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At the End of the Day By Emma Armstrong-Carter
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A story of Russian Lena and Katrina as they journey to a new world and a new life.
From the Shores of the Black Sea to the Banks of Willow Creek By Marylyn Diebold
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History of a young German-Russian man's journey to America where he found freedom and a new life in North Dakota.
"It's Not the Olden Days Anymore, Grandma!" By Angeline M. Jerz
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This book is a wonderful compilation of stories as recalled by Angeline Jerz, a native of the South Side of Chicago who grew up in the 30's and 40's. "Grandma Angie" was a great storyteller... More > that kept the old traditions alive from the past while always looking ahead for her children and their children - after all, it's NOT the olden days anymore!< Less
The Promised Land By Mary Antin
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CONTENTS: Introduction -- Within the Pale -- Children of the Law -- Both their Houses -- Daily Bread -- I Remember -- The Tree of Knowledge -- The Boundaries Stretch -- The Exodus -- The Promised... More > Land -- Initiation -- “My Country” -- Miracles -- A Child’s Paradise -- Manna -- Tarnished Laurels -- Dover Street -- The Landlady -- The Burning Bush -- A Kingdom in the Slums -- The Heritage -- Acknowledgements -- Glossary. FIRST PARAGRAPH: I was born, I have lived, and I have been made over. Is it not time to write my life's story? I am just as much out of the way as if I were dead, for I am absolutely other than the person whose story I have to tell. Physical continuity with my earlier self is no disadvantage. I could speak in the third person and not feel that I was masquerading. I can analyze my subject, I can reveal everything; for she, and not I, is my real heroine. My life I have still to live; her life ended when mine began.< Less
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Nikolai Ge: Paintings By Daniel Coenn
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Nikolai Ge was a Russian realist painter famous for his works on historical and religious motifs. He was born to a Russian noble family of French origin; his grandfather immigrated to Russia in the... More > 18th century. Nikolai graduated from the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg in 1857 with a gold medal. His painting “The Last Supper” (1863) made such a strong impression on public that Ge was made a professor of Imperial Academy of Arts. In 1864 he painted a big picture “Messengers of the Resurrection”. The new religious painting at that time was not much of a success, and the Imperial Academy refused to exhibit it in its annual exhibition. “Peter the Great Interrogates Tsarevich Alexey at Peterhof” (1871) was a great success, but other historical paintings were met without interest. Ge took the cold response to his work very hard. In the early 1880s he returned to art producing religious paintings and portraits of his contemporaries. His late paintings had sad and dramatic fate.< Less
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The time is now. The former Soviet Republics have officially became democratic and friendly with the whole world. The crime is on the rise. In the seventies and the eighties, thousands of Soviet Jews... More > left the country. Antisemitism, social and political issues made it more and more unbearable. The sudden opening in the policy made it possible to leave the country and free themselves. Years later, they are people of the world while the Russian crime is choking it. Alex, a Russian born former Israeli commando, is called to help in destroying the Russian Mafia operating in Russia and in the West. This is his chance to bay back for the death of the parents. "From Russia with Hate" is connected to the previous Mr. Zubry book "And Winds of Revolution Blew..." but not necessarily a continuation. Yet, some characters are the same.< Less
Memoirs English Version By Geza Kisvarsanyi
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Dr. Geza Kisvarsanyi takes us on a journey spanning Hungary's tumultuous history of the mid 19th century. The story begins in a peaceful garden in Tokaj then passes from the stage of WWII to a gulag... More > in the Carpathian range, to Russian occupation, revolution, and immigration, all the while sharing with us human and geological insights. Our journey ends in Sarasota, Florida. This is a story of survival, of human nature, of the earths resources and of the strength of the human spirit.< Less
Life More Sweet than Bitter By Maruice Warshaw & Rhoda Kelsch
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A 20th Century Russian Jew who ended in Utah, is the life of Maurice Warshaw, who experienced war and persecution long before World War II. Maurice as a young man ended in a Utah commune but rose... More > from push cart to super market. Maurice built and enterprise that became the blueprint of the modern Super-Stores. Warshaw's life was bitter with poverty, but eventually rose to be recognized by U.S. Presidents and world leaders. He was a valued philanthropist.< Less
You Believe Me, My Dear: The Stories of Two Ukrainian Girls By Marla McCrorie
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Grandmom spits in the house, doesn't understand shampoo, calls potatoes pig food, wants Julia married at 15, and is an embarrassing nuisance. Teenage Julia has issues enough as a pastor's daughter... More > without having to share a bedroom with a senile grandmother from peasant Ukraine. Born in 1896, Mariya Blashuk had an arranged marriage, was a German POW, and endured the chaos of "the Borderland." Ukraine was targeted for genocide by starvation, the Holodomor, in which up to 10 million civilians perished. Mariya's eccentric behaviours and senile antics speak the unspeakable.< Less

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