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SC1 By Man growing & Hentai master88
eBook (PDF): $6.00
This is our first comic combining comedy with breast expansion. We envisioned a new and enjoyable concept, especially intended for those who appreciate a good laugh along with attractive girl... More > characters. This story is about six college students who want to get inside an abandoned burlesque house. A mysterious event shrouded in legend happened there several years ago, and our characters want to investigate further, attempting to use the information for a history report. But "bad" things are about to happen. These friends will soon realize that messing with what they thought were myths and urban leyends could be 'catastrophic' if they were not willing to pay the price; thankfully for us, some of them are very willing to do so.< Less
Paperback: $8.70
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This historical book takes a look at the incredible Vikings and gives an accurate summary of their daily lives, their mentality, their beliefs, the wars and adventures they engaged in. The history of... More > Iceland, Norway, Greenland, Sweden, Denmark, England, Britain and Eastern Europe, Southern Europe and more is therefore all covered in summarized fashion. Easy to read for history beginners and history buffs alike. The Vikings changed history forever and our world would be totally different than it is today, if they hadn't engaged so many different countries, cultures and peoples!< Less
Paperback: $10.95
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Florida is one of the greatest places on earth! It is so abundant with beauty, that it has record numbers of tourists flocking to its beaches and cities every year from around the world! Florida has... More > a lot more to offer than just an exciting couple of weeks long holiday trip, it has culture, history, religious history and Native American Indian history that is unique throughout the United States, yes even for the entire world! The Spanish, the British, even the French all made their mark on this paradise-like state, that is rich with historical sites. From the prehistoric era to the fight for freedom of the Seminole Wars, all this and more is covered in this enjoyable book!< Less
Paperback: $12.85
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France is one of the greatest nations on earth. This book covers the beginning of French history all the way down to today. It displays accurately the great lives of some of the most famous and... More > influential personalities of France, which made the country great. The French Revolution is covered, just like the Middle Ages and beyond.The 100 Year's War, with the greatest actors of that major conflict, like Jean d'Arc and King Charles are covered, just like the Age of Enlightenment with the leader of absolutism King Louis XIV, the Sun King. In the French Revolution famous and infamous men then stepped on the scene, men like Marat, Robespierre or the Marquis de Sade, all who are dealt with in this book. It all invites for some interesting and fascinating reading.< Less
Paperback: $12.00
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The Roman Empire used to rule over a huge portion of Europe, and all adjacent lands and countries of the Mediterranean World! From the north of Britain, to the southern tip of Egypt, from Morocco and... More > Portugal in the West, to the Holy Land and the Caucus region in the East, as well as the lands of modern day Ukraine and Romania, bordering the Black Sea. How did the Romans become so mighty? How did they subdue all the surrounding nations and peoples? The Roman Empire was ruled by powerful men, the emperors, most were highly talented and capable leaders, who learned their abilities in the Roman legions, leading the armies as commanders and some even as lower officers, and many of them used their military influence to win the imperial throne. That is what this book is about, about the lives of the Roman Emperors, from Julius Caesar, all the way to the last Roman ruler!< Less
Spanish History By SC Benham
Paperback: $10.55
Prints in 3-5 business days
Spanish history is some of the most fascinating and interesting you can find of any country. Some of the greatest people in world history came from Spain. Did you know, that Spain used to rule over... More > the greatest empire of the Renaissance era?! The Hapsburgs brought forth Emperor Charles V who was the most successful ruler in Spanish history. Spain was already important during the Roman Empire, as one of the most valuable provinces of the Roman Empire. Several powerful and capable Roman Emperors came from Hispania and they extended and strengthened the Roman Empire beyond what was thought possible. The capital of Madrid has seen much change throughout the centuries, Jewish, Muslim history is a part of the capital, just as is the Rconquista by the Catholic monarchs of Spain. The Spanish Inquisition, the Spanish War of Succession, the Spanish Empire and many other topics are covered in this comprehensive book.< Less
Paperback: $19.95
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American history is very important, as the foundation of our great nation has changed world history forever! American history is important to be taught to all generations, renewing the knowledge,... More > making the next generation understand the true philosophy of our nation, based on what the Founding Fathers believed and told us. What is the history of Washington State? That's covered in this short book. What's the history of California? That's covered in this book. American culture, does that even exist before the age of Elvis? It sure does and it must be revived, so this book tries to make that happen. Names like William Billings, Robert Scott Duncanson or Edward Mitchell Bannister must be known once again, they are some of the greatest Americans, African-Americans we have to show! Our nation invented more than any other nation and progressed society at a speed that has eradicated poverty and disease in a manner that is unequaled in the world! God Bless the U.S.!< Less
Paperback: $11.95
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The 50 States of the United States all have their own unique heritage, traditions and history. This short book attempts to summarize all the different aspects and topics of the long history of our... More > nation, its regions, its territories and states! That's difficult but the author did a good job in his enormous task. The United States is a unique nation and it is made up of the states of which it consists, as diverse as they are, they form a single union, which has preserved and granted freedom to peoples all around the globe, whatever the racial and ethnic background!< Less
Paperback: $8.95
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What was life like in ancient and prehistoric Britain? The British Isles have a history and culture that is entirely unique to the world and Europe. The great people that lived on the isles back in... More > the far distant past left behind them great examples of their abilities, they shaped the future, making great human achievements, building great structures like Stonehenge. Who were the rulers that stood out? What was the conflict like between the Celtic natives and the Roman intruders? All this and more is covered in this book.< Less
HISTORY of CANADA - a short summary of the long history of Canada - By SC Benham
Paperback: $7.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
The history of Canada is one of the most intruiging and most fascinating subjects. Canada is a great nation with a rich tradition and heritage. The Native Indians have fought for their rights since... More > centuries and they also take up a large part of this countries history. Canada is beloved by many people throughout the nation, with many immigrants coming to it's shores. So where does the history of Canada begin and what does society look like?< Less

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