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The Taming of the Elite By Keran Kerai
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In a world dominated by evil government and evil people. Overall every nation is in truth ruled by the great elite. They are the people with wealth and power that blackmail those that can make... More > change. The change that will make them more powerful and rich. Very interest that lay true corruption at the heart of lover of freedom destructors. This is written with political view of the charters not myself as parts will be a little controversial. But the people involved will act this way and see the world in this view only some people see in the first place. Do not try to kill me for the piece of history in this book. Some of these events did happen in the real world. This book is quasi-fiction, real people but fictional event following history. This book is given to the world and needs to be seen as such not something that will hurt hearts and minds. Just read it as it is fiction not real.< Less
Game Rules By John Davis
eBook (ePub): $6.50
In one of the quieter cities of Australia a group exists who run things the way they want. There are rules, but known only by the elite few who make them. Their objective is power - for themselves... More > alone, to be able to indulge in what they want, when they want. Anyone who breaks their rules is dealt with decisively, and violently. Some of their members operate well beyond even their own selfish norms. This is the darker side of life hidden from most of us, who, like marionettes, dance to their tunes. Some outsiders, even when they know the reality, still fight for a better, more honest deal, and sometimes ……. for their very lives.< Less
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One Deception to Rule Them All By Gregory Lessing Garrett
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In the world today, there is a Luciferian Occult Epistemological Autocracy where “Truth” is allocated to a few Luciferian Elite Scientism Priests. There is a self-professed superiority... More > amongst these hypnotized pseudo-academics, drunk on blind ambition, and hell-bent on creating a worldwide Techno Mystical Technocracy. In their eyes, they should be the supreme rulers over all others in a sterile, Brave New World, digitally manipulated and controlled tyranny. Where any sane and seasoned thinker would see inherent limitations to what Mankind can know and perceive, there are no such intrinsic limitations of empirical or epistemic reasoning within this Cult of The Luciferian Elite. This riveting book explains how this all happened, why, and what the chilling conclusion will be for Mankind as it endures the One Deception to Rule Them All.< Less
A comparative study of elite English-medium schools, public schools, and Islamic madaris in contemporary Pakistan By Akhtar Hassan Malik
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This ethnographic study examines the role of differing school knowledge in reproducing various social classes in the society. It was observed that an unequal availability of capital resources,... More > agents’ class habitus, and the type of their “cultural currency” act as selection mechanisms that clearly favour some social groups over others. The ruling classes ensure the transfer of their power and privilege to their children by providing them with quality education in elite schools. The disadvantaged classes are excluded from these unique institutions by both social and economic sanctions. They have no other option than to educate their children either in public schools or Islamic madaris. As a result, inequitable educational opportunities consolidate the existing social-class hierarchy.< Less
Healing Central America – Improving Human Rights, Economic Stability and Rule-of-Law in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras By Dr. Mark O'Doherty
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The forces driving ordinary people to leave their homes and put their lives at risk to get to the US border are deeply rooted in Central America’s history of inequality and violence, in which... More > the US has long played a defining role. However, the flow of migrants trying to cross the border illegally is not all blowback from US foreign policy. Much of the poverty, injustice and murder in Central America is homegrown; Guatemala being the poorest country in Central America, where 47% of children are chronically malnourished. Guatemala is also the most dangerous country in the world for environment defenders, with at least 16 killed in 2018, most of them indigenous Mayans; with small criminal elites and corrupt politicians having long prospered at the expense of the populations. Hence combating poverty, injustice and corruption must be made a priority in the region – both for local governments and the International Community – so that peace, prosperity and civil rights can finally be manifested in Central America!< Less
Russian Apocalypse: Planned Self-annihilation. Who rules Russia behind the scene By Sam T. Dudic
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Short sketch of the falling and deteriorating liberal-democratic Russia, the land of beggary majority and super-rich, totally sick, corrupt and treacherous criminal "elite" - thanks to... More > decay among ex-commi rulers and smart work of Western special ops. US State Dept overplayed and entirely bought up the Central Committee of CPSU, so this time Russia proved to be the Colossus on the legs of clay- until the 5-th Column sits in the Kremlin rat-nest... This book was written in Russian, by a Russian eyewitness, and reflects the specific time period. Sad Russian landscape: Mafiosi government, fallen economy, twisted speculative finances, and neglected impoverished population... In essence, there is no difference between Putin and tzar Nicholas II, Brezhnev, Gorbachev, tzar Yeltzyn, Quasimodo Medvedev or Kremlin oligarch gangsters. While the people have to carry that devilish burden for decades to their detriment...< Less
Epic Heroes: Skirmish Gaming In the Realms of Fantasy By Robert A. Faust & Andrew N. Davies
eBook (PDF): $14.99
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REQUIRES BRINK OF BATTLE MAIN RULES TO USE THIS SUPPLEMENT New Game Rules – There are new game mechanics for Flyers, Exotic Cavalry, Beasts of War, and Magic! This has the most robust Magic... More > rules and Spell lists of any skirmish game with over 60 Spell effects and dynamic Magic rules to bring your games to life! New Traits – Over 275 new Traits to allow Players to create any Fantasy troop or monster type they can imagine! New Trait categories include Champion, Inborn, Power, Prestige, Profile, Vocation, War Beast, Exotic Cavalry, and Gear Traits. New Game Effects – Players can choose from over 130 different effects from Augmentations & Esoteric Traditions. These rules cover Alchemy, Constructs, Magic Spells, Clerical & Druidic Rites, Paladin Virtues, Fellguard Sanctions, Witch Hunter Edicts, and Kung Fu Disciplines! New Gear & Magic Items – Over 100 different pieces of new Gear & Magic Items!< Less
Manufactured Consent By DL Mullan
eBook (PDF): $1.99
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Voting has become a choice between the greater of two evils. Warring political parties vie for American voters, but is that perception false? Are voters caught in a cycle of picking the same agenda... More > no matter if they go left or right? Discover the history voters were not taught in school and how their rights to govern themselves has turn into the game of Manufactured Consent for those elites willing to do anything for power and greed.< Less
Power Without The Glory By Carl Marks
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This book speaks for itself but... it spans a period of time from the end of the Second World War to the early nineteen eighties and charts the reasons why the West and the East agreed to move from... More > Cold War to Holy War. The story narrates the ordinary and extraordinary lives of the characters and, as only literary fiction can do and arguably should do, reveals the personal and sexual lives of these people. In life, what goes on behind closed doors or in private between people is known only to those involved: nonetheless, this story opens those doors. But dare you or should you look in?< Less

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My Wars My Wars By Richard Bushong
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Vein Book Vein Book By Eric Dohner
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