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The Price of Sex, Secrets and Seduction By B.J. Barnett
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Approximately 168 printed pages. Julie and David are a mature committed conventional married couple and both in a second marriage who are exploring and broadening their sexual horizons seeking out... More > sexual fantasies to add spice to their sexual relationship. As they advance through ever more explicitly described complicated and decadent sexual fantasies, circumstances cause both to confess to one another their most closely guarded secret regarding their sexuality. Their secrets once shared, set them on a life altering journey into sex clubs and a sex industry that caters to the debauched lustful needs of the very wealthy. The telling of the story of David’s and Julie’s sexual odyssey departs from the usual single Point of View (POV) story. As the story unfolds alternating through both their feminine and masculine points of view the reader is easily guided between the POVs by changes in font and text indentation.< Less
The Seduction of Henry By Jordan Lydler
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Henry wasn’t looking forward to the next few weeks. His ex-wife’s cousin, Alex, was coming to stay with him, and Henry had no idea what he would have to do to entertain a young man. But... More > when Alex turned out to be a beautiful young woman, his ideas changes. What he didn’t know was that Alex had decided to lose her virginity , and Henry was just the man she was looking for.< Less
Formulas for Seduction By Geri Greco
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a "natural" and to be "good" with women? Sure, we all have. But what many men fail to realize is that there is more to... More > attraction than what meets the eye. In fact it is a learnable skill that any man can attain with some effort and the right attitude. The best part is, once you learn what it takes to create an attractive vibe with women, you'll become more successful that 90% of the other average and frustrated guys out there. I'm living proof! In my work, on seductive formula, I'll take you through the essential formulas for meeting and attracting women. These are the quintessential elements every man should learn. After all, it's your responsibility as a man to do so. Think of it as a right of passage. - Geri L. Greco 2008< Less
The Art Of Seduction By Shirley Denton
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This book is to relate how beautiful and intimate the act of sex can be. It is, in my opinion, an art of divine soulful connection; in its basic form it is more than sexual gratification, but a true... More > expression of love between two individuals. Sex equates the physical expression of devotion. It is a quest like no other and it fuels within us an insatiable hunger to be as close to our beloved as possible.< Less
Forbidden Seduction By Andreia Solomon Burke
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Forbidden Seduction is the conclusion to Andreia Solomon Burke's first novel Relay-tionships. The story picks up in Brooklyn, New York where Lane King has returned for her mother's funeral. Clay... More > Roberts, Lane's faithful boyfriend, accompanies her to Brooklyn for support, but what he finds is Lane's ex-boyfriend, Andre "Dre" Floyd, also wanting to offer his support and much more. Lane is confused as she's found herself having sexual thoughts about Dre, and urges Clay to return to Atlanta to look after his businesses. Reluctantly, Clay heads back to Atlanta, but not before Lane has asked him to do her a personal favor and assist her friend; the beautiful Southern belle, Faizon Hill, with her new clothing line. Faizon Hill has never been shy to go after what she wants or who she wants, which may spell trouble for Clay and Lane's relationship.< Less
The Rules of Seduction By Daniel Marques
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Although most books about seduction are written specifically for men or women, this makes the difference, as it explains how the rules of seduction apply equally for both in different contexts of... More > reality. Therefore, it represents an opportunity to study the basics of any kind of technique in this field. What's here referred as “he” or “she”, can always be exchanged between genders, as everything can be adapted according to the situation and the persons involved. The purpose of the study presented is the observation of dynamics in relationships, with an understanding of how one thing leads to another, namely, seduction and sex, or communication and love. While showing the rules of the whole game of seduction, the knowledge provided here, guides the reader towards finding an ideal partner, and live a relationship where positive feelings and experiences can be shared among two lovers.< Less
The Virgin Seduction By Giselle London
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Professor Adam Breen is the consummate seducer. Nothing could be more erotic than enticing a virginal young woman into his bed, and introducing her to the pleasure that an expert lover can bring.... More > Adam has his sights set on Bianca, the beautiful, dedicated honor student. Bianca has no intention of letting romantic entanglements or randy frat boys distract her from her studies…no matter how horny she might be. But when she shows up at Adam's house for what she thinks is a well-paying temp job, she discovers that the sexy professor might be the one distraction she can't resist! WARNING: This short story contains stimulating scenes of seduction, tantalizing oral sex, and the hard riding of a young virgin by a hot older man. May induce episodes of one-handed reading. The Virgin Seduction is Book 2 of the Virgin Territory series. Each book in the series is a stand-alone story. This short story is 7,386 words (actual story word count, not including bonus excerpt). All characters in the story are adults.< Less
Seduction Formulas By Geri Greco
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Jessica's Seduction By Darren G. Burton
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Jessica's Seduction is an erotic romance novella and the first in a hot new series. Jessica's mundane life as a receptionist takes a dramatic turn when Preston Frost comes to town. A successful... More > travel and fashion photographer, self-assured Preston fills in as company head for his dad's refrigeration business when his father takes a holiday. With his good looks and excessive charm, Preston immediately makes a play for Jessica. After resisting him adamantly at first, Jessica soon succumbs to his advances, and the desires of her body and her heart. But can she risk falling for this enigmatic playboy? Adults only 18+< Less
The Seduction Series By Don Savant
eBook (PDF): $2.95
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This is an excerpt of my 10th collection of poetry entitled A Look Inside My Mind...Vol. 10: Intimate Moments