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Journal of Interdisciplinary Science, Volume 4 By Cheryl Hurkett
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The Journal of Interdisciplinary Science Topics (JIST) forms part of the ‘Interdisciplinary Research Journal’ module in the third year of both the BSc and MSci Interdisciplinary Science... More > degrees. It is intended to provide students with hands-on experience of, and insight into, the academic publishing process. The activity models the entire process from paper writing and submission, refereeing other students’ papers, sitting on the editorial board that makes final decisions on the papers, to finally publishing in an online journal. This book is a compilation of the papers written by undergraduate students that were published during the 2014/2015 academic year.< Less
Essays About Issues In Social Sciences By Roberto Miguel Rodriguez
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This is a collection of essays about a variety of issues in the social sciences: child abuse, child pornography, education, computers in schools, Descartes, Erasmus, Metacognition, Skinner, health... More > care in Latin American nations, Public relations in the public sector, Racism and Sociobiology, The challenges of delivering online courses for populations in poverty, the family in Russian literature, the Hmong population in Minnesota, Psi and Zen Budhism, diplomacy's changes in the last century, how do markets work, real competition in the different cases of monopolies, reflections about the Constitution of Liberty, Reflections of the Ambassador of a Small Country, among others.< Less
Bridges! With 25 Science Projects for Kids By Jennifer Swanson
eBook (PDF): $9.99
Illustrated by Bryan Stone. Bridges! With 25 Science Projects for Kids introduces readers ages 7 to 10 to the concepts and vocabulary of bridge construction through the lenses of history, science,... More > engineering, math, and technology. From the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to the Tower Bridge in London, bridges are a huge part of our lives. How are these amazing structures built? What forces keep them standing? In Bridges!, readers discover how these extraordinary feats of engineering are created and apply what they have learned to hands-on, critical-thinking STEM activities. Trivia, photographs, cartoon illustrations, links to online videos and primary sources, and clear diagrams round out this book and make it fun and interesting for kids! Bridges! is part of a set of four Explore Engineering books, in which readers ages 7 to 10 develop the foundational understanding of the physics that guides the building and maintenance of bridges, canals, dams, tunnels, and skyscrapers.< Less
Planetary Science: Explore New Frontiers By Matthew Wood
eBook (PDF): $12.99
Ever since Galileo Galilee first used a telescope to explore the moons of Jupiter, we’ve known that the planets are much more than mysterious points of light in the night sky. With the creation... More > of incredible technologies such as space probes, giant ground-based telescopes, and Earth-orbiting observatories, we’ve learned that Mars once had water on its surface, that Jupiter’s Great Red Spot has been churning for centuries, and that thousands of exoplanets circle distant suns. In Planetary Science: Explore New Frontiers, kids ages 12 to 15 examine the latest information on Pluto, the journey of the Mars rover Curiosity, and the incredible catalog of distant planets uncovered by the Kepler Space Telescope. They learn about how planets form and why they travel on their orbits. Planets, those pinpricks of light you might spot on a clear night, come closer through informative illustrations, links to online primary sources, illuminating sidebars, and fun facts in this astronomy book for teens.< Less
Chemically Engineered: The Science of Steroids and Muscles By Robert B. Ingalls
eBook (ePub): $2.99
If you grew up as a skinny geek, then you understand why some people decide to use steroids to push beyond the limits that nature left them with. Or perhaps your just getting to "that age"... More > when your testosterone levels are dropping leaving you are feeling depressed, weak, and would like to feel like your in your 20's again. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn more about steroids, this book is for you. It contains detailed information on not just steroids, but a whole list of compounds used to enhance your fitness to levels that can only be achieved through hard work, determination, good nutrition, and the extra edge than chemical enhancement can provide. What You Will Find Inside Chemically Engineered: * Proper use of steroids * How steroids work * Basic stacks * Advanced stacks * How to protect your body from side effects * Post Cycle therapy * What HGH is and how it is used * The latest in designer steroids * Weight loss drugs that work! * Where to buy steroids online< Less
Online Growth Options for Retailers: Three Essays on Domestic and International Growth Strategies with Online Retailing By Matthias Schu
eBook (ePub): $26.90
Publication in the field of economic sciences About this book Matthias Schu examines three main topics in his research: The intention of store-based retail and wholesale companies to open up an own... More > online channel, factors determining the foreign market selection behavior of online retailers as well as factors affecting the speed in the internationalization process of online retailers. New insights for retail research and management are presented and contribute to existing knowledge; the study is valuable for academic researchers and for practitioners who are interested in a thorough analysis of online retailing from a strategic and theoretical perspective.< Less
Science Assignment Help - Assignment help USA By Just Question Answer
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Have you been facing a lot of trouble in completing your science assignment? Are you looking for a professional company to help you complete your science assignment not only on time? But also... More > maintaining the guidance as stated by the Professors? Just Question Answer is the correct destination for students where they can get qualitative study material in Science Assignment help and other professional courses. Our Experts are available at any time to provide an accurate solution to your Science problems at the reasonable price. Get Science Assignment help from the expert. Just question answer is one of the best online homework market place, where you can find tutor for any subject. Please Visit Here: -< Less
Boss Game-Master The Science Of Seduction By Ryan Kates
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Male dating guide by dating expert Ryan B.c. Kates aka Dyce the Pimp.
Online Security on Anonymous Internet Vigilantes Are Taking Peer Review into Their Own Hands By Cailin Maclntyre
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Since 2012, the message board PubPeer has served as a sort of 4chan for science, allowing anyone to post anonymous comments on scientific studies. Originally intended as a forum for the discussion of... More > methods and results, PubPeer has perhaps become best known as a clearinghouse for accusations of scientific error, fraud, and misconduct—forcing journals to issue corrections and retractions, damaging careers, and eventually embroiling the site in a court case in which it’s advised by Edward Snowden’s legal team at the American Civil Liberties Union. In the view of its critics, PubPeer enables an unchecked stream of accusations with no accountability. But to its supporters, PubPeer is maybe the only consistently effective way to expose fraud and error in the current scientific system.< Less
(E-BOOK) Webdocs. A Survival Guide for Online Filmmakers By Matthieu Lietaert
eBook (ePub): $10.02
With over 800 copies of our “survival guide” printed edition sold in four months, this is the E-book version that was designed to provide journalists and filmmakers with some basic tools... More > required to develop their own webdocs or cross-media projects. The guide was reviewed by Tribeca Film Institute and Filmmaker Magazine. How to think in terms of interactivity? How to reach your audience? How to develop a successful funding strategy? How to pitch or crowdsource successfully? How does the web affect storytelling? To answer all these questions, this unique book brings together interviews with 30 world famous cross-media experts, producers or authors. “Webdocs are currently the most challenging and experimental field of visual story telling. No filmmaker can ignore this book. It gives you the tools to get started!” Heidi Gronauer - Director @ & About the editor : Matthieu holds a Ph.D. in Political Sciences and works as a consultant, producer and director @ Not So Crazy! Productions.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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