families in her hometown, her mother's employers. It was the 1950s,... More > and she was a young black girl at an all white’s affair. Filled with expectation, she was thrilled to mix with the financially and politically wealthy. With luck working against her, she met up with a young boy that day whose words set in motion a subliminal depression. Driven to suppress hunting emotions she buried herself in academics, career and her search for happiness. Like a rollercoaster, her life goes through ups and downs. When she finally finds happiness, it is threatened by an influential nemesis of means bent on forcing her out of his world with any resource within his reach. Carrie stands to loose everything if her nemesis obtains the upper hand.< Less
The Dying Rose By Isabel Day
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Once there lived a girl, who lived in Thanona, a little provential village. Her mother was dead, her father was a ruined merchant turned inventor, and her sisters were babied. They missed the life... More > they lived before their father's ruin, in the city. But not her. Arabella Durand is happy in the village. She runs her father's house, and takes on all the responsibility therein. But when she catches the eye of the most eligible bachelor in the village, whom she finds arrogant and boarish, Arabella is distraught. After being forced to plan a wedding she doesn't want, due to a misunderstanding, Arabella goes out into the woods to clear her head. She soon gets lost, and comes across a ruined castle. And once she goes inside, she becomes the prisoner of a monster. But sometimes things aren't always what they seem. Love and hatred, jealousy and admiration, monsters and men: they are separated by a fine line. And when that line blurs, Arabella must learn what the difference in truth and reality is.< Less
The Book of Roses By Francis Parkman
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Francis Parkman, Jr. (September 16, 1823 – November 8,... More > 1893) was an American historian, best known as author of The Oregon Trail: Sketches of Prairie and Rocky-Mountain Life and his monumental seven-volume France and England in North America. These works are still valued as historical sources and as literature. He was also a leading horticulturist, briefly a professor of Horticulture at Harvard University and author of several books on the topic. Parkman was a trustee of the Boston Athenæum from 1858 until his death in 1893.Parkman was born in Boston, Massachusetts to the Reverend Francis Parkman Sr. (1788–1853), a member of a distinguished Boston family, and Caroline (Hall) Parkman. The senior Parkman was minister of the Unitarian New North Church in Boston from 1813 to 1849. Excerpt from:< Less
The Story of Rose By Cindy Menze Gregorius
Paperback: $17.10
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Life and times of a GREAT grandma
The Snow Rose By Jeremiah Gibson
eBook (PDF): $0.99
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A collection of poems dedicated to one special woman. Over 30 poems by the co-writer of Fight Without, Fears Within. They depict the joy's and sorrows that come with loving someone so deeply.
The Snow Rose By Jeremiah Gibson
Paperback: $6.75
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
A collection of poems dedicated to one special woman. Over 30 poems by the co-writer of Fight Without, Fears Within. They depict the joy's and sorrows that come with loving someone so deeply.
The Rose of Sharon By Sharon Jacobs
Hardcover: $35.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
A collection of poetry and art by Sharon Denise Jacobs. Put together by Bruce Bachman.

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