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My Adventurous Year Traveling in an RV: A 13 Year Old's Journal By Robert Besch
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The true story of a 13 year old traveling with his Family in an R.V. through 33 States, 7 Canadian Provinces and 7 Countries in Europe
The Little Book of Travel By Su Maya
eBook (PDF): $2.00
A simple guide to traveling on the road. Philosophy and practical knowledge with insight into the transformations you may go through, and your relationship to Life as a whole. Try a copy, for a rich... More > experience.< Less
Fragmented World By H. Fisher
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A view of my memories and experiences in reality and how far down the rabbit hole our society has descended. I was prodded by the dream catcher for several years to write about those years. This... More > period of my life has driven me to an RV park in an old RV that I picked up in the Mojave Desert where I was working. I had been renting an apartment from a preacher and his wife. When I left the preacher’s wife asked me where I was going. I told her to find God! She said; I didn't need to travel to find God. I replied; sometimes we are meant to travel, as only through life's experiences can we understand what we are searching for. Read for yourself how I looked thru the veil, behind the curtain and climbed out of the rabbit hole...< Less
Travel Books: An Instant Report from the Poynter Quick Reference Library By Dan Poynter
Paperback: $10.99
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A World Tourism Organization study has predicted an expansion so rapid in world travel that by 2020 it is expected that travel will be the world’s biggest industry. This is great news for... More > travel writers and publishers who can direct their publications to different kinds of travelers -— business, families on vacation, etc. and to various areas of interest, such as U.S., Europe or Canada. There is even special interest travel -— a term that can mean anything from eco-tourism to adventure travel to motoring through Canada by RV.< Less
In Transit By Mary A Agria
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A fascinating glimpse of RV culture, IN TRANSIT tells of a woman’s struggle to redefine what it means to be at “home” with herself in the face of the toughest challenges life has to... More > offer. The 3 years that Lib and her husband spend on the road in a motor home after selling their home are the happiest they have ever known. Widowed at 64 and “homeless” except for her RV, Lib moves in with her adult children——overwhelmed by an uncertain future. When she finds the strength to return to the campground on Michigan’s UP where her world as she knew it came so tragically to an end, it is not just to reclaim her vehicle but her hopes and dreams for independence. She discovers that even in that tiny community along the shores of Lake Michigan, she is not the only one facing transitions and in need of healing. As her personal journey becomes tied to the stories of those around her, Lib learns that she is capable of far more than just survival in the brave new world she is choosing for herself.< Less
A Blessed Life By James Hoyle
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I grew up in southeast Dallas near the current Texas State Fair grounds. At seventeen, I joined the Navy near the end of WW II. After trade schools my business partner and I built a large... More > electrical company with over fifty employees and staff. After I married, I felt God leading me to give our rent house to the ministry of Dallas Teen/Life Challenge. I served at my local church and on the Teen Challenge board for twenty years. After retirement, I traveled for over ten years in the “RV” ministry. I traveled throughout America wiring new churches. I served my local church as Royal Ranger Senior Commander and as a church board member for over forty-one years. I went to the Philippines on a mission trip. I know the pain of having an absent father, having a child die as a young adult, and a farm accident which injured my left hand, requiring five surgeries. In chapter XXV, you can read my songs, poems, and stories. My story shows how God can bring someone out of poverty into a life filled with riches.< Less
Magical History Tour : Eastern USA By Josie Odber
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We set off for the USA to explore, not knowing what we would find. We wanted to experience so many things; large cities like Washington and Chicago; famous American monuments such as the Lincoln... More > Memorial; and stunning natural phenomena such as Niagara Falls. Many Americans enjoy exploring Europe because of its history and yet American history is just as fascinating. While travelling through the United States it was impossible to avoid its history; it was all around. The story of America that we experienced was not driven by a chronological passageway through facts and dates, but by arriving at places and listening to the people and their stories. Such a history is alive. Each place we visited had its own place in the grand story of the USA and wanted to tell the world about it. This is their story.< Less
the woman in the green coat By Lorelei Clark
Paperback: $64.95
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I took my coat, cameras, GPS and laptop on an RV trip from one side of the US (SF) to the other (NY) over a period of two months. (When I said I wanted to see the world I didn't mean a cross-country... More > race, but what a race!) This book has a punk philosophy of life, a lick and stick, pick your own adventure feel, without all the naive, quasi-militant answers. What punk is gonna be when it grows up; new depth and alternative meanings. The narrative is voiced by the woman in the green coat. She is cheerful, lively and vigorous and trusts herself, certain of who she is and what she stands for. There are a number of subtexts running through the book including a musical 'soundtrack', a search for love, and the journey as a metaphor for self discovery. A significant part of the road trip is not only the idea of exploration but also the possibility of getting lost, and it is this uncertainty that creates the possibility of change.< Less
How To Hit The Road By Kimberly Travaglino
Paperback: List Price: $27.95 $20.96 | You Save: 25%
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"How To Hit The Road" Making Your Family's Full-Time RV Dreams A Reality! This is the ONLY resource that addresses full time rv living from a family's perspective. Skip the learning... More > curve and get all the money saving information, the organizational tips, and the answers to your questions before you hit the road. We have successfully launched our family and now we're sharing the information that was the key to our success. But we're not the only ones… this book also contains stories and quotes from other families currently traveling on America's highways. There's even a bonus download hidden in the book for you. This book will show you how to get yourself out of your sticks and bricks and into the world at large. And if you're already on the road, we guarantee you'll learn a thing or two as well! Rest assured, we have the answers to these questions, as well as things you haven’t even thought to ask yet, like “how in the heck am I going to get my mail now that I'm a moving target?”< Less
The End of the Road By James De-Vaux Balbirnie
Paperback: $13.22
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James is a 30 year old man setting out on a road trip down the west coast of the United States. Haunted by nightmares of a fatal car crash and recurring déjà vu, he hires a monstrous... More > RV and plans to live on the road, seeing where it will take him. On his journey James meets Charlie - a mesmerising British businesswoman travelling to America to acquire art for a world renowned gallery; Ibi - a charismatic ex-soldier from Turkmenistan, and his partner Monica - a vivacious and beautiful model; and finally the ensemble is completed when they meet Martin (AKA ‘Chef’) - an ageing hippie and genius chemist whose best friend is a German Shepherd called Sadie and whose most prized possession is a questionable cookbook. Our heroes reach heights of ecstasy as well as lows of mournful desperation as they share their time on the road together. Just as it seems as though his recurrent hellish dreams can’t get any worse his worst nightmare - reality - begins.< Less

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Full Count Full Count By E. A. Coe
Paperback: $12.00