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Time Ryder Powerstone Book One By Don Galloway
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Recovering a mystical sphere from the ruins of a long buried Scottish Castle, Archaeology student Nova Mitchell and his uncle, noted Historian and Archaeology Professor Henry Carlson are whisked away... More > when its power is released and they are awoken on the frozen wastes of an alien world in the far future. In their bid to return home, they face off against monstrous creatures; who will stop at nothing to ensnare the power that brought them here. But they must join forces with the survivors of a doomed expedition if they are to survive. What links the creatures, the sphere and the mysterious Captain Blackthorne? What do the creatures want with the power? and why is the elusive military officer so determined to track down the missing Captain Blackthorne?< Less
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Fabulous Furry World By Gary Morton
eBook (ePub): $1.99
In a future society, Jack is on the run from teddybots and robot evangelists that want to rob him of his false immortality and humanity. The tale Fabulous Furry World is the first of a series of... More > tales.< Less
the children with unusual abilities By Emily Webb
Paperback: $12.96
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It is a book full of secrets and the characters must fight to protect each other and the ones they love before time runs out but within the group is a traitor
The Tribulation Of Marcus (And Several Other Tales Of Utter Drivel) By Eric May
Paperback: List Price: $14.00 $11.20 | You Save: 20%
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"Abandon All Hope, All Ye Who Open This Wretched Tome!" Oh, the things you'll witness! Oh, the things you'll witness! You cannot unread what has been written in these pages. Some of the... More > stories might just stick with you forever. Whether they be horrifying, outlandish, hysterical, or enlightening; the clever characters and unique situations should leave you anticipating each and every page. Have you ever wanted to go into an author's mind and see what characters lurk within? Inside this tome, you shall find (and meet) each and every one of them. Will you survive the tribulation within? Includes: "The Tribulation Of Marcus" Novella (113 Pages) 14 shorts, a preview of "Evaestia: The Game Of Wonder" and some tips for budding authors.< Less
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Rock X By Kenneth Sheerin
Paperback: $12.73
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ROCK X is the story you failed to notice from your past. You are an Adventurer, a hero. Inside the maelstrom that encompasses your life there is a dark, hidden, secret. Now you are being held witness... More > to your history. Somehow you forgot that you had attempted to liberate your own Parallel Universe from the Dictator that enslaved it. Somehow you forgot that you enlisted Max Von Denizen (the Narrator of this tale) with Kaz Hiashi (your co-hero) to accomplish this endeavor. While they search for traces of your uprising and current location you remain to forget. Kenneth Sheerin’s Science Fiction Fantasy Novel takes place in a parallel universe of unforgettable humour and drama. It switches between a present Scotland and a parallel universe with a frequency that takes you a trip reminiscent of Kafka, Mirbeau and Douglas Adams in its relevant weirdness.< Less
Unexpected By Khaseem McGrady
Paperback: $3.19
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A book about a teenage spy, who enlists the help of 9 of his friends to take down the organization that trained him.
Time Ryder Beyond the Dune By Don Galloway
eBook (ePub): $9.42
On a mission of mercy to save the life of the wounded girl Valana, Jack Ryder is transporting her body to the medical facility on Senterra 7. But on approach, the carrier is pulled into a rip in... More > space and crash lands. Stranded on an arid desert world, Jack and the survivors discover others, also victims of the rip and marooned on the planet. The only help lies in a hidden Citadel, but the others are wary of Jack's plans to get help. With the Oregon arriving at the station soon after, the crew try to unravel what has become of the carrier, but Kara Everett has problems of her own with the mentally unstable archaeologist Nova Mitchell and the reclusive young woman Samira. Strange events are occurring on the Oregon, but as they search for clues Kara is convinced that the answers to the carrier's fate are being concealed on purpose. And as she continues her investigations, she realises that the carrier's disappearance might not be an accident after all...< Less
Time Ryder Nightmare Revisited By Don Galloway
Paperback: $17.98
Prints in 3-5 business days
Returning to earth after their mission to Senterra, Jack Ryder and his friends are continuing to search for his missing father, while hiding from the authorities in Central One. Complications arise... More > when Lord Somersby makes his presence known in the 22nd Century and his involvement in the affairs of the time travellers and his presence in 18th century Scotland is finally revealed. With Nova hidden away in the Western Gate mental insitute following his breakdown and Ossie from Senterra making an appearance after the destruction of the station; a spate of subsequent murders point to an assassin targeting members of the Oregon crew and anyone closely involved. Jack, Henry and Samira soon realise that everyone from the Oregon is in danger, especially the vulnerable Nova Mitchell, but can they help the young man before the dark forces close in?< Less

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