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David French: Sculpture By David French
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David French: Sculpture includes an interview with the artist and over 35 color plates. French is a Seattle sculptor who works with carved and painted wood to create imaginative natural forms that... More > are not necessarily found in nature.< Less
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n The image of Man in paleolithic sculpture , his fourth book in the series Shapes in Evolution, Pietro Gaietto introduces his readers to paleolithic anthropomorphic stone... More > sculpture unlocking a world that is not well known because it has been outshined by the beauty of cave paintings which depict animals with color and movement. Pietro Gaietto, an expert in this field of studies, states with passion that paleolithic sculptures are scientifically important because they offer depictions of the heads of extinct humans, including species that are not well known, or not known at all, due to the scarcity of skeletal remains. Presented almost as a teaching manual, with detailed attention to each piece, this study of paleolithic stone sculptures is extremely interesting because Gaietto's discoveries serve to integrate and enlarge studies on the evolution of man's physical traits. Every sculpture is amply illustrated and explained.< Less
Canvas, Sculpture, Tiles & Cigar Boxes By Rick Schwartz
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Paintings, drawings, and sculptures made on a variety of surfaces by Rick Schwartz
POEMS & PAINTINGS By Peter Bear & Jean Le Clercq
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A wonderful collection of original poems illustrated with a series of intriguing abstract paintings and sculptures.
Eugene J. Martin’s 1975 Sculptural Drawings By Suzanne Fredericq
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Reproductions of 93 felt-tip marker (and graphite) drawings created by visual artist Eugene James Martin (1938-2005) in Washington D.C. Each drawing is evocative of a tri-dimensional artwork, a... More > sculpture. All the drawings date from 1975 and measure about 11 x 8”. Additional felt-tip marker drawings and artworks by E. J. Martin can be viewed at The site provides links to other Martin works as well.< Less
Myrna Burks Paintings By Myrna Burks
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This is a catalog of paintings from 2010-2012, oil and collage on panel or canvas. There is an intorduction by Carolyn Lanchner, curator emerita of paint and sculpture, MoMA, NYC.
Working Light - Paint on Plastic By Anne Sehulster
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My three dimensional sculptures and light box photographs are inspired by the way light is transmitted through stained glass windows. The over 75 images contained in this book illustrate the unique... More > characteristics achieved by applying paint to transparant plastic sheet and film.< Less
Andrea Mantegna: Paintings By Daniel Coenn
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Andrea Mantegna was one of the foremost north Italian painters of the 15th century. A master of perspective and foreshortening, he made important contributions to the compositional techniques of... More > Renaissance painting. Like other artists of the time, Mantegna experimented with perspective by lowering the horizon in order to create a sense of greater monumentality. His flinty, metallic landscapes and somewhat stony figures give evidence of a fundamentally sculptural approach to painting. He also led a workshop that was the leading producer of prints in Venice before 1500. Mantegna developed a passionate interest in classical antiquity. The influence of both ancient Roman sculpture and the contemporary sculptor Donatello are clearly evident in Mantegna's rendering of the human figure. His human forms were distinguished for their solidity, expressiveness, and anatomical correctness.< Less
Félix Vallotton: Paintings By Daniel Coenn
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Félix Vallotton was a Swiss painter and printmaker associated with group Les Nabis. By the end of his life he had completed over 1700 paintings and about 200 prints, in addition to hundreds of... More > drawings and several sculptures. His earliest paintings, chiefly portraits, are firmly rooted in the academic tradition. He was influenced by post-Impressionism, Symbolism, and especially by the Japanese woodcut. During the 1890s, when Vallotton was closely allied with the avant-garde, his paintings reflected the style of his woodcuts, with flat areas of color, hard edges, and simplification of detail. His subjects included genre scenes, portraits and nudes. Vallotton's paintings of the post-Nabi period found admirers, and were generally respected for their truthfulness and their technical qualities, but the severity of his style was frequently criticized, and has a further parallel in the work of Edward Hopper.< Less
Joshua Reynolds: Paintings By Daniel Coenn
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Joshua Reynolds was English portrait painter who dominated English artistic life in the middle and late 18th century. His art, frequently based on the Old Masters or antique sculpture, were intended... More > to raise classical standards. His rich colour, strong lighting and free handling of paint greatly influenced the generation of Thomas Lawrence and Henry Raeburn. His history and fancy pictures explored dramatic and emotional themes that became increasingly popular with both artists and collectors in the Romantic period. As first president of the Royal Academy in London, he did more than anyone to raise the status of art and artists in Britain. Unfortunately, Reynolds' technique was not always entirely sound, and many of his paintings have suffered as a result. Reynolds was never a mere society painter or flatterer. It has been suggested that his deafness gave him a clearer insight into the character of his sitters, the lack of one faculty sharpening the use of his eyes.< Less

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