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The Furgle And The Frimp By Darren Bane
Paperback: $10.13
Prints in 3-5 business days
Murder and mythology, kidnapping and corporate corruption, love and laughter, thrills and spills, death-defying danger, stunning stunts and the craziest cast of clichéd characters ever... More > entrusted with saving the world. It's all in this incredible tale of very hot curry and its anti-social after effects, an imminent alien invasion, an ancient Greek god, baked beans which glow in the dark, a space-travelling Citroen 2CV and the full, formidable, force of the Waggly Finger. Just remember, flatulence could get you everywhere!< Less
The Redneck and the Alien By Larry Hall
eBook (ePub): $4.99
What would the universe think of us. Are we the Comedy Central of the universe or is there more to humanity than meets the eye.
Fabulous Furry World By Gary Morton
Paperback: $11.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
In a future society, Jack is on the run. Teddybots and robot evangelists want to rob him of his false immortality and humanity. The tale Fabulous Furry World is the first of twenty-five tales. All of... More > them offbeat and unusual, playing on sci-fi and horror in various modes of humor … mostly dark.< Less
Deathday 1.2 By Eugene Bruce
Paperback: $18.32
Prints in 3-5 business days
Deathday is a Black Comedy Horror. Johnny Thade has mistakenly stolen a disk with every, ever to exist human being's death-date on it. Unfortunately, the people he stole it from want it back and are... More > prepared to use any means necessary to get it, including. The world's first Siamese twin assassins. A troupe of alligator wrestlers from Alabama and a gang of Nazi cowboy zombie bikers.< Less
Twisted Saga's: Crystal Edition By Anish Chhana & Shizzio
eBook (ePub): $2.66
UK Rap Artist, Shizzio, follows up the hit collection, Twisted Saga's: Dark Edition, with another captivating compendium of stories. This time delving into the world of sci-fi for an exploration that... More > will spin your mind. Professor Sorsman is chasing a solution in The Prediction, to a problem that haunts his every waking moment. Will he be able to figure out the answer before it's too late? The Gathering sees the shocking arrival of The Wisps; alien lifeforms who don't seem to be much interested in us homo-sapiens. Until, that is, one day they tease us with a message. They want Aaron Reddy, a loner from Cambridgeshire, to represent all humans on the planet. Do you feel optimistic about our chances? Shizzio and co-author, Anish Chhana, expect you to keep your wits about you when delving into these tales. What appears to be simple, is often anything but. Get ready to be sent on eye-opening adventures in scenarios that feel close to home, in this treasure chest of gripping, witty and comedic tales.< Less
Heart-Shaped Holes By Ryan Day
Paperback: $8.93
Prints in 3-5 business days
Can love & self-obsession co-exist? Jeff had high hopes for his life - Hollywood, Broadway - But in his mid-thirties he is stuck presenting daytime television and the woman he loves has just... More > left him for another man. Spiralling into alcoholism, meaningless sex and hours of japanese game-shows Jeff is paid a late-night visit by a man committed to removing his broken heart. The confrontation pulls Jeff head-first into a secret world where he is put to work cutting out the hearts of people deemed beyond saving. But when Jeff falls in love with one of his intended victims he is faced with the ultimate decision: Love or self-preservation?< Less
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Rock X By Kenneth Sheerin
eBook (PDF): $4.91
(2 Ratings)
ROCK X is the story you failed to notice from your past. You are an Adventurer, a hero. Inside the maelstrom that encompasses your life there is a dark, hidden, secret. Now you are being held witness... More > to your history. Somehow you forgot that you had attempted to liberate your own Parallel Universe from the Dictator that enslaved it. Somehow you forgot that you enlisted Max Von Denizen (the Narrator of this tale) with Kaz Hiashi (your co-hero) to accomplish this endeavor. While they search for traces of your uprising and current location you remain to forget. Kenneth Sheerin’s Science Fiction Fantasy Novel takes place in a parallel universe of unforgettable humour and drama. It switches between a present Scotland and a parallel universe with a frequency that takes you a trip reminiscent of Kafka, Mirbeau and Douglas Adams in its relevant weirdness.< Less
Time Ryder Powerstone Book Two By Don Galloway
eBook (ePub): $9.06
Trapped two hundred years in the future on the frozen wastes of the planet Penithe, Archaeologist Nova Mitchell and his uncle, Professor Carlson are trying to find their way back to their own time.... More > With the aid of former Global Security Agent, Colonel Jack Ryder, they are working together to unravel the mystery that brought them to the barren world. But Jack has another motive; he is determined to track down the last person to see his missing father - Captain Blackthorne. He thinks that his father's experimental Time travel Device 'Project Time-Ryder' could have been used to bring people from other time periods to Penithe. The answers lie in the deepest darkest reaches of the Velium mine. Secrets that will unearth the origins of the hideous creatures and question what it means to truly exist. but once the secrets are revealed, things will never be the same again. Will Nova and the Professor ever make it back home, or be forever stuck in the 22nd Century?< Less
Time Ryder Powerstone Book One By Don Galloway
eBook (ePub): $9.30
Recovering a mystical sphere from the ruins of a long buried Scottish Castle, Archaeology student Nova Mitchell and his uncle, noted Historian and Archaeology Professor Henry Carlson are whisked away... More > when its power is released and they are awoken on the frozen wastes of an alien world in the far future. In their bid to return home, they face off against monstrous creatures; who will stop at nothing to ensnare the power that brought them here. But they must join forces with the survivors of a doomed expedition if they are to survive. What links the creatures, the sphere and the mysterious Captain Blackthorne? What do the creatures want with the power? and why is the elusive military officer so determined to track down the missing Captain Blackthorne?< Less

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