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Five Poems By William Saint George By William Saint George
eBook (ePub): $0.00
A sample of poems by Ghanaian poet William Saint George, exploring themes of personal struggle, dreams and memories.
Saint George and the Dinosaur By Mark McDonough
Paperback: $12.84
Prints in 3-5 business days
Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. Saint George was the slayer of dragons. But a simple school project quickly proves these two facts aren’t quite right when Callum, Ben, Sue and Justine... More > are pulled through time. There they find themselves on the menu before meeting the legendary Sir George. Now if they can find a way home, they know that they’re going to have the best project ever written.< Less
Knights of Saint George By Lee Walser
Paperback: $11.13
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is SUPER CRUSADERS and this is the introductory guidebook to the Paladin Universe. In this book you'll find Heroes & Villains from around the world, and comprehensive gaming guides to the... More > cities of Birmingham, Alabama & Technopolis Virginia. That's Right! 2 Cities In 1 Book!< Less
Saint George Prince of Martyrs By Tsionawit Rutty
Paperback: $23.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
The life, struggles and martyrdom of St. George.
Saint George for England By G. A. Henty
eBook (ePub): $2.99
About the Author- George Alfred Henty (8 December 1832 – 16 November 1902), was a prolific English novelist and a special correspondent. He is best known for his historical adventure stories... More > that were popular in the late 19th century. His works include The Dragon & The Raven (1886), For The Temple (1888), Under Drake's Flag (1883) and In Freedom's Cause (1885). -Wikipedia Excerpt - CHAPTER I : A WAYFARER It was a bitterly cold night in the month of November, 1330. The rain was pouring heavily, when a woman, with child in her arms, entered the little village of Southwark. She had evidently come from a distance, for her dress was travel-stained and muddy.< Less
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Knights of Saint George By Lee Walser
eBook (PDF): $8.00
This is a Bonus Book for use with the game Super Crusaders. Here you will find tons of ideas, including over a hundred characters, heroes and villains, as well as criminal organizations, that you can... More > use in your game. The stories of the characters presented here form the history of this game, and can be part of the history of your game. This book is also a guide to Birmingham, Alabama and Technopolis, Virginia, 2 very different cities, that have been the focus of my games and stories for over 30 years. That's right, 2 cities in one book! The Birmingham presented here is a fantastic version of a real life city. A city with it's own history and landmarks, but here it's filled with amazing superheroes and dangerous villains. Technopolis is a fictional city with a history that could only happen in a superhero world. You will also find characters here from all over the world, helping to fill in the geography of the Paladin Universe.< Less
The Prayer Book of Aelfwine of Hyde By Joseph Saint-George
Paperback: $7.77
Prints in 3-5 business days
A few decades before the Norman conquest of England in 1066, a Benedictine monk at Hyde Abbey named Aelfwine assembled a small prayer book from the prayer tradition of early Saxon Christianity. That... More > monk, who later became Abbot of Hyde, passed to his heavenly reward but fifteen years before the influx of Norman culture from France would reshape the prayer and liturgical tradition of English Christianity. The prayers which are preserved in his book witness to the zeal and vigor of early English Christianity, with a poetry that stirs the soul, over ten centuries since first they were prayed.< Less
Saint Joan By George Bernard Shaw
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Saint Joan is a play by George Bernard Shaw, based on the life and trial of Joan of Arc. Published not long after the canonization of Joan of Arc by the Roman Catholic Church, the play dramatises... More > what is known of her life based on the substantial records of her trial. Shaw studied the transcripts and decided that the concerned people acted in good faith according to their beliefs. He wrote in his preface to the play: There are no villains in the piece. Crime, like disease, is not interesting: it is something to be done away with by general consent, and that is all [there is] about it. It is what men do at their best, with good intentions, and what normal men and women find that they must and will do in spite of their intentions, that really concern us.< Less
Os Criminosos By George Saints
Paperback: $17.73
Prints in 3-5 business days
Klauss Vangommer, era uma pessoa doente, e até morrer, passou mais tempo na companhia dos fármacos que dos amigos, e mais perto dos advogados que da família. Antes da sua morte,... More > deixou em testamento uma enorme fortuna, herdada de serviços prestados à Pátria e aos Reis de vários países. Quando encontrarem os herdeiros do Infante, farão a distribuição dos bens num Castelo Europeu, mas para descobrir as chaves da fortuna, os herdeiros, recebem um conjunto de enigmas. Na presença de Representantes da Corte, o Infante escrevera assim: “Enterro as palavras numa folha de papel, em tão espalmada urna, que as mensagens aí escritas, ficarão presas nela para toda a Eternidade. Até que o tempo as reduza a simples pó, ou que a chave da Vida, as liberte dos quatro cantos da Morte!” Quem ficará com a fortuna do Infante?< Less

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Giving Back Giving Back By James Jones & Jody Fuson
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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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