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God for Japanese Cool Girls By Ami Sakurai
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The work titled "Innocent World", Ami Sakurai's debut novel, was published in 1996 and created a great sensation in Japanese publishing industry in no time. It was later translated into... More > many languages and made into a commercial film, and has been attracting a global attention. After rising to stardom overnight, Ms. Sakurai published her second work "Girl" in 1997. Nearly two decades later, the work was reborn as an English work titled "Girl recruits her God", and is about to be made into a movie by the author herself. "I have definitely wanted to get this work translated into English and make it into a movie." Ms. Sakurai said so, and talked about everything regarding her intention for this work and the film-making. This is a must-read interview featuring Ami Sakurai, the one and the only existence embodying high school girls' culture that "Cool Japan" is proud of.< Less
Girl Recruits Her God By Ami Sakurai
eBook (ePub): $9.00
This is an amazing novel-movie joint project from Ami Sakurai!! This includes all chapters of "Girl recruits her God", the second work from Ami Sakurai, whose debut novel "Innocent... More > World" has been translated into many languages, and who directed the movie version in 2016. The movie "Girl recruits her God" (34 minutes) is available on a webpage (the URL written in this eBook)! Yuri, a high school girl student, continues the 'hunting' to socially execute the 'preys', by using her 'enjyo kousai' (compensated dating) trap. When she encounters Makigami, her nemesis, she is entangled with his dark side. She tries to escape from Makigami, by wreaking vengeance while endangering herself. Can she reunite with Kenji, her classmate, who waits for her? At the end of the eBook, an interpretative article "A Painfully Innocent, Ferocious, and Madly Beautiful World", written by Ryusui Seiryoin (Chief Editor of The BBB), is featured. This is the English version of "Girl", published from Gentosha in 1997.< Less
Girl Recruits Her God: Chapters 1-7 By Ami Sakurai
eBook (ePub): $6.00
When she was young, Yuri lost consciousness after being locked in a sun-heated car by her mother, having an illicit love affair at the time. The experience traumatized her, and she grew up to be a... More > high school girl who could not love or open her heart to others. She was afraid of hurting her own feelings by dealing with others, and wanted to become a mindless ‘object’. Yuri met Kenji, whose leg had been crippled by bullies. To extort money from middle-aged males, they used a telephone dating club named Lover Line, a prostitution match-maker offering high school girls. She had a one-night stand with a ‘prey’, who had a shocking secret. The author Ami Sakurai, whose previous work “Innocent World” was translated into many languages and received massive attention, describes in her second work real lives of Japanese high school girls who live on the impulsive edge in order to overcome suppression. This is the first half of the work, which was originally published in 1997 from Gentosha Inc.< Less
Girl Recruits Her God: Chapters 8-11 By Ami Sakurai
eBook (ePub): $4.00
Yuri, a Japanese female high school student, has been haunted since her childhood days by a persistent mental trauma, which was caused by being left in a sun-heated car by her mother, who was having... More > an illicit love affair at that time. Later, Yuri encountered a man named Makigami, who was once her mother's extramarital lover. He introduced himself as a 'healer', and she eventually got herself involved in the shady business. Makigami is having high school girls work as prostitutes while providing them with the 'therapy'. Yuri's mind starts wavering between Makigami and Kenji, her classmate who is fervently waiting for her. In order to escape from the trauma that has altered her destiny, she decides to take a dangerous gamble. Meanwhile, Kenji, whom she is falling in love with for the first time, has a secret that has yet to be told. Can Yuri, the most ferocious and the purest high school girl, escape from the cage of destiny and be reunited with Kenji?< Less
Human Bullets A Soldier's Story of Port Arthur By Tadayoshi Sakurai
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God for Japanese Cool Girls (Jp) By Ami Sakurai
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This book is the Japanese version of “God for Japanese Cool Girls”. The story is exactly the same, but the text in this book is written in Japanese for the people who need Japanese... More > version. So if you want to read this work and its details in English, please check the English version of “God for Japanese Cool Girls”. Also, this work was exclusively written as one of the made-in-Japan content belonging to The BBB: Breakthrough Bandwagon Books.< Less
ViD #1 Journal of Visual Divination By Avalon Kalin
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ViD, Journal of Visual Divination, is an exploration of divination practices in artistic production. Processes and archetypes are explored with documentation and description. Conceived by artists... More > Posie and Avalon Kalin, this inaugural issue features Julianna Bach, Rebecca Carlisle-Healy, Ashby Collinson, Falken Forshaw, Avalon Kalin, Calliope Kalin, Posie Kalin, Laurel Kurtz, Tina Ochs, Tatiana Sakurai, Nathan Stueve, and Jackie Treiber. It's theme is the body and self as instruments. This issue edited by Avalon Kalin< Less
Cast Party 2016 By Ryusui Seiryoin et al.
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To commemorate the 4th Anniversary of The BBB, "Cast Party 2016" was held in December 2016. The special guest was Mr. Ryosuke Akizuki, the author incognito, who appeared in the media for... More > the first time. In 2016, more than ever, The BBB published amazingly memorable and impressive works. This session heated up more than it did in "Cast Party 2015". - Ms. Ami Sakurai's novel-movie joint project "Girl recruits her God" and so-called "enjyo kousai" (compensated dating) in Japan - Mr. Yohei Hayakawa's mysterious breakthrough in India - A Shiba dog named Momo and "Pokémon GO", told by dog persons and cat persons - Huge response to the business book by Mr. Masa Kubo, suffering from ALS - "The Samejima Case" and the "Urban Legend Detectives" series - Dr. MORI, Hiroshi's story collection "Seven Stories" and his masterpiece "The Sky Crawlers" - The newest challenges from the progressive "Towerld" series - The crossover possibility of "The Gifted" - The hint of the breakthrough might be Pikotaro's "PPAP"< Less

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