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Murderess Seductress By K Edwar
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Two twin sisters plan on killing their abusive uncle. Their getaway is a mysterious and forbidden island. Rated M
My Story confessions of a Seductress By Nicci Greene
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Nicci Greene continues her confessions series with this sequel to My Story Confessions of a Swinger. Nicci starts this story where she left us at the end of the last book and when she decided to... More > give up the swinging lifestyle. But deep within Nicci is a desire to be wanted by men. That desire is what she tried to control as she settles into married life and starts a family. It isn't long, however, before that desire comes back to the surface and erupts into an erotic explosion of sexual exploits. Nicci is no longer the hunted but has become the hunter and as a seductress she hunts down her prey one by one and gives us a no holes-barred account of what she did in her usual visual and very erotic style.< Less
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TITILLATING TV TALES #3. Part three of three. The guys find out there's more to femininity than dresses and heels! Quote Board. In The Pink. Many illustrations by Puyal, almost one per page. ... More > TITILLIATING TV TALES #3. 76 pages< Less
The Beast of Salem By Dawn Nicole Stevens
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Sarah Stone was shocked to learn that her grandmother in Salem, Massechusetts had passed away and even more suprised to learn that she was the beneficiary to her estate. Sarah is instantly appalled... More > by the home, despite its massive size and century old charm, but the secrets the house holds are even more appalling. Or are they? Sarah begins to fixate over the secrets she is uncovering. She soon discovers that a witch once owned the home, then learns that she is being stalked by some horrific creature. Legends have it that the beast is a werewolf, a hound from hell, once a pet of a witch during the era of the Salem witch trials. Even her dog seems to know that something isn't right when the sun goes down. Luckily, she isn't alone. She has her best friend Kendra to provide advice when she feels she is going insane and a helpful, handsome neighbor to keep her mind wondering from the frightening things she is uncovering.< Less
Lavinia - Vocation? Vanity! By Ilenia Mucciardi
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Lavinia is vain, as every vampire. But now she 's in love and the fact that she can't see her image reflected in the mirror is making her a bit insecure. That 's why she 's asking everyone about her... More > look. But, after all, this is not the most important thing and she will soon understand it...< Less
Verleidster - Deel 1 By Marie-Berdine Steyn
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Die vonke spat op Kovsie Kampus toe Santie as eerstejaartjie aanmeld vir diens... Die eerste keer toe Santie Visser haar voete oor die drumpel van die Kovsie Kampus neersit en in "Adonis"... More > se pragtige bruin oë vaskyk met spiere wat ou Leonidis van Sparta die josie in sou maak, toe weet sy nie net gaan die spoeg spat nie, maar hierdie kolgans gaan haar vere moet regskud om met die ander swane op kampus mee te ding. VERLEIDSTER is 'n kortverhaal reeks geskryf deur Marie-Berdine Steyn, wat die verhaal vertel van Santie Visser se ervaringe as eerstejaar student aan die Universiteit van die Vrystaat toe sy 'n aantreklike mede student ontmoet. Santie kom egter van 'n klein plattelandse dorpie waar dinge nog maar konservatief is, en met haar linkervoet kolgans modesin betree sy die stad en verleiding uit totale onkunde. Sal Santie tog maar Tant Ragel se kontroversiële boek nadertrek om haar te help in haar pogings om "Adonis" vas te trek?< Less
Lavinia - Unbridled Nephew By Ilenia Mucciardi
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Lavinia has got a big sister...and she has a baby vampire! So, as a good auntie, Lavinia is baby-sitting today. But her nephew is such a little devil!!! He runs all over the castle, doing one... More > thousand different things. But, after all, he is such a good baby vampire and Lavinia loves him so much!< Less
Lavinia - The Wrong Washing By Ilenia Mucciardi
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Lavinia is about to go to the party of the year: you know, Ludovic 's parties are truly events for every self respecting vampire! Great...but what is she going to wear? Of course, her favourite black... More > dress: she will look amazing! But she is very distract and, as usual, this thing brings her a lot of troubles. And she makes a big mistake in doing the washing! Her bat, Shadow, will take the situation in his own control and successfully solve the problem!< Less
The Emotional Needs -Of Men- Analysis Workbook: Vol 1: For Women To Learn About The Emotional Needs Of Men By Frank Kermit, MA
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Buy the ebook at This book was written for both women and men to understand the emotional needs of men. It is a great starting point for women and a great education for... More > men to learn about their own emotional needs. This book is designed to teach women how to attract a man and earn his commitment. The techniques you are about to learn is based on what makes even the most notorious confirmed bachelors, and sought after men commit to one particular woman. This book is also a great resource for men to learn how to judge the value of a woman to know if she is worthy of everything he has to offer. For reviews, previews and to listen to media interviews about this program, please visit< Less
beguile By K Allen
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Welcome to the Sibylline art of seducing men into gentle sexual subjugation for mutual pleasure and benefit. Become a Seductress! P. S. Don't let your husband read this book!