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Binary compliances in mathematical training of bachelors By Elena Protcenko et al.
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The manual is intended for students and teachers of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Methods of preschool, primary and secondary education, physics and mathematics faculty, students and teaching sections... More > "Binary Compliances", "Binary Relations", "Functions" within mathematics courses. Systematizing the basic theoretical questions of these sections of mathe-matics by presenting a large amount of practical tasks, decisions and tasks for independent work of students, textbook complements a teaching university providing mathematical training of future elementary school teacher.< Less
Nihongo Ichinensei - Japanese vocabulary booklet (Hiragana, B&W) By Takako Tretiakov
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An easy-to-use and fun-to-learn vocabulary booklet for beginners to intermediate level. - Visually attractive with many pictures - Easy to use and easy to carry - always with you! - Hiragana and... More > Katakana tables included - Words are introduced category by category - One page, one category. So very easy to use - A couple of short sentences included in each category so that learners can expand their expressions in Japanese Fantastic vocabulary study material for primary to secondary school students. Excellent gift for those who are studying the language. Special discount only this month!< Less
Zendegi Nameh Mohammad Mossadegh By Mehdi Shamshiri
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Mohammad Mosaddegh was born in 1879. At the age of 17 he was appointed as the "State Financial Accountant of Khorasan". At the dawn of Iranian Constitutional Movement, he was on the side... More > of the supporters of Despotism. By taking such stand, he was elected as a member of the “ High Government Consultative Assembly” established by Mohammad-Ali Shah. The Constitutionalists’ movement advancing their forces, he fled to Paris. Submitting a false document, he enrolled at “ Institut D’Etudes Politiques De Paris ” as an Attendant Student. Pretending to be a regular student with secondary school diploma, he was admitted to the University of Neuchâtel. By submitting the results of his next three terms of studies, he received, after 27 months study, his doctorate degree in law! To get his advocate’s license, he applied for and was granted Swiss Nationality. According to Art. 988 of the Civil Code of Iran, any Iranian subject who acquires a foreign nationality is prohibited to get a government job.< Less
Eit hjørne på jorda / A corner of the Earth By Hadaa Sendoo
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Sendoo Hadaa (f. 1961) er ein internajonalt kjend poet og omsetjar frå Mongolia. Sidan 1989 har han gitt ut 15 diktsamlingar. I 2006 grunnla han World Poetry Almanac, som han framleis er... More > redaktør for. Han er prisbelønna for dikta sine i ei rekkje land, også i Mongolia. Han har påverka poesien i mange land og er omsett til 40 språk. Sendoo Hadaa har undervist ved Mongolian National University. Han bur og arbeider i Ulaanbaatar, hovudstaden i Mongolia. Jostein Sæbøe (b. 1942, Norway) reviewer, journalist and translator, studied languages and literature at Bergen University. He has been teaching at Molde Secondary School (1971-2005). He has translated poetry by Macedonian, Irish, British, Dutch and Flemish poets into Norwegian. He lives in Oslo.< Less
Omatunto: Saaristokertomus [Finnish] By Juhani Aho
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Juhani Aho, originally Johannes Brofeldt (11 September 1861... More > – 8 August 1921), was a Finnish author and journalist.Juhani Aho was born at Lapinlahti in 1861. His parents were Theodor and Emma (née Snellman) Brofeldt. The Brofeldts were a priestly family: Theodor was a relatively well-known revivalist preacher whose sermons were published in 1917 as Rovasti H. G. Th. Brofeldtin saarnoja and his father had been a chaplain and his grandfather a vicar. Juhani had two younger brothers Kaarlo (1865–1936) and Petter (1864–1945) who, following Juhani's example, adopted the Finnish names Kalle and Pekka as well as the surname Aho.From 1872 to 1880 Juhani Aho attended the Kuopion Lyseo, one of the few upper secondary schools offering education in Finnish. Excerpt from:< Less
Mimi, Umma Party na Mapinduzi ya Zanzibar By Hashil Seif Hashil
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HASHIL Seif Hashil alizaliwa kwenye ngarawa katika maji ya bahari ya Pemba Januari 12, 1938. Alisoma skuli ya msingi ya Mkwajuni na baadaye katika iliyokuwa Seyyid Khalifa Secondary Technical School,... More > Beit-el-Ras, Unguja. Alikuwa ni mmoja wa vijana wafuasi wa Abdulrahman Babu waliopelekwa Cuba kwa mafunzo ya kijeshi kabla ya Mapinduzi ya Januari 12, 1964.  Baada ya Mapinduzi alipelekwa Indonesia kusomea sayansi ya ubaharia kwa miaka miwili na pia alipelekwa China kusomea uanamaji.Hashil Zanzibar alifanya kazi mbalimbali aliwahi kuwa afisa wa tatu katika meli za MV Africa na MV Jamhuri.  Alipouliwa Rais wa Zanzibar, Sheikh Abeid Amani Karume 1972, Hashil alikamatwa na kuwekwa jela ya Ukonga, Dar es Salaam, kwa muda wa miaka sita. Alipofunguliwa alikwenda Denmark kama mkimbizi. Baada ya miaka mitano akawa raia wa Denmark. Alifanya kazi katika meli mbalimbali za Kideni na baadaye alifanya kazi kwa miaka 20 katika Shirika la Haki za Binadamu la Denmark. Hashil ni mshairi na mwandishi wa vitabu vya riwaya.< Less

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