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With everything in place and working you’d think things would get easier for Robert MacManus, but that wouldn’t be SPACE ODDITY now, would it? In pursuing the leads toward the source of... More > chaos on the western frontier of Alliance space Robert and his team come face-to-face with the worst evil he’s ever known, but what’s a surprise discovery for him is a well-executed encounter by the opposition, and it’s never good when your opponent sets the terms in battle. By the end of these 7 episodes viewers witnessed one of the most severe upheavals in this series’ history, yet the body count wasn’t the biggest factor and it’s the scars you can’t see that do the most damage when the team then faces a whole new set of hurdles while everything gears up for the next big chapter. Volume 8 of SPACE ODDITY scripts let you relive these epic stories with the Biggest Little Space Series in History, and its main character, a man who in every conceivable fashion is truly a SPACE ODDITY.< Less
The Mechanical Gorilla By Andrew May
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Ancient legends of ghostly apemen haunting the Cambridgeshire woods! Mysterious government agents, sinister Cold War secrets and a Japanese professor of Robotics! A gateway that leads to a parallel... More > world! And a giant-sized mechanical gorilla! Multiple strands of weirdness converge to a head-on collision in this fast-moving novelette about a group of students who set off in search of the "British Bigfoot"... and get more action than they bargained for!< Less
The Furgle and the Frimp By Darren Bane
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Murder and mythology, kidnapping and corporate corruption, love and laughter, thrills and spills, death-defying danger, stunning stunts and the craziest cast of clichéd characters ever... More > entrusted with saving the world. It's all in this incredible tale of very hot curry and its anti-social after effects, an imminent alien invasion, an ancient Greek god, baked beans which glow in the dark, a space-travelling Citroen 2CV and the full, formidable, force of the Waggly Finger. Just remember, flatulence could get you everywhere.< Less
Zombies Ate My Film Fest By Gabriel Luciano Baca
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All Bill wanted was a week filled with wall-to-wall film watching at his favorite film festival. What he got instead was an outbreak of zombies hell-bent on spoiling his good time and taking over the... More > city of Austin. Teaming up with a bartender B-movie film star he's totally crushing on, the two set out to get their town, and its eccentric film festival, back from the dead.< Less
Termination Notice By Lawrence R. Heibel
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30 Stories are included in this collection of the early stories of Lawrence Heibel. 1 of the stories is new in 2013. The stories vary from science fiction to contemporary, humorous to serious,... More > horror to suspense. Stories include BEE, a look at a down-on-his luck salesman who is traveling the highway with a bee in the car. Also there is Turning To Golf, a story of a father's errant thoughts about his daughter. Included are 5 very early stories written in Lawrence's elementary years. The stories are provided for a glimpse of his earliest stories and a bit of a laugh at the immaturity of the stories.< Less
The Candy-Filled Fleshlight (& Seven Shorter Stories) By David M. Munn
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A collection of eight short stories written between May - August 2014. The Candy-Filled Fleshlight - The tale of Jimmy Stamper, the man who purchased a fleshlight that spits out candy. Bag - A... More > killer present lies under the tree this Christmas. Food - A voyeur spies on couples at their most intimate moment: Eating Food. Samaritan - A jaded Samaritan has a chance at redemption. Upstairs - A man awakes each night with no memory, other than the knowledge that something lies upstairs. Something that knows everything. Lane - A tale about a drunken man who bumps into the devil late one night. Zone - A scientist seeks to discover the secret that lies in the moment we fall asleep World - The truth about how the world was created.< Less
Level 5 By M. D. Armstrong
eBook (PDF): $12.50
Here are 13 stories that will excite your powers of inquisitiveness and possibility. You might wonder whether, in certain instances, if perhaps these are actually based on true events. Could there... More > be some truth in all this fiction?< Less
The Lonley Soul By Andy Malley
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Bernard Crinkle is a quiet man, a safe man. A man who would probably even class himself as a harmless homebody. A man just trying to get through life by trying to draw as little attention as... More > possible. That was until he wakes one morning to find not only have four thousand pious fanatics set up camp in his front garden, but to make matters worse, his living room’s regularly electrocuting lilac tasselled reading lamp has also spontaneously transformed into a cryptic seven foot demi god with a three foot long ethereal sword. In a mad dash against the clock, an often oblivious Bernard unexpectedly finds that his very own soul is now the ultimate prize in the perpetual tug of war between an increasingly exhausted Heaven, and an ever enthusiastic Hell. With only a cynical Archangel, frustratingly hampered by being trapped inside the drug riddled body of an ex corpse, his only hope of rescue from the corrupting clutches of the Devils suave and sophisticated Emissary on earth – the hypnotic Reuben Black.< Less
Fantasies of a Single Man By Luigi Savagnone
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Between rants due to an increasing daily stress a narrator tells the story of Anna and Lucia, two girls of Italian origin, who after spending a childhood and a peaceful and happy youth in Borneo... More > discovered a love affair between their parents, they offended and angry, they decide to leave and get to Italy. Here they find a very closed society with a consequent great difficulty in entering and get to know people. When for the two friends finally everything seemed to go for the best, something happens ... But this romance, in the narrator triggers the uncontrollable desire to escape from the monotonous and meaningless life he leads; decides to take a vacation that will soon prove a series of tragicomic adventures. He returned to work in bad conditions and after one day with a boat he faces the open sea in search of the freedom in his squalid life has never been able to taste; finds love with a mermaid and live an extraordinary adventure into the depths.< Less
Level 5 By M. D. Armstrong
Paperback: $20.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Here are 13 stories that will excite your powers of inquisitiveness and possibility. You might wonder whether, in certain instances, if perhaps these are actually based on true events. Could there... More > be some truth in all this fiction?< Less

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