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Arsinoe, The Last Battle By Adel Noureddine
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This is the story of Adonis, a soldier from modern time who is sent back to the days of Cleopatra by the hidden god Amun. His task is to save Arsinoe, the half-sister of Cleopatra, from Roman... More > captivity. Lost in the game of gods, Adonis must pursue his task from the beautiful city of Alexandria to the outer border of the Egyptian Kingdom.< Less
Eigenschappen des Zaligmakenden Geloofs By Alexander Comrie
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Alexander Comrie (1706-1774)was a Scottish-born minister in the Reformed Church in the Netherlands during the twilight of the Dutch Second Reformation. In this book, "A Treatise on Various... More > Characteristics of Saving Faith," Comrie explains various selected texts concerning faith from both thh Old and New Testaments, and with pastoral care and precision seeks to drive home these truths in all their various applications , in recognition of the varying spiritual states of his readers and hearers. This is a reprint of the original 1744 Dutch edition, transcribed and re-typeset.< Less
Don't Waste Water By April Lin
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Oh no! Due to everyone carelessly wasting water, the Earth’s water is slowly draining away. Lily Zhu and her brother need to protect this precious natural resource, but they are just children.... More > No one is willing to listen to their concerns. Can Lily and her brother find a way to convince everyone to save water before it’s too late?< Less
Chinese book By David Chang
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The world is getting worse and worse every day. Almost everyone is littering, polluting, wasting water and energy, and chopping down trees. However, after a time traveler sees the future and warns... More > his city about urban decay on Earth in the year 5000, people finally decided to help save the Earth. However, people should have started helping the Earth ages ago or it might be too late. There is still time to change… or is there?< Less
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Storie liberamente scritte dagli alunni della classe 5 sezione C dell'Istituto Comprensivo B.Croce Casavatore Napoli. Le attività sono state svolte in laboratorio di scrittura e raccolte in un... More > testo il cui ricavato sarà interamente devoluto a Save the Children che dal 1919 lotta per i diritti dei bambini di tutto il mondo< Less
Non fate Beneficenza By Bramante
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Abbiamo il diritto di chiedere dove vanno a finire le donazioni. La solidarietà è una scusa per fare soldi? Adozioni di bambini, SMS, partite del cuore, maratone televisive per... More > raccogliere denaro per ricerche genetiche su malattie. Grennpeace, Telethon, Airc, AiBi, Save the Children, Fondazioni senza scopi di lucro, Associazioni ONLUS.< Less
Nihilism is the End of all Civilization By Xuanjun Xie
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本书采集了一些有关“虚无主义”的网络文章,与1975年到... More > 1990年之间写作的《五色海》(Sea of Five Colors)中有关“虚无主义”的论述,进行“世纪对话”——揭示当代中国意识形态的发展线索,从而预期,只有新的宗教,可以挽回虚无主义的狂澜。 Synopsis: This book collects some of "nihilism" online articles, andthe "nihilism" in the "Sea of Five Colors" written between 1975and 1990, Contemporary ideology of the development of clues,which is expected, only the new religion, can save the nihilismof the tide.< Less
Newport International Group Corporate Travel: E-checks are handy, but are they a safe way to pay for travel? By Amedee Layne
eBook (PDF): $9.59
As she paged through Viking River Cruises’ glossy brochure one recent afternoon, Diane Moskal noticed a new way to save money: If she booked the Waterways of the Tsars itinerary sailing from... More > Moscow to St. Petersburg with something called an e-check, the cruise line promised to knock $100 off the fare. An e-check is an electronic debit to your checking account, and it’s billed as a quick, convenient way to pay for your vacation that is “as easy as providing your credit card number,” according to Viking.< Less
Dystopia Descending By Chris James
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“A terrifying blend of courtroom drama, political thriller, and science fiction that describes an all-too-real path towards dystopia…” Junior litigator Alek Moryc is forced to... More > take on a unique case and prove that a murderer killed the victim because of a subliminal message secretly buried in the soundtrack of a violent film. After tense hearings and just as judgement is about to be handed down, disaster strikes and Alek is sucked into a frightening world of international terrorism. He discovers that the litigation case is one small part of an elaborate plan to create a global dystopia, and in result he becomes a threat to be eliminated. Now, Alek must struggle against impossible odds to save his family, his country, and himself.< Less
The Other Sex By Ingo von Sundahl
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We had managed to finish and print my daughter’s thesis a week before she had to hand it in. The final title was: The Other Sex. Simone de Beauvoir in the Twenty First Century. We were all... More > terribly excited. All for different reasons. My daughter since she would become an official intellectual. My wife because she wanted to proof to everybody but mostly herself that she could still throw a wonderful party. Me, because I was about to give the order to execute someone and save my family.< Less

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