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Facebook Marketing Strategy: How to Advertise On Facebook Correctly By Winslow Nevil
eBook (ePub): $7.99
Did you ever want to advertise your business on Facebook? Do you want your brand to get recognized in your market? Facebook is one of the fastest and easiest ways to reach potential customers, you... More > can't deny that The problem is not a lot of people know to market themselve correctly With this guide, I'll help you to do just that Inside you'll find: -how to create your first platform on Facebook -how to get more people to "Like" your page and follow your Facebook posts -how to prevent Facebook faux pas. -what to do if your marketing efforts on Facebook are not working. -all about the Facebook system and its various built-in applications. -how to use ad polls and other campaign tools on the social network. -how to save money while marketing on Facebook. -and many many more... If you've tried marketing online before and have failed, this is for you If you want your clients to call your business, this is for you. What are you waiting for, go and get this guide now!< Less
100 pages of Heaven (The CLEAN Slate) By Paul Dickinson
Paperback: List Price: $100.00 $25.00 | You Save: 75%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Plan your Personal and Business world with this NEW product; 100 pages of Heaven. Your life is a blank page and you are in control of the pen by the way in what we think. Your thought today creates... More > tomorrows reality, so be careful what you think about and will. Remember to desire for others the same thing as you desire for yourself and watch your life and world improve quickly, easily and dramatically. Good luck; you control your life, life does not control you. Knowing the Power of the Pen was a lesson I went through. REMEMBER the Pen is Mightier than the Sword. God Bless YOU All. Some of our people make it to be 100 years, we have 100 pages. In Biblical literature your life expectancy is three score and ten = seventy. Thinking BIG is very practical for those looking to be high Achievers. Bless YOU & Good Luck. Make Heaven a place on earth with this marvelous product. 75% savings for Limited Period of Time.< Less
"How I Sold $6 Billion In Products Using These Direct Response Methods": Michael Senoff Interviews Ted Nicholas By Michael Senoff
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Ted Nicholas has sold more than $6 billion in products – that’s more than any other guru! He’s owned 23 businesses, made millions in direct mail, knows the ins and outs of... More > negotiating, and has written and tested copy for more than 30 years. Imagine how easy marketing would be if you could consult an expert for all your business dealings. Someone who has already made the mistakes you’re about to make and can tell you a better approach – a winning approach. It could save you thousands and make you millions. Ted Nicholas is doing just that and in this interview you’ll hear some of his tried and true methods that have earned him his guru status. According to Ted Nicholas, most copywriters think it’s important to cater to as many prospects as possible, but if you cast your net too wide, you’ll neglect your niche-specific customer and essentially shoot yourself in the foot. And in this interview, you’ll hear how to make sure your marketing is narrow, targeted and as effective as possible.< Less
Starting Your Own Corporation - Standard Edition By The Corporate Credit Store
eBook (PDF): $95.00
Would you like to start your own business? Would you like to save money on taxes and everyday purchases? Would you like to protect your assets from lawsuits and judgments? Well, the first step to... More > achieving these goals is to form your own corporation. In this Standard Edition of “Starting Your Own Corporation”, the Corporate Credit Store will teach you, step by step, how to form your own corporation in any state as well as how to structure it so you can take advantage of the same benefits that America’s largest corporations enjoy every day! Why pay a lawyer hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to give you some pre-printed, generic paperwork only to find out that you still have to pay filing fees? The Corporate Credit Store has helped thousands of entrepreneurs just like you to incorporate and build their business easily and inexpensively. Your dreams are waiting, so get started by ordering the Standard Edition today!< Less
How to Hire the World's Greatest Web Designer: The no-nonsense guide to finding, hiring, and working with a great web designer without getting ripped off, pissed off, or going flat broke! By Nicolette Tallmadge
eBook (ePub): $3.99
If you need to build a website and will be hiring a designer to build it for you, even just a little bit of knowledge about how to find a great designer can make the difference between a dream and a... More > nightmare. Learn how to find the right one in "How to Hire the World's Greatest Web Designer", your no-nonsense guide to finding, hiring, and working with a great web designer without getting ripped off, pissed off, or going flat broke! • Find out when you really need to hire a time and money by using one of the 4 strategies for do-it-yourself sites. • Really check out a web designer! Know what questions to ask...who to ask...and what the red flags are. • Keep control of your website! Learn how unscrupulous designers can take over your website without your knowledge...and the simple steps you can take to prevent it. • Work with your designer. This guide also outlines how to ensure that your entire project runs smoothly from start to finish.< Less
eBook (PDF): $23.34
You're an inventor, a designer, an ideas person, right? Well, if you're serious about making a living from the product ideas you come up with, get yourself a copy of this book. Here's why I totally... More > rate Celia's book... * It's built on frontline experience. What she knows now will save you time and big money on your journey, as an ideas person and a real-life entrepreneur. * It's a friendly read, but Celia doesn't pull any punches. She tells it how it is by makeing it clear what you need to do next. * Her exercises work. Sprinkled through the book she gives you space and structure to practice on your own idea. This is not a theory book. It's about taking ACTION. * It's a business book for inventors and designers. * She's current and shows you how to use the Internet to get ahead. * Her "what next" directions at intervals through the book are a stroke of genious. * Celia is living evidence that you can and should do it too.< Less
Franciscanomics: Uplifting Stories for a Down Economy By George Brymer
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Not since the Great Depression of the 1930s has an economic downturn lasted so long. As the slump that began in 2007—the so-called “Great Recession”—lingered on and on, U.S.... More > employers shed millions of jobs; the auto industry suffered a momentous slump; once-solid financial institutions accepted government bailouts; and sharp declines in the stock market wiped out the retirement savings of many Americans. But in the midst of their dark night of despair, people across the United States began quietly pitching in, doing their part in remarkably kind and creative ways, to ease the Great Recession’s devastating effects on those around them. In Franciscanomics, you’ll learn about near saint-like acts of kindness, and behaviors that reveal a basic human value—the willingness to help those in need—all of which calls to mind lessons from long-ago humanitarian, Saint Francis of Assisi.< Less
Workplace Weekly News: Series 11 Digital Edition By Gloria Towolawi
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Workplace Weekly News Publication is the No 1 online and digital workplace publication in the USA. Every week we report news affecting the workplace such as employee benefits, workplace... More > discrimination, wage violations, workplace regulatory updates, immigration issues, employee wellness and spa, training and development, workplace software and technology, workplace trends and events etc that cut across all industries. Some of the major highlights of this week’s workplace breaking news are: Minimum Wage Rise in 10 States Due To Inflation and CPI in the New Year, Bipartisan Tax Agreement: What you need to know, OSHA Sue National Council of La Raza Action Fund, Top 10 Keys to Successful Leadership in 2013, Helps Clients to Ensure FCRA Compliance with Newly Required Forms, Save For Retirement and Earn IRS Special Tax Credit, The Scooter Store Settles Disability Discharge Suit, Mahaffey Tent and Awning Company settle CWHSSA and SCA violation charges etc< Less
Easy Steps to Manage Your Money: Free Your Mind from Financial Struggle! By Donald K. Goodman
eBook (ePub): $2.99
We provide a guide on the best approach to becoming debt free. It’s up to you to explore your options. Understand the pros and cons of every debt plan and how each will impact your situation.... More > You are then responsible for your expenses and income. Every little bit counts. Look for ways to cut down your expenses and increase your income. Saving $10 a day will add up to $300 a month. This can put a dent in any type of debt you may carry. It’s up to you to create a game plan and stick to it. Nothing will change without deliberate action. There is nothing separating you from those with success stories, and within a few months or short years you can be financially free. Image all the stress and the burden you currently carry being released. How much more would you enjoy life? Remember this when you are struggling and about to give up on your plan. You can become debt free. The choice is yours. Take action and free yourself from debt now!< Less
Money Management Makeover By J.J. Jones
Hardcover: $32.52
Prints in 3-5 business days
You want to know how to assess your current financial situation and make sound plans in order to get rid of debt, start an emergency fund, and achieve your financial goals? You want to become... More > financially stable but don’t know where to begin? This book will help you get started on budgeting, saving and investing your money to gain financial wealth and freedom. You need to be able to identify how much money you have, how much you owe, and how much you need to have. Knowing these facts will help you create changes to improve your finances and achieve your goals. Need the guidance to solid financial plan? Most people make the mistake of treating their budget as a “suggestion” instead of a rule, which is why their liabilities constantly increase and their net worth decreases! So get the right tools to set you on the path of success! Starts here today if you want it bad! Just hit click to begin that process!< Less

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