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Eine Nacht auf dem kahlen Berg By Roland Pöllnitz
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Ich habe die Natur lange nicht so intensiv erfahren. Es war mir, als entdeckte ich die Vollkommenheit und den Einfallsreichtum der Natur pausenlos neu. Sie vereinte den permanenten Widerstreit der... More > Energien mit friedlicher Besinnlichkeit. Oder umgekehrt. Sie machte keine Halbheiten, lies nicht mit sich handeln. Das Lied des Windes, das Bild der Wolke, die Geschichte des Zweiges, die sommerliche Stimmung an einem blauen See, der Mitternachtstanz der Geister auf dem Brocken oder der Zug der Zwerge durch das Tropfsteinlabyrinth. Ich empfand mich partout nicht als Fremdling in der Natur, sondern als ein teil von ihr.< Less
Encryption By Keyvan Amini
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encryption is the process of encoding messages or information in such a way that only authorized parties can read it.Encryption doesn't prevent hacking but it reduces the likelihood that the hacker... More > will be able to read the data that is encrypted.In an encryption scheme, the message or information, referred to as plaintext, is encrypted using an encryption algorithm, turning it into an unreadable ciphertext.This is usually done with the use of an encryption key, which specifies how the message is to be encoded. Any adversary that can see the ciphertext should not be able to determine anything about the original message. An authorized party, however, is able to decode the ciphertext using a decryption algorithm, that usually requires a secret decryption key, that adversaries do not have access to. For technical reasons, an encryption scheme usually needs a key-generation algorithm to randomly produce keys.< Less
Pukar (Distress Call) By Sarfraz Ahmed Rahi
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Pukar (Distress Call) is a Social Romantic Novel written on theme of Praying to Allah and expecting the results in favour. The Novel is written by Sarfraz Ahmed Rahi, Writer & Novelist. sneak... More > preview: How can I have patience? I am feeling extreme turmoil and bearing pain. I kept asking HIS blessings, HIS mercy, but HE sent torment on me. Where will I keep HIS this gift of pain suffering and torment? Can’t keep this in my heart, as my Rajia and Jannat are living there. My belief in him is also shattered. My trust in HIM is also broken. You advise me to take a last look on Rajia and Jannat. Just days ago they were living a full life happy and carefree like a bird and now they are lying there with dead flowers. How can I bear the sight of seeing them dead.< Less
Лысая Гора By Сергей Головачёв
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Bald Mountain is a large woody hill in Kiev.It looks like an ordinary hill with usual trees and usual grass, on which usual goats graze. But twice in a year, on Halloween and Walpurgis Night, come... More > here the "others". This hill is well known as the place of witches' sabbaths. Only witch Navka can see invisible beings that live in people, eating only tobacco, alcohol and narcotics. "We can't beat them, but we must fight with them". So consider the young people, who do not drink any alcohol, do not smoke and do not take any drugs. They come to the Bald Mountain to clean it from garbige - from syringes, bottles and cigarette packs. Would they clean up Bald Mountain, and would Navka find her daughter, who was kidnapped by "others", you'll read about this in the book.< Less
Himmelsvolk: Ein Buch von Blumen, Tieren und Gott [German] By Waldemar Bonsels
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Jakob Ernst Waldemar Bonsels (* 21. Februar 1880 in Ahrensburg;... More > † 31. Juli 1952 in Ambach am Starnberger See) war in den 1920er-Jahren einer der meistgelesenen deutschen Schriftsteller. Sein 1912 erschienenes Buch Die Biene Maja und ihre Abenteuer, das in über 40 Sprachen übersetzt wurde, und die 1915 veröffentlichte Fortsetzung Himmelsvolk machten ihn weltberühmt.Waldemar Bonsels wurde am 21. Februar 1880 als zweites von fünf Kindern in Ahrensburg (Holstein) geboren. Sein Vater, Reinhold Bonsels (1848–1923), gab 1884 seine Apotheke in Ahrensburg auf und studierte in Berlin Zahnmedizin. Excerpt from:< Less
L'attesa di Juliette / The wait of Juliette By Cristina Contilli
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Paris, 1812: The Marquis De Sade's daughter Juliette and the Count Alain de Soissons have now been married since eight years and Juliette seems to have found her balance as a wife and as a writer,... More > but she will have to deal with her past that presents itself first through the figure of Claude Donatien de Sade, the eldest son of the Marquis de Sade and his first marriage and then through the figure of Charles Quesnet, the son of Constance Quesnet, mother of Juliette and her first husband. To undermine the fragile balance of Juliette is the discovery that her father has found a lover than sixty years his junior in the Madeleine, a laundress who works in the nursing home at Charenton. Meanwhile, is entrusted to Alain a sensitive military mission, but first his ship is caught in a storm and then is attacked by the British. The sailors of the ship disappear Alain see the waves and Juliette is confident of being widowed just 23 years old.< Less
Matagori visandivihik By Matagor
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Matagor sketchbook invites you to discover forgotten dreams, the magic worlds of childhood fairy tales, colourful memories of journeys yet to be taken, existant and imagined plants, birds and... More > animals. You can use it for notes or drawings, fill and design it in any way you want - draw over and colour the existing images or create your own, add elements of collage. Let your inner self flow freely on these pages - this is also how Matagor’s illustrations are born! We would love to see what kind of things Matagor inspires you to create, so snap some photos and send by e-mail to We are very much looking forward to your creations! Happy sketching and let your creativity shine!< Less
A Dream in a Lonely Night By Moreno Tubia
eBook (ePub): $2.53
Un giorno, tutti potremo avere una seconda possibilità, un ipotetico "e se,e proprio qui inizia la storia di un ragazzo, che, risvegliatosi nel deserto del Nevada , senza nulla, scopre... More > come anche in mezzo a molte difficoltà, se lo si vuole veramente, si più fare di tutto, senza lasciarsi andare a scelte sbagliate. Tutto questo sotto forma di American Style Novel , o se vogliamo dire, un film, quasi una sceneggiatura, infarcita di citazioni e riferimenti a molte opere cinematografiche , certe ovvie "Ritorno al Futuro, Sergio Leone" e altre che, solo chi adora profondamente il cinema, potrà capire.< Less
The Latin Coup By Leopoldo Salmaso
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Following the teachings of Julius Nyerere, father of Tanzania and opponent of neo-liberist Reagan and Thatcher, a missionary doctor studies how rich countries exploit poor ones. Decades later the... More > doctor sees that the global crisis is the result of the same exploitation now including the middle classes in developed nations: a form of global neo-slavery where the slave traders are bankers. He tries to explain this to his friends but they do not listen to him because they are indoctrinated by mainstream media, accomplices of power. He resorts to writing a fiction where, putting into action the policies that our politicians are not using, he reveals the scams used to dominate the world. With this expedient he captures the readers’ attention and guides them with simple explanations to think for themselves and to regain political and monetary sovereignty. This booklet is a valuable aid for lay people, a friendly guide among countless, often impenetrable, economic and financial literature.< Less
Burning Obsidian - Omnis Trilogy, part 2 By Olga Makarova
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(In Russian language) 3000 years ago Sereg the Grey Inquisitor incinerated the marvel of North, it's capical city - Erhaben. In Sereg's magical fire his best apprentice - Malconemershghan - died with... More > all his followers and thousands of innocents. Dangerous teaching of Malconemershghan was destroyed, heretics burned and the biggest disaster in Omnis history prevented. Erhaben being burned to the ground lost it's name and disappeared from the world map. Incineration left no survivors, and even if it did, they hardly could be able to prepare their revenge for 3000 years. Humans are mortal and short-living... But it appears that someone still wants to have the revenge for Sereg's deed. And this someone is somehow connected to the Hora thief. This book will get you to the other side of Omnisian conflict and let you see the whole story through the eyes of the thief.< Less

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